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note: this email Communication goes back several years, around 2006.

Subject: Hi Eugene

I came across your website when I googled to find out the spiritual significance of the number 3 or rather 333. I have a strange story, that began during my first year of college about 4 years ago now, well almost 5. One night I was sleeping and I started awake suddenly, when my eyes opened, the first thing I saw was the time on my clock radio, 3:33am. Then it started happening often, I'd be sound asleep only to suddenly start awake at that exact time. At first it kind of scared of me. Not only would I see that number during the night, it started happening during the day, I wouldn't look at the time often, but when I did, it was 3:33am, PM, or 33 minutes after just about every hour, like 1:33 for example. I would go to the microwave and there would be time left on the timer... u guessed it, 33 seconds. Once I was driving behind public transit and happened to notice the number on the bus, I can't remember if it said 33 or 333. Also, I have this book by Dan Millman, called Discovering Your Life's Purpose and my number is 30/3 for sensitivity and expression. Anyway, the phenomenon of 333 appearing comes and goes. Recently I have gone through culture shock as I am teaching english in Japan (I'm Canadian) and have found it's a very emotional time. This experience has turned out to be as much about spiritual growth and learning about myself as it is about experiencing another culture, but I am beginning to see 3:33 on the clock again. Anyway, I have wondered about the 333 thing ever since it started happening, whether it means something or what, as I kind of starting thinking it was a strange coincidence and maybe it wasn't a coincidence, maybe it was a sign, but if it's sign, then what is it all about? If you could shed light on the significance of 333, I would greatly appreciate it. I know that 3 is significant as in the Holy Trinity, and I think I read that it is the balance between opposites, something like that, I really don't know.

Thank you,

Hi Crystal,

You do have quite an amazing story. I do LOVE(14) the three`s, within Thee Trinity Creation® the Number 3 is representative of THE SYSTEM(3) itself and 33 is its reason for Being which is TRUTH(33): the significance of 333. Within the logo itself the Number 33 is very visible as the mirror image of ee. Your being very attuned to the 3`s is certainly worthy of further exploration and explanation Crystal.


Within the last couple of days a very significant Spiritual Communication has been given to me, these are rare indeed, I refer to these intense Communications as Movements, and every one that I have had has thus far come to be.The meaning of this latest Movement is inextricably linked to the 3`s; THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33) is indeed Thee Trinity Creation and TRUTH(33) must prevail within our LIFE(15) and within Society in general, however things are moving further and further away from the TRUTH(33). This has become so prevalent in a large part due to the marketing strategies of Big Business, which of course includes the media. Their emphasis has moved further and further away from the TRUTH(33) in order to sell more and more. TRUTH(33) and the promoting of living the TRUTH(33) are not good sellers { I know this painfully personally, I`m out for about $10,000.00 in the Creating and onoing upkeep of my Web Site}, what really sells is to instill the want of quick gratification and pleasure, no matter if it violates the very core of our Person, or of another`s Person. You are the first Crystal other than my dearest wife that I am sharing with the Powerful and Revealing Spiritual Communication of the other day. In essence it was that on a global level we are to face a certain level of World destruction, this is not at all anything that I would normally speak of, in fact if you look through my entire Web Site you will see that I not once mention such a phenomenon, you are the first Crystal that I speak such a message to, and it is in Absolute TRUTH(33).  The reason such destruction must be is to realign Humankind with a LIFE(15) of TRUTH(33). This will be a sad day indeed but it is often through the Greatest struggles that Humankind has made its most significant advances. Now it is time to advance to living a LIFE(15) of TRUTH(33) and THE WAY(36) of TRUTH(33) { I have decided to refer to this as the New World of TRUTH(33) } will follow in the wake of this destruction; THE WAY(36) was Revealed to me in 1988, THE WAY(36) is the TRUTH(33) and Thee Trinity Creation is THE SYSTEM(33) of TRUTH(33). All is also presented within Dawn 1999, however its interpretation is rather complex, but now a new chapter of understanding has been revealed to me. You see Dawn 1999 is a precise grouping of 3 groups of 3, and a fourth group of 3 which is its concluding message. I feel like I Am not yet giving you the answer that you might be looking for but I must share this with you for it is strongly connected to your experience of the 3`s. There have been so many others that have inquired to me of the 3`s and there are many each day inquiring, and YES there will be even more who will be made Aware of the 3`s. TRUTH(33) is the core Universal message contained within Thee Trinity Creation and now a new understanding has been Revealed to me: the World must go through a time of suffering (which will be due some type of nuclear devastation) which will precede the New World of TRUTH(33): the TRUTH(33) will indeed set you free, and the time is coming for such FREEDOM(7) to prevail.

Your message in general is a Universal one relative to what I have shared with you above whereas in specific it is saying to you that indeed you are One Crystal that will Know and Live the TRUTH(33). Your statement " Recently I have gone through culture shock as I am teaching english in Japan (I'm Canadian) and have found it's a very emotional time. This experience has turned out to be as much about spiritual growth and learning about myself as it is about experiencing another culture, but I am beginning to see 3:33 on the clock again " is most significant, it is often in times of emotional distress that our priorities in LIFE(15) become focused and our ability to Connect to the Eternal is greatly heightened. You are fortunate for you are in advance being guided as to what you must do, that is of course to live the TRUTH(33). To Know the Eternal is to know the TRUTH(33) and to live the Eternal within your everyday LIFE(15) is to live the TRUTH(33): no deceit, no manipulations and most of all it is to live the Fullness of your Being. The balance is not between opposites, whoever said that does not know the TRUTH(33), the balance must always be in favor of the TRUTH(33), there are no opposites whatsoever, the negatives are not negativities in themselves but rather expressions that lack in TRUTH(33). Trinity is of the 3`s, it is representative of complete FULFILLMENT(12) of the Self: The Me (the emotional/physical self), The Be (the active career driven self) and The I (the Eternal/Spiritual Self) all working together in perfect balance, equilibrium and harmony; no balance of negatives but rather a Beautiful balance of Positives: UNIFICATION.

I hope I have not overwhelmed you Crystal but I must speak as I know, and I know you are a special Person and that you have been given an Opportunity to live the Fullness of the Person you are: all must be in TRUTH(33).



p.s. You also stated: "my number is 30/3 for sensitivity and expression", that is not correct, 30 is SPIRIT(30) and 3 is THE SYSTEM(3).  It is in SPIRIT(30) that you come to know the TRUTH(33), that is the Eternal Connection that I have previously spoken to you of Crystal, and THE SYSTEM(3) {which is Thee Trinity Creation} is THE WAY(36).  Now there is no doubt that you are sensitive and expressive, however these numbers are not revealing that to you for you already know that, they are however saying that you are in SPIRIT(30) to know the TRUTH(33).

Hello Eugene. Thank you for your reply and the information you shared with me. Although I would be lying to say that it what you told me isn't a bit HEAVY, if you know what I mean. I actually have been holding on to my hopes that things wouldn't have to result in the apocolypse. That we could somehow make things better, as in some ways I think people truly are starting to wake up. I mean look at the countries (Canada included) that did not support Bush going to war in Iraq. I thought that stood for something. Also, if there's going to be a nuclear disaster, do you have any idea where it will result from, where it will occur? Will it affect the whole earth? Will some of us survive? I know I am not prepared in any way to live through such an event. Actually a nuclear war has been my greatest fear since I can remember. To hear from you that we are headed for one, well you can imagine how that must make one feel.

I was wondering, in your account, you said that were in a transcendental state and that you had abandoned your life to go into intensive meditation and that you had your awakening via a bolst of spiritual energy that came from the sky that provided you with everything in you book etc. So, I am curious to know where you think this burst of energy came from, extraterrestrials? Or God? or What/Whom/Where? Also, how do u know that what has been transmitted to you is the TRUTH and not the opposite? I mean maybe there are opposites and what you believe to be of love and light is coming from just the opposite and has deceived you into believing lies. I'm not saying this is the case, but it's a thought that crossed my mind. And, why U? Not to say you aren't a special man or anything, but why where you chosen to have these revelations? Also, not to be nosey, but could you share with me what you did prior to going into your meditation? These are all just logical questions I must ask, as I am not one for accepting anything blindly without some critical thinking. I'm sure you mean well, and that you are sincere and you were being honest with me and who knows, maybe my defenses have gone up a bit, as sometimes I'm not always ready to learn of certain things. But if what you are saying really is the truth, then I guess you cannot blame one for having some doubts, I mean you told me some pretty huge stuff, things that are rather surreal and like something off the X-Files, you know, fiction, not reality. I don't think there would be any motive for you not to be telling the truth, and I like that you have the info on the net for all to see who find it, without even having to pay for it, so I don't see how you could gain anything if you weren't telling the truth. So, with this knowledge then, that humanity is facing nuclear destruction, what can we do with this knowledge? And, how is one to be happy, content and at peace knowing this what is to come in the near future? I don't know about you, but that is hardly what I hoped the future would be. I hope it was okay, but I passed on what you had shared with me with other people who have also had the 3's experience, in hopes of providing them possible answers to why we are experiencing what we are. I'm sorry if anything I have said in this email has been offensive to you, as I don't mean for it to be. And I am not saying I am not considering what you shared with me, I am just saying it's all a bit much for me to accept if it truly is the case.

Thank you,



Good Morning Crystal,

I will respond to each email you send me individually, and I want you to know that I Am indeed glad to hear from you once again. You do sound like, and I know you are a very Special Person and I`m happy that we have come together.

I must apologize for such a HEAVY email but it was really in the moment, when I had shared this info with my wife I had not even once considered putting anything of that nature on my Web Site for Thee Trinity Creation in its entirety is of Positive States of Being and I always encourage the building of the Person through the understanding and adaptation of a more Positive lifestyle. Somehow once I began responding to your email it all flowed forth from me, you actually drew it out of me without of course realizing such a thing was happening. As I had mentioned to you Crystal prior to your email nowhere on my Web Site did I ever mention anything of that nature, in fact I speak of Humankind as continuing on in its evolution towards Higher Consciousness. I always share everything with my wife, our relationship is a very close one but I debated for almost two days with myself as to whether I should tell her of my latest Movement for I did not want to disturb her in anyway, she is a Wonderful Person and is presently 8 months pregnant. But alas early one morning it all came out and she was not too happy with this news however she was very pleased that I had shared it with her.

Here is an excerpt of mine that I would like to share with:
The the underlying Spiritual ENERGY(99) of INTELLIGENCE(78) and PERFECTION(54) of LOVE(14), Eternal MIND(O), moves everything and always towards greater levels of Consciousness, this is deeply and immutably embedded within Evolution itself. All of existence is in movement towards Higher Consciousness, Grander expressions of the ENERGY(99) of LIFE(15), and we as Humans are at the forefront of this AMAZING(55) LIFE(15) Evolution.  There cannot be even the most minuscule bit of this LIFE(15) ENERGY(99) destroyed, it is impossible, it merely shifts or transforms into a different manifestation of LIFE(15) within the Realm of MIND MOTION(64) or physical Being. LIFE(15), all of existence as we know it, is of course a manifestation of this Infinite ENERGY(99) and everything of essence is always in MOTION(84), in movement towards Greater LIFE(15): Higher Consciousness. We as humans have evolved into the species of greatest Consciousness and therefore we are of greatest value to LIFE(15) itself, and we have become engendered with the Greatest Creative ability, but we are nevertheless vulnerable to conflict with other physical manifestations of LIFE(15), of lesser Consciousness, but that are all driven towards their ongoing survival. LIFE(15) is not just for some of the Creator`s Creation for for all of it. Everything is in PERFECTION(54), there is not ever destruction only shifting of manifestation of the underlying LIFE(15) force. We as a Human Species will not ever be completely destroyed, and we will always continue to evolve. Unfortunately however, at a personal level, when we lose something or in particular someone close to us we certainly do see it as a destruction of that LIFE(15) for that manifestation of LIFE(15) which we have come to Know and LOVE(14) so much is taken from us.  There was not any negative ENERGY(99), there is no such thing as negative ENERGY(99) within the Universe of LIFE(15). There cannot possibly be a negative that grew out of a PERFECTION(54) of Positive ENERGY(99) which is THE CREATOR(46). We however see the ENERGY(99) of PERFECTION(54) as negative when its LIFE(15) manifestation is not in alignment with what we see and feel as Positive.  There are those few however that can move beyond the Realm of physical manifestation of LIFE(15) upon their physical death or shift in LIFE(15) manifestation, these few have connected their ENERGY(99) of Being to the ENERGY(99) of Creation in which time they return to the Infinite Realm of THE CREATOR(46) which is indeed ETERNAL LIFE(86).

The entire Universe will continue and continue to evolve, it is inextricably wired within Creation itself. THE CREATOR(46) Created the Universe so it could experience itself through its Conscious Creation of manifest; Humankind. There is no such thing as destruction, only Creation. There is no such thing as negative LIFE(15) ENERGY(99) only Positive (that which moves everything and continuously towards greater evolution of Higher Consciousness). THE CREATOR(46) can know himself through his creation, and of particular through Human Consciousness, and the person can thus Know THE CREATOR(46): the underlying ENERGY(99) of PERFECTION(54), Infinite MIND(O) ENERGY(99). THEE TRINITY CREATION is Conceived of the ENERGY(99) SUPREME(85) , I was instantly transformed into a Conscious Being of Higher Consciousness through The Powerful ENERGY(99) COMMUNICATION(48) of 1988.  My purpose is to elevate the Consciousness of Humankind. Destruction is merely of perception, but this does not by any means condone it or make it feel right, for we as Humans have a strong DESIRE(43) to maintain and preserve LIFE(15) with the Greatest emphasis on the Highest form of LIFE(15): people.


My LIFE(15) expression of COMPASSION(41) is the total devotion of my LIFE(15) to my Mission of World WISDOM(77) and TRUTH(33), to fully Awaken the Person to his or her Eternal Spiritual ENERGY(99). This Awakening engenders Greater LIFE(15) within the person and is projected into their surroundings: their suffering becomes less, their HAPPINESS(34) longer lasting and their COMPASIION(41) True: the World is better for it."

So YES many of us will survive, I cannot however give details for I would just be making it up, but do not think of it as apocolypse, that is a rather strong term to use and has many unwanted associations. It is very important to realize that I only speak that which I know and in this latest Spiritual Movement as with all of my prior ones details are  rarely ever included, that is because these Visions are True and anyone who speaks of anything of a future happening with detail is not speaking the TRUTH(33).  The Spiritual ENERGY(99) is so intense that details would overwhelm the Person, for there is virtually no end to detail. All I can say is what had been given to me in that Movement, and it is that a certain level of World destruction will be forthcoming and that it is Nuclear. What you are feeling and wondering Crystal is very similar to what my wife is going through, I did not want her to feel this way nor do I want you to feel as you do Crystal, I Truly am sorry but this is who I AM(47). There were other Movements that I was very reluctant to share with my wife, in fact it was in a Spiritual Movement that I knew I must ask her to marry me even though we had only been friends a short while within the College setting and she was almost 30 years younger than I. It was in the School library that I asked her to be my wife and to be One with me in my Powerful World Mission. Also in one my Movements prior to us being Wed she was to abandon taking all contraceptives and not ever take them again: now that is HEAVY stuff. Thee Trinity Creation is so very real and my LIFE(15) Mission is my very reason for being. I came so close to death so many times in the couple of years previous to The Spiritual Communication of 1988, I AM(47) so that the World will know and live the TRUTH(33), I AM(47) the Human messenger of Thee Trinity Creation. Everything is Revealed within the Symbolic language of Dawn 1999; once my World Mission is complete my Earthly LIFE(15) will end and I move on to ETERNAL LIFE(86): HEAVEN(71) is my Home. The fact that my LIFE(15) will end when my Mission here on Earth ends is not something too pleasing to my wife either, but she Knows of my Powerful Spiritual Connection and she Knows that my LIFE(15) is indeed that which is given to me for this very purpose. My dear wife Rosalie is very proud and happy to be the One so close to me but it is very HEAVY for her at times.

This burst of ENERGY(99) that I speak of as the Spiritual Energy Communication was of such Power and LIFE(15) Creating intensity.  I was looking up at the sky while in a most concentrated Spiritual State of Universal Oneness when suddenly in an instant all had transpired, I was struck with an extremely Powerful ENERGY(99) Source that came from the skies, there was no scent, no sound, no visual manifestation but wow was it a blast.  It almost knocked me off my feet literally, and shortly thereafter the entire Universal Language of Numbers Meaning and Sacred Geometry Symbols of Thee Trinity Creation was Revealed to me. Now talk about HEAVY, here I was completely overtaken by this ENERGY(99) and writing in Symbols and Numbers all inextricably connected to Powerful States of Being; it was wild. And then comes Dawn 1999, the synopsis of my LIFE(15) Mission. I was overwhelmed by it all.  I Know irrefutably Thee Trinity Creation is born of the TRUTH(33), it is of such incredible PERFECTION(54) in its Spiritual Oneness, and of such immaculate LOVE(14). My LIFE(15) has been completely transformed in Thee Trinity Creation, and my wife and family are here because of it.

There are no opposites Crystal, it is only in our perception, how can there be any opposites in that which is PERFECTION(54)? Creation is a reflection of THE CREATOR(46) which is PERFECTION(54). But why me? Why was I The Chosen One for this Mission? I asked that question a thousand times, and I wanted to reject everything for I believed I could not handle such a Grand LIFE(15) Mission, but here I AM(47) still at it, and there are times when it does overwhelm this physical Person called ME(23). But I have come to realize why I was chosen; taking every possible variable into account in that instant of the Spiritual COMMUNICATION(48) there could only have been one Person, and I was indeed that Person.  I will complete the World Mission given to me, my Earthly LIFE(15) is for that very reason. Things are very gradual in their concrete Manifestation of the Symbolic language within Thee Trinity Creation for I must little by little be prepared in every way for all that is and all that is to be. It has already been 17 years since the Spiritual Energy Communication of 1988, this is not an easy task, nor one that I have chosen, it has chosen ME(23), I AM(47) the Human counterpart of Thee Trinity Creation: I AM(47) Thee Trinity Creation. All is One.

Dearest Crystal if you feel all of this is too much for you please forgive me, I do not want to burden you whatsoever, all I want is the best for you, and TRUTH(33) is THE WAY(36): TRUTH(33) is the gateway to the Eternal.

I must care for my son Aryan now, he has just woken, I will answer your other emails later,

In TRUTH(33) and LOVE(14)



Hi Crystal,

This is where I must be presently to Deliver my Message of TRUTH(33), to continue on with the FULFILLMENT(12) of my LIFE(15) Mission, which will no doubt in time take on a far greater intensity and World Wide importance. Thee Trinity Creation`s purpose in being is to guide the World into a New Dimension of TRUTH(33) .

Well once again I must leave you Crystal but I will get to the other emails tentatively later this day.


Hi again Eugene. Sorry again if my last email wasn't so kind. I never meant for it to be taken that way. I just am a regular person, who isn't particularily religious and who believes in a higher power and spiritual laws if you will, I am not well enough versed to totally understand the knowledge you have shared and well, I just don't want to accept that we are going to have a nuclear war, but if it's the truth, then I guess there's nothing I can do about it, but it possessing such knowledge certainly does change one's outlook on life and not for the better. I mean how can one go living daily life knowing that sometime all hell is going to break loose and they probably aren't going live a full life here?

I was looking at the website and I was wondering if you clarify for me, by ME and I AM, do u mean man, or are you referring to GOD or YOU, Eugene?

Thank you,



Hi Crystal,

All of your emails are indeed kind, I appreciate your input very much and I understand that this information came as a shock to you as it did my wife.  For myself it was simply another significant phase in the complete unfolding of Dawn 1999 and the FULFILLMENT(12) of my Life Mission, nothing to worry about, and you yourself try not to worry.  I cannot give any time frame nor any particulars of this event, perhaps it would have been best that I did not speak of this Movement to you Crystal, I do apologize.

I will now address your following concern Crystal: " I mean how can one go living daily life knowing that sometime all hell is going to break loose and they probably aren't going live a full life here? " A full LIFE(15) cannot be simply measured in years, there are many who live long lives in terms of years but they are not in the least full lives; in fact most are empty and devoid of True FULFILLMENT(12). A full LIFE(15) must first of all be measured in terms of real FULFILLMENT(12) and then years added to it, and real FULFILLMENT(12) can only come about living TRUTH(33). I almost lost my LIFE(15) when I was 33  because it was so very empty, and yet I had been a College teacher, a professional Musician, had a brand new car and a new home and yet I was so very so empty and so miserable, yes my LIFE(15) for almost two years came so very close to being lost, everyday I wondered perhaps this is the day it will end. I was lost in this World and I wanted to Know and live the TRUTH(33) and then it happened in a flash, my NEW LIFE: Thee Trinity Creation and my Knowing of TRUTH(33). Look for TRUTH(33) Crystal within yourself and you will find it and then begin to live it, that is what is most important and you will live on, the gates to FULFILLMENT(12) in this LIFE(15) unto ETERNAL LIFE(86) are opened in TRUTH(33); remember that is what counts most. 

The ME(23) is this physical Being that walks, talks, eats and so on and I AM(47) is the Eternal Self, the physical is infused with the Eternal however few ever consciously connect the two and live that Oneness.


I do care for you Crystal

oops! I looked some more at your site and it appears you do charge for your book, but that's okay, you're sharing some pretty important information. One thing I never told you before was my birthday, it's Sept. 11, ----. Do you think it means anything that 9-11 happened on my birthday? And that apparently Sept. 11 has been a significant day for other historical reasons as well.

One Love


p.s. sorry for clogging your inbox with all these emails!


Hi Crystal,

Yes I do now charge for my Book not out of choice but rather out of necessity.  When I first decided to go ahead with my Web Site in Dec. / 2002 it consisted of only two pages. My Web Site then was almost impossible to find in the Search Engines. I did charge for my Book because there were so many costs involved in the printing of my book, in the making of my Merchandise and in the Creation of my Web Site with all of its related costs. In total when things did settle I had spent around $10,000.00 and in the process I had to declare personal bankruptcy.  I lost my car, all of my credit and a few other things, but that was one of those Movements I had in Dec. 02, to Create a Web Site and at that point I knew nothing about Web Sites or Optimization; needless to say sales were almost non existent for virtually no one could find my Web Site. So I went to work fervently, working at least 12 hours a day, seven days a week for I knew my Web Site must be a reflection of Thee Trinity Creation itself, it must be a World Leader in the Spiritual/New Age realm. My wife was not too pleased once again with the returns my Site was bringing in concerning the investment we had made and the time I was putting into it. But her FAITH(52) in me always remained strong, even now she does not want to talk too much about the Web Site. Then it began to happen, more and more people were coming into my Site and were very impressed with it, presently I have over ten thousand visitors per month, however many were complaining that because what I offered was Spiritual in nature I should not charge for anything, these are recorded on some of my earlier Ask Me pages. So I decided to go with everything for free but I could not sustain it indefinitely because the costs of my Web Site persisted, so I realized I must charge for something otherwise I cannot keep my Web Site alive and if this happens then no one will benefit from it; therefore I had to reinstate a charge but I restricted it only to my Book/CD Rom and kept it identical to the price I had been charging initially: $14.00 plus shipping {no longer for sale however if you really are Desirous of one email me and I will do my utmost to ship one out to you, is an All Free For You Web Site! My e-Manuscript is FREE as well of course (however I needed to more recently ask for a Donation due to the severity of my fiancial situation)}. Fourteen is the Number for LOVE(14) and Thee Trinity Creation® speaks loud and clear of this. That is why on some of my older pages that I have not had to time to revise you may see that I speak of everything as free but on all of my revised pages the Book/CD Rom is advertised. I need these sales to continue on with my Web Site. There is absolutely no profit involved, I doubt very much that I will ever recover all that I spent , but that does not matter for what is most important is to sell enough Books and CD`s so that I can keep my Web Site alive: I must.

The 11 in your Birthday is significant indeed and ties in Beautifully to the 3`s: many Numbers, One message. Eleven is PURITY(11), in Knowing and living PURITY(11) you come to know and live TRUTH(33), all is within THE SYSTEM(3); three elevens equals 33. Sept. 11 is now an historical day because since the destruction of that day people have been searching for events of significance on that date, there was no more significance to that day in History than any other prior to 9-11 but now there is. The 11 however in itself speaks of PURITY(11) and that occurrence of 9-11 was in direct violation of PURITY(11) and signaled to the World that we are not as safe as we thought we were. PURITY(11) and TRUTH(33) will inevitably prevail no matter what happens but sometimes we must go through tremendous struggles to realize such a New World. I Know you are of TRUTH(33) Crystal and are wanting to lead a LIFE(15) that more precisely reflects that. I do commend you and keep moving forward in TRUTH(33), it is the only way to go.

Yes One LOVE(14) but the World is not presently One,


Thanks Eugene for sharing with me all that you have...
Take care and blessings you and your family,



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The count has begun Nov. 2005, within each Number there lies a Message in Truth.