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  The Mind is capable, particularly at times of heightened stimulation or duress, of skipping beyond the thoughts and consciousness of the everyday to the spontaneous level of Enlightenment whereby the Universal Spiritual Language of Life Numbers begins Communicating to the Person.  It is the Miraculous Event that occurred on the eve of August 25, 1988 that brought to the Person and the World the True Meaning of their Numeric Communication, and with this an enhanced understanding of Life.

It is really Wondrous how all of this functions, it is an Intelligence from above that moves the Person from within: this is Thee Trinity Creation. This is who I AM.


Subject: Dream


Last night I dreamnt about the number 33. It appeared in relation with a man my age who I have known my entire life, in the dream i distinctly remember discussing our past and future.  




Hi Kirstan,  

I`m glad that you have contacted me for I can with certainty give  you the meaning of the Number 33 however due to the very limited information I have of the particulars you and this Person I cannot give you a whole lot of detail.  If you wish you may share with me a bit more or perhaps you will be able to see the depth of things based on what I say.  

The Number 33 in Meaning is TRUTH(33) and considering that it appeared in relationship to this man you know it is giving you a Direction to take or to maintain with this Person for Numbers are messages that are of a Superior path to take in Life. Therefore be of TRUTH(33) with him of word and Action and have him be the same with you.  

That is about all I can say of your Dream and how it relates to your Life Kirstan, I wish I could have been of greater assistance to you.  Keep in touch if you wish.  

Sincerely Yours,



Hi EuGene

Thank you so much for responding to me, I really appreciate your efforts and knowledge.

The person of whom I spoke is my godmother's son. When we were children we were friendly, as kids are, then we went through adolescents, which meant we couldn't stand each other on principle. After school we both went to study in different cities, however this December marks us both "coming home", as I suppose you could say adults.

My father recently had his party and my god mother was there, she kept insisting that her son and I must get together when we both finish our studies as we'd be great together (you know how moms are about their sons?). Anyway my reaction was what!? I don't even know this person. Anyway its been in the back of my head ever since. Then I had the dream where he appeared together with the number 33.



Dear Kirstan,  

Thank you so much for replying for now I KNOW the Meaning to your Dream, and yes it is about the Number 33 which is TRUTH(33).  

Your words speak volumes to me  " Anyway my reaction was what!? I don't even know this person." and as always the Numbers are a message of which I was granted, although sometimes I wish I were not, the True Meaning of following the Spiritual Energy Communication of 1988. So in message to you Kirsten the Number 33 is directing you to seek out the TRUTH(33) of this Person not simply based on his words or his Mother`s but through seeing the little things in his behavior that reflect a larger and sometimes hidden dimension of character.  He may be a good Person for you or he may not but for certain the TRUTH(33) is what you must seek.  Often the Person`s past speaks a lot about their present and future, much of his past you are unaware of.  In general always look for a past in a Person that you may be vulnerable to getting in a relationship with, or that you may simply have chosen, or he you, to have a relationship with. 

So in the Dream the Number 33 appearing with him is exactly that: discover the TRUTH(33) about him independent of he or his Mother`s words.  




Thanks again! Now it makes a lot more scense and corellates with my weariness about the situation.



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The above phrase succinctly expresses who I Am, my purpose in Life and my World Vision of greater Truth for when Wisely acted upon it engenders Truth in its Purest form. It should be who you are as well. {I told my dearest wife that this is the Phrase I Am to be remembered by}

Within the Numeric Life Meanings as revealed within the Celestial Communication of Thee Trinity Creation it reads as follows:


Master Sage Joseph M


I love you Master Sage Joseph M.


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Subject: Dream #'s and sacred geometry shape

> Hello EuGene,

> I came across your intriguing web site many months ago when sacred geometry hit me like a truck so to speak. I received an amazing shape during a very special meditation called the Island of Rememberance. In the meditation the elders had been saving an item for me which was on the table. I could not even see the item in the meditation until I had picked it up and held it for a while. It was in the shape of 2 four-sided 3 dimensional pyramids that were base to base. So one pointed up, and the other down. Both were four sided - so the shape of a square is what joined them at their bases. It was not a solid item however. It was like it was made out of steel rods that ran along the edges only - hallow in the middle. The rods were completely covered in what seemed to be multicolored beads that were beautiful and of many shapes/textures. Six jewels hung off the corners (four off the corners of the square and a jewel off each pyramid tip. Inside the pyramid hung a string of jewels from the upper apex - dangling so the jewels hung right in the center of this fantastic shape. In the meditation I held the shape, running my hands over it, trying to get a sense of what it was since I was unable to see it until I had experienced it. I sobbed in the meditation and knew that the shape had been held for me until this time and was meant to renew my strength to continue 'the journey' (life). I left the meditation with the item, as I clung it to my chest. That weekend I actually made this item out of wire and beads and it came out very very close to the vision I'd received. It brought me much peace for many months. I recently gave it to a dear Indigo child who was equally enamored by the shape. This shape led me to many other experiences including a very physical reaction to Metatron's cube. I would very much like your input on my pyramid shape!

I also have been having dreams this week where they are showing me and/or 'yelling'/'booming' 4444 and 444 at me. Who is 'they'? I'm not sure. They are NOT part of the dream, in fact the dream continues behind the image/sound of the numbers. The messengers feel very spiritual in nature. In my waking hours these numbers continue to appear with great frequency in addition to 4040, 44, and 4. I have no idea what these numbers mean.

> Thank you so much EuGene! I appreciate any help/insight you can offer...
> Lisa


Hi Lisa,

I will begin with the Numbers for they are very clear to me, whereas the shape you are talking about is a bit more ambiguous, but I will do what I can. This message you are receiving is really incredible considering that following The Spiritual Energy Communication of 1988 in the unfolding of what is now called Thee Trinity Creation®: The Revelation© the Numbers 40 and 44 were of a higher order INTELLIGENCE(78), in fact the whole Creation is, but these in particular {along with several others as well} formed a Powerful core to The Communication itself. I remember one evening walking for hours in a Transcendent type of State searching for the State of Being that would be the Number 40, not sure where I was going or even where I was {all of this shortly followed The Spiritual Energy Communication} when suddenly I was struck with an intense compulsion to look to my right and there was a Spiritual retreat for dedicated devotees of the Word of Christ: its Number was 40. I then realized without a doubt that this sign was indeed telling me that the Number 40 in meaning would be forever more DIVINITY(40). So your 4040 is speaking out loudly to you of DIVINITY(40), the source of your message is one of DIVINITY(40) and the message itself is Directing you to lead a Life that is a Purer reflection of the DIVINITY(40) that you are deep within yourself. Be the Divine that you are Lisa, and do not let others steer you away from that. Your Number 44 is also similar in depth of meaning, it is ABSOLUTE(44). The Eternal DIVINITY(40) is indeed ABSOLUTE(44), there is no flaw whatsoever, it is PERFECTION(54); DIVINITY(40) in its Fullness of PURITY(11) is ABSOLUTE(44). The Number 4 is a very interesting Number as well, it is saying to you that the Person of True DIVINITY(40) is Humble in LIFE(15) and within themselves. They need not prove anything to anyone nor brag of their Heightened level of Being, they simply need to express the DIVINITY(40) that they are in living it: HUMILITY(4).

The triangle is the Geometric shape that is the foundation of Thee Trinity Creation, hence Trinity {3 points}. Pointing upwards is metaphorically pointing to HEAVEN(71) which is with reference to your
I Elemental Life Energy, bottom to the right is representative of your Be Elemental Life Energy and to the left is your Me Elemental Life Energy. When all 3 are experience in complete Fulfillment and Unity of Being you have attained the most heightened level of Human Life experience which is UNIFICATION. The Triangle you will find over one hundred times imbedded within the other Symbols of Thee Trinity Creation®: The Revelation©. You may want to own this Book for it is the ABSOLUTE(44) say on Numbers Meaning, anything else that speaks of Number Meanings is not the True One: TRUTH(33) is THE WAY(36), Thee Trinity Creation is born of the TRUTH(33), it is the TRUTH(33).


p.s. Things are a little busy here, my wife just returned home today from the hospital with our newborn boy, this is our second, we have called him Julius Eugene Morin.


Thank You Eugene,

Congratulations on your son - it's always a joy when we welcome a new soul, isn't it?!

I`m very pleased to find the info contained in your email - a resounding thank you for your response and the information! I can realize you're busy with a new little baby. Blessings to your family and to him! I thought I would just response to a few things. (No need to reply soon)

The Spiritual Communication of 1988 really resonated with me because 1988 was the year I graduated high school, felt like I stepped into 'me', I've always LOVED the year 1988, and have had an affinity for 8 all my life (2 4's!), plus 1988 = 8!!

What did you mean by the "spiritual retreat for the dedicated devotees of the Word of Christ. Its number was 40."? That resonated very very strongly as well but my head is not following...sorry. (The feel of it is actually much like my release and support all at once - but I'd like to understand what you meant).

It has been an amazing and yes, humling year of awakening for me which was triggered in large part to the shape I mentioned. That meditation was in my first spirituality class (asside from church when growing up) and the shape really triggered a STRONG emotional response. It still does - even writing about it now. Like 'love flowing as pure honey into release' is the closest way to describe it. Numerically what stood out about the shape, which I've since learned is one of the Platonic shapes, is the combination of numbers: 2 pyramids with 2 points/appexes and 4 corners at its base, 1 square with 4 sides, and a total of 8 triangles that make up the pyramids (4 triangles for each pyramid), each triangle consisting of 3 sides (yes trinity - which ironically I've had some very unusual experiences revolving around 3's and "holy holy holy"). The fact that the 4-sided pyramid is made up of 3 sides shapes seemed significant as well. When I have you do my reading I shall include a picture of this wonderful as well.

Your words of encouragement were so much appreciated. Yes, I will be the divinity within and will create divinity externally by reflecting that which is within. Thank you thank you Eugene. And yes, I would very much like to purchase a copy of the book. The funny thing is, that I actually found your website last summer when I was researching my shape trying to understand its meaning/message. I will trust in the timing of our connection however.

Blessings again to your little one! And thank you again for the insight and encouragement!

~ Lisa


Hi Lisa,

It is so very nice to hear from you once again, I`m so glad that my Web Site and my emails to you engendered such a positive feeling within you. My Web Site has grown substantially in the last few months, I have added many new pages of Dream Interpretations and Number Meanings and the responses I get is Truly uplifting. My Web Site is also growing in the number of people coming to visit, just last month for the first time I received over 20,000 visits and more than 50,000 pages were viewed. I`m so pleased that you will be ordering my Book, it is the original Creation as Revealed to me following the Spiritual Energy Communication of 1988. You will get to see the complete Revelation unedited. As well the small revenue I get from the
selling of my Book/CD Rom help to cover the many expenses of operating such a large Web Site as this. It all balances out, I share with my visitors all of the info on my Web Site and those that want to support me and want to have for their very own The Book then purchase it. I use THE POWER(96) of Thee Trinity Creation as my Spiritual COMMUNICATION(48).

The Spiritual retreat I speak of is a very devout Religious Center for Nuns who want to pursue their Oneness with Jesus.

Thank you so very much for returning to my Web Site Lisa and for your most precious congratulations.




My sense is that your website has and will continue to serve as an important connector - connecting people to their truth within that has been imprinted in our minds, bodies and souls all along and that we just need to reawaken to. Thank you for serving us all in that way.

No need to reply to this - I just woke this morning and remembered that I had forgotten to share where else the 4's come up. I moved just over a year ago - right at the time of my spiritual/mental breakdown of 'sorts' that then led to a reawakening. My new phone number that the phone company assigned to me is -----------. So again - more 40's. :-)

It's a blessed day today - enjoy it!

Thanks again Eugene,
Love and Light...


It was through THE POWER(96) of my MIND(O), over fifteen years ago, that I was able to skip beyond the entrapments and sufferings of the world and within myself, and it was in this skipping to another dimension of Being that I came to Know the Immaculate BEAUTY(53), the ABSOLUTE PEACE(29), the  Eternal LOVE(14) which of course is PERFECTION(54) of MIND(O): within and the Source of all Creation. I, at that time due to the restraints of the body and of my environment, was not able to stay in that mode indefinitely, but each time I took a little bit back with ME(23) which brightened up my LIFE(15) as I knew it, and increased my ability to Create Greater LIFE(15). This culminated unsuspectingly and Miraculously one evening when in my time of Conscious Oneness of Being an extraordinary powerful surge of Pure Spiritual ENERGY(99), of Infinite MIND(O) infused ME(23) from above. I say from above because when it happened I was gazing up at the Splendidly Beautiful night sky when in a flash, and what appeared to come from the sky, a Powerful Spiritual ENERGY(99) completely embodied ME(23): this was the Divine Conception of THEE TRINITY CREATION in ME(23) whose purpose is to enhance the LIFE(15) of the Person, the Greatest of LIFE(15).

THEE TRINITY CREATION is Divinely Conceived, Uniquely Human. It is THE SYSTEM(3) of MIND(O), of SPIRIT(30), born of Infinite MIND(O) and Created for Humankind: to elevate the Consciousness of Humankind. It is in the development of Higher Consciousness that you gain a Greater connection to, and Knowing of THE CREATOR(46): PERFECTION(54) of MIND(O). Your LIFE(15) then gradually becomes a purer reflection of this PERFECTION(54) and LIFE(15) opens up to you in Miraculous ways. The Creative ENERGY(99) of LIFE(15) itself, Eternal LOVE(14), becomes your Conscious LIFE(15) force, and you consistently Create Greater LIFE(15) in your everyday living. You have grown beyond the level of the selfish to the WONDERFUL(37) realm of the Selfless.

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