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Most people that become acutely aware of Numbers, for some it is one or two and others many, is usually due to a tragic event in their Life, or an ongoing Life of unfortunate happenings, or due to severe stress because of their lifestyle.  When a Person is under times of intense Personal strain this often forces the  Mind to move beyond the everyday for answers and solutions and opens the Person`s Consciousness up to the Energy of The Eternal: the Numbers that are of a Universal Spiritual Language then begin to speak to them.  It is thanks to the Advent of Thee Trinity Creation, born of the Truth in 1988 that the Person and the World can finally know the True Meaning of these Number Awarenesses, and with this understanding elevate themselves to a Superior way in Life. Once the way of the Person has changed to meet that which is within the Direction given them within their Number Message the acuteness of their Number Awareness naturally fades away.

It is really Miraculous how all of this functions, it is an Intelligence from above that moves the Person from within: this is Thee Trinity Creation. This is why I AM.


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Ask Me 9

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Authentic Meaning of Life Numbers and Personal Guidance

----- Original Dream Message -----

From: Gloria

To: Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 9:41 AM

Subject: dream

Had a dream about someone giving me first 1.00 the but it was folded but when I unfolded it the was a $100.00 bill inside the $1.00 what was that meaning it was a gift. -Gloria


Dear Gloria,  

Yes I can give you a full Interpretation of your Dream, however since I know so little of you and your LIFE(15) it will be in general terms, then you need to apply my response to the particulars of your everyday living.  

You may also contact me again if you choose.  

The overall theme is that you have or will be having a GREAT(8) OPPORTUNITY(38) to increased PROSPERITY(93) within your LIFE(15).  However there is a warning within your Numbers.  

The Number 1 is without doubt FUN(1) which you should concentrate on those areas that DO NOT reduce the wholeness of your Person but that is simply Goodness of Enjoyment. The Number 10 is ORGANIZATION(10), therefore remain very focused on where you want your LIFE(15) to go and get well Organized so when that OPPORTUNITY(38) presents Itself it will be a major boost for both your Personal Self and Financially.  


The Number 0 is KNOWLEDGE(0), i.e. 100 {10,0}, gain all of the relevant KNOWLEDGE(0) you possibly can in your Field of work or Career. This in combination with Wholesome FUN(1) and remaining very Organized will indeed give you a tremendous Advantage over others that may be competing for the same goal or goals in LIFE(15).  

I sincerely wish you the very best Gloria,

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


Dear Master Sage,

Please explain when you say LIFE (15). Is 15 my life number. So what you’re saying alter my thinking (think of positive things coming to me health, finances,) have fun. What if I keep seeing 321 or 312 constantly.

Thanks May God continue to bless You.



Dear Gloria,  

Please try not to get confused, when I say LIFE(15) I do not mean your LIFE(15) Number is 15 but the Number 15 is LIFE. 

Whenever I use a State of Being delivered to ME(23) the Evening of August 25, 1988: The Year of THE MIRACLE(88), it is the Number for that State of Being or Self within your everyday living.  

I put the Number in brackets following Its specific State of Being to make the association more Powerful.

Here is a link if you should be interested in reading the whole story of the Celestail COMMUNICATION(48), it is really quite captivating:  

Well if indeed you are seeing the Numbers 321 and 312 continuously this simply adds credibility to my Interpretation of your previous Dream, for in Meaning the Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3), which is THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33) irrefutably Thee Trinity Creation, and the Number 21 in particular along with the Number 12 correlate so very well to your overall Dream Message and to your very LIFE(15).  

In LIFE(15) Meaning the Number 21 is DECISION(21) and the Number 12 is FULFILLMENT(12), so once again I say YOU MUST go forth Gloria making the DECISION(21) for FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15), and there is without doubt PROSPERITY(93) coming your way if you heed the Messages contained within your Dreams and the re-occurring Numbers, 321 and 312 that are calling out to you.  


I AM(47) indeed pleased that you have contacted ME(23) once again.

I AM(47) here for you Gloria as you might need ME(23).

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin



I Believe this is My time, time for me to be happy, time for my life to be full of joy, and time for nothing but abundance to enter into my life- financial abundance everything I touch I have the Midas Touch.

Thank God for you angel Master Sage Morin



Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2011 9:28 AM

Dear Master Sage,

I have had this dream of me in a convinent store and I brought a  lottery ticket with some numbers that a dear friend had given me (Allen but I call him Peanut) he said that these were my numbers and that I’m going to win the numbers are 3-6-8-16-41-46 , also 1010 was included and 316. I saw myself going to convinent store with a ticket the clerk I saw very clearly and the store I go to at times handed him ticket he said I was a winner then I started shouting, Thanking, and praising God. I know that you’re a blessing to me only from God.




Dearest Gloria,  

I AM(4) pleased you have such a good friend which seems to be so real, hence please maintain Good Friendship, not anything in the area of Sexual activity. 

Your Numbers are indeed Magnificent, of course to the Person I AM(47) ALL NUMBERS are indeed Magnificent for each calls out to ME(23) in tones of LOVE(14), TRUTH(33) and PROSPERITY(93) in LIFE(15) all in Devotion my Dearest Wife and 4 young boys.  

SUCCESS(45) in LIFE(15) may indeed be calling out to you through LIFE(15) Numbers, however PROSPERITY(93) rarely occurs through the winning of a lottery ticket, if that were the case there would not be the LIFE(15) States of Being integrated within the COMMUNICATION(48) of 1988 such PERSEVERANCE(59), ENDURANCE(67), DETERMINATION(87), PROPULSION(20) and a combination of many others all pointing to the Person required to take ACTION(81) in STRENGTH(18) towards their goals in LIFE(15)!  As with your previous Dreams you should pursue with vigor what you want most in LIFE(15), of course always asserting PURITY(11) of Self and TRUTH(33) in Thought, Word and Deed are to be prioritized.  


"A most Perfect Guide to complete SUCCESS(45) within One`s  Self and in LIFE(15)!"

'The Plan of 45'

I do wish you the very best of luck Gloria with your Lottery ticket unfortunately 'luck' is NOT and element within the Celestial COMMUNICATION(48) of 1988, and please maintain Allen as a friend, do not let it cross over into something other unless both you and he are ready to make a LIFE(15) long Commitment to one another in PURITY(11) of Being and TRUTH(33) of LOVE(14).  

These conditions were also an intricate part of your previous emails to ME(23).  

In LOVE(14) of TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


Thanks Master Sage Joseph,

Allen was only a friend. He was my cousin boyfriend. And a Classmate we graduated together. He has passed he has been dead going on 3 years now. Gloria


Dearest Gloria,

I Am(47) indeed saddened by such news. Go ahead Gloria and buy the ticket and see what happens.  At least this will give you some sense of closure to this very Personal Dream: maybe you will be THE WINNER(W) which would indeed be a really FANTASTIC(57) Event.

I do care for you very much Gloria, take good care of yourself and of your LIFE(15).

LOVE(14) in TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

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Sent: Sunday, May 03, 2009 4:46 PM

Subject: Numbers calling out

Greetings Master Sage Joseph,

I would like to share your knowledge , my name numerology is a 7 and my birth is 11 , lately each time I decide to look at my pc clock the digits are 11:11 or 12:12   I seem to have a link spiritually with the digit 1 7 11 and 12 .   I would appreciate your great knowledge and insight  

Love Light Kathy


Hi Kathy,  

I am Truly sorry for being so delayed in getting back to you Kathy, I had been completely overwhelmed with financial issues and just recently I have begun to answer those requests of earlier this month. My financial situation has gotten even worse now but it is time I get back to what I Love and do best.  

Both the double Numbers of 11 and 12 that have been calling out to you are congruent in their Life message: " When we live Life in Greater PURITY(11) of Being FULFILLMENT(12) becomes clear to us for often we are blinded to our own 'discrepancies' in Being." I want you Kathy to think or better yet contemplate deeply upon what PURITY(11) means to you as a Person and in the Life you live, be True to yourself allowing any barriers to TRUTH(33) within yourself about yourself to evaporate. Then you will smile in that moment for you are envisioning yourself as the Person you know you can and should be, that is the FULFILLMENT(12) in Life I Am talking about when we live the PURITY(11) that we know we are deep within ourselves.  

The Number 7 is FREEDOM(7), what I have just shared with you Kathy is FREEDOM(7), I speak of FREEDOM(7) within yourself from yourself; the barriers that you have put up blocking the Fullness of yourself from being lived are gone...and PEACE(29) fills your Heart. However before you can live your Fullness of Being you must become as well become very aware of those who might be reducing the Fullness of the Person you are for their own benefit or simply through lack of WISDOM(77) in Life.  FREEDOM(7) and WISDOM(77) are inextricably linked, in Number, in Sacred Geometric Symbol and in Life State of Being.  


I am glad that you have contacted me Kathy, here is a link to my e-Manuscript, within it you will discover reams and reams of Life Wisdom.


Joseph M

Greetings Joseph,  

Thank You for kindness to take the time to share your knowledge and time to evaluate what these digits mean to my wholeness of being :)) Your very corrrect in your evaluations , and they come at the perfect timing of the cosmos and universe to take me deeper into acceptance of whom IAM and what is expected , To much is given much is expected .. I am working towards being very involved in the new system that will aid mankind and projects to begin to restore our great planet andher inhabitants ,   I hope you will allow me to help make your life a little more financially secure when that time comes which is very soon , Again blessing upon you in much Love and Immence Light Kathleen ------.  

Looking forward to reading your manuscript .:)))

Thank You for sharign thsi with me

Blessings Kathy



Hi Noor,

Generally speaking it is less important that your Numbers are showing up in two`s for most often this simply signifies an emphasis on the State of Being which the Numbers speak of. However there is a definite Message being delivered to you from the Numbers you have shared with me.  The instant I saw them they began to speak loud and clear and gave me an indication as to your issues pending even though you have not shared with me anything of them.  You see your Numbers are of a very congruent Message, several Numbers, several Meanings but only of one Eternal Message given to the you Noor at this particular time in this particular way.   There is an Energy of Intelligence beyond our everyday understanding and it is that Intelligence that connected to the entire Person I Am, of the physical and of the Eternal on the evening of Aug. 25, 1988. This was the birth of Thee Trinity Creation, born of the Eternal TRUTH(33) whose purpose is to elevate the Person and hence the World to a Life of greater TRUTH(33).  That is the Message that is so succinctly presented to you Noor.  Let me explain a bit further.

In Meaning the Number 15 is LIFE(15), the Number 03 is THE SYSTEM(03) which is THE SYSTEM(03) of Numbers Meaning in TRUTH(33): Thee Trinity Creation. As well the Number 3 is with reference to the TRINITY: the 3 essential
elemental Life Energies that make up the whole of The Person. I KNOW that your issues lie in one of these of course and from the Numbers, particularly that of 15 it indicates to me that your issues lie in the Realm of your Me elemental Life Energy, that of the physical self which includes the Emotional Self.   Now here comes the rest of your Message, your Numbers are so very Powerful being in doubles and each of your Numbers contribute in Perfect harmony to the whole of your Message.  The Number 11 in Meaning is PURITY(11), the Number 12 is FULFILLMENT(12) and the Number 44 is
ABSOLUTE(44). This tells me that in order to experience the True and lasting FULFILLMENT(12) of your Me Elemental Self you must adhere to the ways of PURITY(11).  When that which we express is a True reflection of that which we are PURITY(11) is thus lived, that is how your Love should be.  No false claims, no pretenses, no infidelities and only One Person that you should share yourself with at the physical level of Oneness, which under conditions of PURITY(11) is quite Spiritual.  The Number 44 is ABSOLUTE(44) and it is with reference to the Eternal: when that which is Perfect it is indeed Perfect and no change is necessary, that is how it is with the Eternal: Perfection, no change, always is. We should try and live our LIFE(15) in Greater likeness of the Creator, which is the Eternal Life Energy and in so doing we experience the Fullness of Life how it should be and the gates of the Eternal open up to us.

What a magnificent Message to you Noor and with such intensity and Harmonious Oneness.  In summary remember to make the Decision that is most reflective and conducive to PURITY(11), this is probably with regard to a relationship you are in or about to be in: think of TRUTH(33) always and in practical terms see TRUTH(33) as the Decision that Creates the Greatest amount of good and causes the least amount of suffering once everything is Honestly taken into account. Incidentally your email was delivered to me on the 14th, the Number for LOVE(14). Such a Magnificent Message, I`m moved by it.

I hope I have been of worth to you, please feel free to reply.


Dear EuGene,

I thought you would not answer. I am very touched with your answer to my inquiries. I had been beating my head against the wall trying to make sense of the messages I KNEW I was getting.

As you may have noticed, people take these things, either for granted or very lightly, but it was so intence that I had to seek farther than my rational self would allow. I dont know anything about your beliefs, but I believe that there is a supreme energy that guids our existence and essence. I have experienced quite a number of 'extraordinary' events in my life, which I only account to supreme intervention. I would like to know more about your theories.

Finally, one more question:
Why did you not concentrate on the fact that the numbers are either always equal or atleast very similar. I would like to say that your interpretation was quite extensive on the numbers themselves.

How could I tell which are more important than others or which are more signifact to my current state?

Thank you so so much,
I enjoyed reading your email and writing this one...

Beirut, Lebanon

Good Morning Noor, {well it is morning here anyway},

I thank you for your words of encouragement and you are an astute individual for yes there can be an extended meaning to double Numbers in addition to the emphasis put on that particular State of Being, I will explain further.

What is so Universal about Thee Trinity Creation is that its Numeric/Symbolic language applies to all for at its core is TRUTH(33) which is at the core of all worthy beliefs and Religions. And yes there are those such as yourself that come to me for answers for their Number experiences are intense and they cannot find the answers anywhere else for the
Numerology presently available to the World is merely a Creation of Man by those of little insight and hence completely false, whereas I tell you Thee Trinity Creation is a Creation of the Eternal Energy born of the TRUTH(33) whose very purpose is to Enlighten the World to the TRUTH(33): one way this is being accomplished it through the True interpretation of the Messages given to certain people through these Number Communications.  In time the Symbolic language will play a much greater role but it is far more complex hence it will take longer for it to take hold.

Now on to those double Numbers.  They are representing two events or two paths in Life relative to your 3 elemental Life Energies.  Your 3 elemental {TRINITY} Life energies are the Me
{your emotional/physical Self}, the Be {your active Success/Career  driven Self} and the I {your Eternal Spiritual Self}.  I immediately recognized your Me elemental Energy that is in transition in your first email to me and now I also sense that your Be Energy is also in Decision making.  As you know you have not shared with me any of the details of your Life hence I must "sense" or "feel" things and then I can in a bit more detail relate your Numbers to the particulars of your Life.  Hence all that I spoken to you in the previous email stands in Meaning of your Numbers of course and the double Numbers indicate a strong emphasis in Message to heed what has been spoken to you Noor, and in addition to this there are two of your elemental Energies in strong Movement.  I see these as your Me and Be Elemental Life Energies.  Take what I have spoken to you of PURITY(11) and LIFE(15) and apply these to any Decisions you are going to make, either of Career or/and of relationship.  You are definitely a Spiritually connected individual, some of us are more Spiritually connected than others, and hence your Number Messages are strong and of DIRECTION(5) for you to follow in Life. The Eternal moves all of Life and when we are in alignment with its Energy Life Truly does open up to us in Miraculous ways.  The challenges remain but your Fulfillment is whole and True.

In the Numbers you have shared with me not one Number is more important than the others but rather the Message as a whole is where the importance lies. Whenever you see these Numbers remember their individual Meanings and the
Message that underlies these for it will help to Motivate you and give you the added Strength necessary to make the Wiser Decisions in Life.

Also keep in Mind that core to the Thee Trinity Creation and its Eternal Universal Language is TRUTH(33) which is core to Life itself.

Sincerely Yours,

Dear Eugene,

Hope all is well, I would just like to thank you once more for your time.  I am sure we will converce again.

Keep up the good work and stay in touch, I enjoyed and appreciated your emails very much.

Best regards,

__________________________ ___________________________

Hello Dear Eugene Morin

I have gone through your work ... I liked it and intrested to learn more. Can i have book on Thee trinity Creation.

 Love to hear from you... 





Hi Farida,

...yes you can order Thee Trinity Creation in its entirety...{in my Manuscript} ...

Thee Trinity Creation is not like any other system(3) of Numerology in the World. It is the Superior one, in fact the only True One. That is why I refer to it as New World Numerology.

Yours in TRUTH(33),


__________________________ ___________________________


Hi EuGene

Thanks for the Manuscript.  Lots of info there.  I think you'll have me reading and/or pondering for a year to come. May your work be preserved in the way you and the universe intended. 

All the best,

__________________________ ___________________________

Thee Trinity Creation has been born into the World to Truly serve the Person in engendering a far Grander Life, One in which FULFILLMENT(12) will carry the day. I find it Truly remarkable that Thee Trinity Creation within Itself reveals to the World a 3-part Life Journey that culminates in complete FULFILLMENT(12) of the Person and opens to door to ETERNAL LIFE(86). To live on Everlastingly in Conscious Oneness with THE CREATOR(46) you must create your path here on Earth, this is the outstanding feature of the Person, that we can through the INTELLIGENCE(78) granted us by THE CREATOR(46) not only experience complete FULFILLMENT(12) of Self generating True Goodness in this World of the everyday but in addition create our way unto the Eternal. The 3 crucial Life Energies making the Person whole are revealed within the Celestial Communication of Thee Trinity Creation and they are the Me, the energy that embodies the physical domain of the Person including the emotional Self, then you have the Be which is the Energy that propels the Person forth to do better and to it in a better way which is often concentrated within the world of business inclusive of livelihood, and then we have the I which the Spiritual Eternal Energy of the Person.  In the "Sacred Geometric Symbols" of the Celestial Symbols within Thee Trinity Creation the Me is the Symbol at the lower left corner of the TRI-angle, the Be is the lower right and the I is the apex. The circle is the Unifying Power of Thee Trinity Creation uniting all 3 Energies {the 3 Energies in many people are dispersed and working in opposition to one another} in a Powerful Oneness that lives on in Eternity. UNIFICATION is The Word given.

Everything you need to live a more Fulfilled Life is included within Thee Trinity Creation.  When you think of giving and receiving forgiveness you are really talking about living TRUTH(33). When TRUTH(33) is lived forgiveness is automatic.

__________________________ ___________________________


Subject: Recurring Dreams Most of my Life

Dear EuGene:
I'd like to discribe some dreams for you. Just wondering if/what personal information might be needed, if any?...

For several years, this dream repeatedly frequently throughout my life:
*Outdoors, bright sunny day, I'm probably a toddler or younger, grown ups are eating at a table, someone lifts me up and I see a stone wall then I'm lifted high above the stone wall and I see the ocean far down below. I feel fascinated by the water, and, how pretty the day is. I feel safe as I'm being lifted up to look out onto the ocean. This dream finally stopped in 2001. Any thoughts?

This has only been for the last 2-6 months. In this dream, the church I'm coming to has two "different" worship services -- they either happen concurrently or at different times; the outdoor worship service takes place in front of the chruch. There's a tall white wall and white stage/platform , there is a tall curtin, maybe reddish, and spotlights on the stage, seems to be early-morning; seating: is on a lawn and the audience part is darker than the bright white wall and white stage; This service is a lively Praise and Worship service with maybe 20-30 people sitting in the first front rows. All this takes place to my left as I was by, on my way into the "inside" of the church. The white wall seems to be somehow ajacent to the rest of the church. When I enter, this is the church that, in real life, I attended with my mom and dad (this church building was torn down during the 70s and now there's a police station in its place; the fellowship relocated to another church building and is still there today). In the lobby, there's the stairway to the left, the old-fashioned Coke soda dispenser (just like when I was little), I go thru the doors and walk downward as this sanctuary had sorta stadium-type seating. Inside everything is mohagony and cherry wood just like the seats, the lighting is dim as it was when I was a child. No one is inside. I always walk down to maybe to the first third of the seating before the platform and I sit. A lady who is a Nurse's Aider (these women in my parent's church wear white nurses uniforms and old-fashioned nurses hats, they are an auxiliary and sometimes raise church funds) comes to me as I'm sitting and I always tell her that I'm going to the other service. So it seems as if I'm either waiting for the "next" outdoor worship service to begin, or I'm waiting for the "current" outdoor service to end so that I may get a seat on the front row. Eventually, I always walk out, I approach the outdoor service spot and I stand there looking, then the dream fades.

Most of my life, I've had numerous dreams of being stuck inside an elevator flying down out of control and I can never scream, dreams of being captured and shot;  for years I had a dream of a snake that would always be in my backyard (the same backyard I had as a child/teen/young adult) and that I never knew when I'd see it, whenever I did I'd be scared then maybe another dream would start or I'd wake up.

DREAMs 4--
(I am a heterosexual woman) I always have dreams whereas the boyfriend/aquaintance is always a very famous star: Stevie Wonder, Adam Sandler, Damon Wayons, Denzel, Hugh Jackman -- between 1996ish - 2003, only one this year Ben Afflick. Every single time, nothing happens past a kiss or coress -- I always either tell them about coming to church with me, being saved and I wake up immediately -- always seem to be leading to a romantic encounter but the dreams always end, never sexual, very frustrating : )

I will stop here EuGene. Thanks for your time.  I will write back as soon as I hear from you. Blessings to you as you continue to enlighten others.


Hi Princess,

I`m glad you have contacted me and I hope Christmas cheer fills you. I generally look at Dreams that involve Numbers but I do on occasion also interpret other Dreams, I hope I can be of value to you. Dreams are not ever disconnected, they all speak the same message but in assorted presentations, and in different time phases. Most of all Dreams tell you about yourself, that is its underlying message and frequently your deep seated Desires and/or fears are presented. At times Dreams may also speak to you of things of a very positive nature that remain deep within your subconscious Mind. The reason however that most Dreams tend to be of negative emotion is due to the fact that as a preservation means the negative emotions really stick to us, their purpose is to help us steer free of those people or situations that can cause us harm, however at times too much negative emotion actually causes us harm. The Dreams you have shared with me tell me of yourself, and they are opening a window into knowing yourself better. Your DREAM 1, OCEAN is very positive in nature and speaks to me of a deep HAPPINESS(34) that lies within you. You are fortunate to have such a deep seated PEACE(29) and HAPPINESS(34), your words " I feel fascinated by the water, and, how pretty the day is. I feel safe as I'm being lifted up to look out onto the ocean." speak clearly of this. The reason this Dream may have ended in 2001 could be due to some type of shift in your LIFE(15) whereby the level of everyday HAPPINESS(34) that you had been experiencing for some reason became significantly reduced. This would have blocked your deep seated HAPPINESS(34) and hence this Dream stopped.

Your DREAM 3 is a good example of an expression of fear that becomes expressed in your Dreams. The fear itself is often expressed within the particulars of your Dream however it is sometimes difficult to clearly interpret. In this Dream the fears that are most relevant to you are presented, by having these fears released within a Dream they are released from deep within you and thus their impact on your everyday LIFE(15) is reduced. It may seem to you to be the opposite of this because when you Dream these Dreams the fear becomes within your thought process but I assure you that the negative impact of a fear on your LIFE(15) is far less once it becomes conscious. In these Dreams you are expressing three fears in particular, two of which are rather common {abduction/snakes}. Try not to let these Dreams bother you as such, just realize we all have fears and fortunately we can release some of their binding effect through Dreams. These Dreams are not telling you of doom and gloom they are only an expression of some of your fears. I believe the most prevalent emotion deep within yourself is one of HAPPINESS(34) and security; you are fortunate and if you are able to align your present LIFE(15) with similar positive emotions you can certainly experience a high level of ongoing HAPPINESS(34). If your present circumstances are not supportive of this HAPPINESS(34) within yourself you may want to make some changes for it would be sad indeed if a Person such as yourself with a Powerful core of HAPPINESS(34) would be stripped of that HAPPINESS(34) because of LIFE(15) circumstances.

Your Dream 2 and Dream 4 are actually quite closely connected. Your Dream 2 expresses your religious background and thus is probably the reason why in your Dream 4 you never move to the sexual level. Your deep seated religious values take precedence over your DESIRE(34) for sexual gratification under those conditions because there would be a conflict with your basic moral values. This is strongly supported by the fact that you have them {the guys in your Dream} come to church with you and speak of being saved and then you wake up. To be saved is a stronger drive than the sexual drive within yourself and hence you chose {unwillingly} to be saved. This is probably the better choice, but I can understand your frustration.

I sincerely hope I have shed some light on these Dreams for you, and do have yourself a most marvelous Christmas. Keep in touch,



Subject: Re: Dreams, Clairvoyance?

Thank you EuGene!
You are truly a unique and gifted individual...

May I ask one last question re Dream 2- INDOOR/OUTDOOR CHURCH SERVICE:
I have this one quite frequently. [I only mentioned Dreams 4 (the men) out of curiousity, since it does not occur that often.] Could you please elaborate on Dream 2 if possible...following is info re clairvoyance.

This has only been for the last 2-6 months. In this dream, the church I'm coming to has two "different" worship services -- they either happen concurrently or at different times; the outdoor worship service takes place in front of the chruch. There's a tall white wall and white stage/platform , there is a tall curtin, maybe reddish, and spotlights on the stage, seems to be early-morning; seating: is on a lawn and the audience part is darker than the bright white wall and white stage; This service is a lively Praise and Worship service with maybe 20-30 people sitting in the first front rows. All this takes place to my left as I was by, on my way into the "inside" of the church. The white wall seems to be somehow ajacent to the rest of the church. When I enter, this is the church that, in real life, I attended with my mom and dad (this church building was torn down during the 70s and now there's a police station in its place; the fellowship relocated to another church building and is still there today). In the lobby, there's the stairway to the left, the old-fashioned Coke soda dispenser (just like when I was little), I go thru the doors and walk downward as this sanctuary had sorta stadium-type seating. Inside everything is mohagony and cherry wood just like the seats, the lighting is dim as it was when I was a child. No one is inside. I always walk down to maybe to the first third of the seating before the platform and I sit. A lady who is a Nurse's Aider (these women in my parent's church wear white nurses uniforms and old-fashioned nurses hats, they are an auxiliary and sometimes raise church funds) comes to me as I'm sitting and I always tell her that I'm going to the other service. So it seems as if I'm either waiting for the "next" outdoor worship service to begin, or I'm waiting for the "current" outdoor service to end so that I may get a seat on the front row. Eventually, I always walk out, I approach the outdoor service spot and I stand there looking, then the dream fades.

I don't understand why excerpts including a church I left years ago would be coming to me in dreams now. What about the contrast in the bright-white-wall and lights vs the brown wood and dimly-lit church of the inside?

Don't know if this {Personal} matters/helps:
I was born ....

I'll stop here as "not to wear out my welcome". Please help me if you can.

SR aka Princess

Hi Princess,

Yes you may ask another question and another and another if you like. I will keep your personal info very private and to myself, thanks for sharing it with me. I am truly privileged and honored.

First I would like to mention that even though you may have left this Church years ago its deep seated impact on your LIFE(15) and on your thinking is still very Powerful. It takes time (years) and an Awareness of its influence on you to Free yourself from its Power over you. 

Everything is much clearer to me now that you have shared this additional info with me, I can readily envision with certainty how your Dream 2 impacted your Dream 4 in the way it did, and why the inside/dark and outside/bright scenarios are there in your Dream 2. This represents the battle that is going on within yourself, you want to be Free of the Church`s influence and teachings for you see a far brighter World outside than within the confines of your Church. The reason these Dreams are happening now is that enough time has elapsed and you are ready to further free yourself. It is Amazing how I had just mentioned to you about time and Awareness and now sure enough its time for this new Awareness.  You really want to see the World in all its Grandness free from the limited teachings of your past Church that are so deeply ingrained within you, hence the "the contrast in the bright-white-wall and lights vs the brown wood and dimly-lit church of the inside." The waiting is also significant for if you do not wait for the right time to Free yourself you will not succeed, you are there sitting waiting for the outside service: the right time to experience the World in all its Splendor. The "lady who is a Nurse's Aider" is equally significant for she is reflective of the Force that is trying to keep within the Church and to maintain its influence on you. The Church is empty because you are alone in your DECISION(21) and choices, I believe you did not get much support in your DECISION(21) to leave the Church. This Dream is so complex looking but it is a simple message:  you want to Free yourself from this Church and now is the time for you to realize this to an even greater extent. I say to a greater extent because once you are Free at this new level those Dreams will end but there will be in all likelihood other lingering Church influences that will need to be addressed, and of course for you to be made Aware of, in order to continue down the path of full FREEDOM(7). It is like freeing yourself from a type of brainwashing learning of past, to begin with you must have a DESIRE(43) to be Free along with a Powerful Awareness, then it takes time with ongoing Awareness and continued DESIRE(43) for full FREEDOM(7) to happen. You will experience FREEDOM(7) moving through various levels of detachment, it never happens all at once.

The TRUTH(33) in Dreams is not them coming True, this is a very rare happening, the TRUTH(33) in Dreams is the Knowing of yourself better and with that Knowing being able to make more LIFE(15) enhancing Decisions. Since you left the Church there is somewhat of a vacuum within yourself and a certain amount of guilt and perhaps some fear related to that DECISION(21) so your Dreams take on a rather unique intensity. As you become truly Free your Dreams will shift accordingly, generally speaking.

In summary realize that there is a battle going on within yourself, FREEDOM(7) in the present verses the Church of your past. You can succeed at being Free and fortunately your Dreams have presented you with a conscious Awareness of this. Once something becomes Known at a Conscious level you are better able to deal with it and rise above it. Thus you are able to take Greater Command over your LIFE(15).

I wish you the very best in all, and please feel free to contact me whenever you like.

Yours Truly,



Happy New Year, EuGene:

Thanks for providing a detailed analysis of 'dream # 2'. I feel it definitely parallels the internal tug-of-war that I've contended with most of my life...not so much with that particular church, but with my parents. It seems their church symbolizes them in my dreams. I have gone thru a recent re-rebirth spiritually, so when you aluded to myself wanting to be free - yep!!! I'm at a church now that I absolutely love and I am becoming free-er. You've got skills : ) and you've been a great if only my dreams and preminitions re my success would take full swing :