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"TRUTH(33) must have boundaries that the Person needs to maintain within in this World of the Everyday, however TRUTH(33) in Its Eternal State is Itself Infinite.

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Most people that become acutely aware of Numbers, for some it is one or two and others many, is usually due to a tragic event in their Life, or an ongoing Life of unfortunate happenings, or due to severe stress because of their lifestyle.  When a Person is under times of intense Personal strain this often forces the  Mind to move beyond the everyday for answers and solutions and opens the Person`s Consciousness up to the Energy of The Eternal: the Numbers that are of a Universal Spiritual Language then begin to speak to them.  It is thanks to the Advent of Thee Trinity Creation, born of the Truth in 1988 that the Person and the World can finally know the True Meaning of these Number Awarenesses, and with this understanding elevate themselves to a Superior way in Life. Once the way of the Person has changed to meet that which is within the Direction given them within their Number Message the acuteness of their Number Awareness naturally fades away.


It is really Miraculous how all of this functions, it is an Intelligence from above that moves the Person from within: this is Thee Trinity Creation. This is why I AM.


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Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 11:02 AM

Subject: Re: As on Home Page

Wow- that is very powerful!!!


Dearest Kelly,  

I keep thinking I have lost you for the intensity of TRUTH(33) within this phase I AM(47) in is such a Power House of ENERGY(99) and can be VERY overwhelming to the Person.  

This email warms my Heart Kelly to a depth only LOVE(14) can KNOW, your LOVE(14) I have become Unified in for It is a Good LOVE(14), hence our Union becomes all the Greater reinforced! Please remain with ME(23) Kelly, the GROWTH(65) you will experience cannot be matched by anything within this present day World!  

"All is Good when TRUTH(33) is in Command!"  

Eugene (M)

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To: Master Sage Joseph M

Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 10:54 PM

Hello I need some guidance... Please tell me what to do...I have been praying to God wish for good things not only for myself but for everyone...I have a lot of spare time but not really sure what it is I should do...I want to be able to share good things with people to bring them ALL closer to God... I'm not sure how to actually approach it without doing the opposite and have them not listen to me at all...  On a positive note it has been about a week since I quit smoking cigarettes (even though I already knew i shouldn't have been smoking)... Please show me what i must do to help save the God's people... -Chris

Hi Chris,  

The optimum manner in which to have others live and understand TRUTH(33) which is God`s way is to fully understand and live TRUTH(33) yourself. It sounds like you are on the right track, remember PRAYER(9) daily in complete Devotion to God and if possible Meditation.  

Only share THE WORD(63) with those who want to listen, otherwise you are wasting your breath. Foremost is to work on yourself and read through my Home Page, there you will discover TRUTH(33) as it needs to be understood, for TRUTH(33) infused my very Being back in 1988, 'The Event' and 'Thee Trinity Creation' came into existence.    

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph M


Hi Master Sage Joseph,

What is my purpose though? I would like to help those especially who don't want to listen for they are in most need of help...not saying I am perfect or anything but I see what you mean and will try to live the truth to understand it more... I am trying to assemble a group of my friends who are ALL born of 1988... What are our roles because I really do feel that our influence could be a serious impact.... Chris

Dear Chris,

Well if you want to make a serious impact Chris I have a letter ready to mass email to those in the Media, my first Disciple of TRUTH(33) Elizebeth will be the prime mover on this letter come 12/12/10. I can send you the letter I want forwarded to magazines, news papers, news outlets and so on. If you should want to participate let me know, and you will be doing something in the name of TRUTH(33).  

Your sense of purpose will come with right effort unto right ACTION(81): this would definitely be right ACTION(81) for as you know 1988 is the year of THE MIRACLE(88), August 25 is the day I had been infused with TRUTH(33) come from above, so if you are in assistance to my World Mission of TRUTH(33) you are working TRUTH(33), and all those who assist me in breaking through the next level of Public Awareness will be well rewarded, in sense of purpose in Being and even monetarily. When things get rolling I will share my good fortune with those of my inner circle who have helped me get to the top.  Then millions of people will indeed be made aware of the TRUTH(33).  

Sincerely Yours,

Master Sage Joseph M

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Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2010 9:41 AM

Subject: Phone number/moving

Dear Master Sage Joseph,

I dont have a computer of my own so my new living arrangement doesnt allow me much time on one. Ive been thinking about moving back to Atlanta. I actually miss it. I was hoping for some psychic guidance.

What is your phone number again? long distance doesnt bother me. 



Dear Lauren,

Well moving is good but NOT WITH AN EX, this will only bring you misery. So save your money, look for work in advance of getting there and get set up on your own. This is the initial formula for better living, this I can tell you with certainty.  

My phone number is ---------, anytime is a good time however I do not have an answering service, far too bothersome, and this is my home phone Number, no cells, we lost them all.  So if you call and I do not answer try again within 5 minutes, and if not then perhaps at a later time. I do look forward to speaking to you Lauren.  

LOVE(14) in TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph M

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Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2010 10:47 AM

Subject: Thee 33 for me!

Dear Master Sage Joseph M,  

  THEE 33! I couldn't help being drawn to your writings. Renewed living, indeed!  Recently, following a long and difficult family disagreement, my wife and I purchased my father's interest in property we jointly owned. It was a miserable affair but much has been learned. Some resentment evolved stemming from my father's dishonesty over many, many years, especially by keeping things from my mother.  I despised it so much that I have grown to share everything openly with my wife, almost to a fault. In other words, she often suggests I drown her in too much info. It is quite interesting to learn from you that 33 is TRUTH. For me, being true to yourself is so you can freely offer yourself without doubt, particularly in forgiveness.   At the property closing, proceeds came back to us via check from the Title Company in the amount of $333.33. Additionally, the balloon payment in 3 years is $333,333. Non of this was contrived - out of our hands transactions. 

Please speak to me with 77/Wisdom. It seems to me that while closing on the property presented us with a unique message, the other instances may be us seeking "33" now that we are more aware...perhaps power of suggestion or a forced fit.



Hi Alex,

Without doubt the Meaning of the Number 33 is TRUTH(33). And what is TRUTH(33) many might ask? Well perhaps you have already encountered this but in case not I will here repeat it. This was a True Blessing when within a deep Meditation following a most intense Dream the words were revealed to ME(23):  


Yes the Number 77 is indeed WISDOM(77) which the focus is upon thinking, saying and doing in a manner that least disturbs or discomforts others while simultaneously making the DECISION(21) that is best for your Loved ones and yourself. If you wife feels you are overloading her with info then WISDOM(77) would call out to you saying : "easy does it, a little at a time yields a lot overtime."  

I AM(47) pleased that you have come to ME(23) and if you require additional guidance please be comfortable in futher email COMMUNICATION(48).  

Master Sage Joseph M

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Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2010 9:20 AM

Subject: Fw: I AM GRATEFUL

 Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive. There is no cost, just a lot of reward. Make sure you pray, and pray believing God will answer, he always answers whether we realize it or not.

May today be all you need it to be. May the peace of God and the freshness of the Holy Spirit rest in your thoughts, rule in your dreams tonight, and conquer all your fears. May God manifest himself today in ways you have never experienced. May your joys be fulfilled, your dreams be closer, and your prayers be answered. I pray that faith enters a new height for you; I pray that your territory is enlarged. I pray for peace, healing, health, happiness, prosperity, joy, true and undying love for God. Now send this to 12 people and remember to send this back.....



Hi Nancy,

Yes I Highly recommend 2 hours daily of PRAYER(9) in complete Devotion and LOVE(14) to THE CREATOR(46), or through Jesus Christ, who is One with THE CREATOR(46): God!   Thanks for the forward.  

I  have gained a tremnedous respect for you Nancy and have come to understand your struggles within this very confusing and frustrating everyday living. I will continue my PRAYER(9) for you, we have reached a new heightened plateau within this everyday living.

  In LOVE(14),

Eugene (M)

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From: Laura

To: Master Sage Joseph M

Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2011 1:23 AM

Subject: Thank you for your web site.

Thank you for all the insights I was able to find in your web site. It was for me a big surprise to realize that a lot of people did actually experienced what I have been experiencing in these past months. Seeing the number 11 and the number 33 much more than before to the point that I start ask around what could possibly be the meaning. I even one day played lotto and both number actually came out, I didn’t win but I was certainly surprised and felt even more that beyind this there must be a message that I just could not understand where it was coming from and why.

Reading all the answer you gave to so many I think I have finally recognized the message. It looks like there is indeed a message , hard to believe but how to refuse the evidence?

Thank you again.



Dear Laura,    

I Truly appreciate your email to me, and yes there is a definite Message, beyond this everyday and yet of this everyday: that is Thee Trinity Creation.  

If you have anything in particular you would like guidance with please contact me and I will be here for you.  

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph M

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