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----- Original Message of Prayer-----

From: Melissa

To: Eugene Morin

Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 12:18 PM

Subject: Monday Morning

Dear Master Eugene,  

Just wanted to say Hello, and hoping you and your family are doing well.  You all are always in my thoughts....  




Dear Melissa,  

It feels really good to hear from you once again, and YES all is good here and I really hope all is good there.  

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

My dearest friend Master Sage Eugene....  

I choose to find things good, and pray trust that God is bringing me to a place of authenticity.  It's almost like child birth pains....each pain get stronger and closer together before something beautiful is born. 

i realize more than ever that i am filled with fear....and that there can be no real love where fear exists.....   you and rosalie and your family and continually in my thoughts....   it was so very good to hear from you Eugene....  



Dearest Melissa,  

Fear can completely overtake you, however please remember PRAYER(9) in complete Devotion and LOVE(14) to God The Father, or Jesus Christ The Son, and ask to relieve yourself of this fear, AND IT WILL GO AWAY, however it may take some time.  

So please Pray every night before falling asleep as I had indicated and I can tell you ABSOLUTELY your fear will diminish week by week and will be replaced with the STRENGTH(18) of TRUTH(33).  


You may contact ME(23) anytime Melissa and I WILL ALWAYS be here FOR YOU!  

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

__________________________ ___________________________

----- Original Message of  Relationship Insight-----

From: "divine"
To: <Master Sage Joseph M>
Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 1:19 PM

What is the meaning of the number 11 13 14 2..6 8 22 in my life.I feel and I
think that sign to the man of my life.. =


Dear Divine,

I wish it were all that simple, but the guy of your LIFE(15) might very well turn out to be the nightmare of your LIFE(15)!  I have seen this so very
many times where the Person has believed they found the ideal guy, but he was just playing his game with the innocent woman.

Be on guard, and the Number 11 is PURITY(11), be very careful for he may very well still this from you.

In TRUTH(33),
Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

Purity: when the expression is a True reflection

of that which engendered it.

Your love should thus be.

__________________________ ___________________________

----- Original Message----

Subject: Hello Eugene


I know you must be a bit tier of the same question over and over. I have the same thing with the number 33, it appears everywhere and when I saw your website it was more impressive. As a year ago I had this image on my right side of my eyesight an image of a body within the triangle and circle moving continuously with lost of colored lines around it. Like the "Vetrubio Man" from DA Vinci something like that. I also realized that this year I'm going to be "33" and 33 or 333 is everywhere. Last year also I
use to wake un at 3:33 am now it's not as often. Would this be the same interpretation "Truth"?????

Thanks a lot for hearing me out.



Hi Leona,

I`m glad that you have contacted me and even though in general of Meaning the Number 33 is TRUTH(33) in specific to the Person it is a unique Message to that Person, I do not mind in the least answering your email Leona.

Of particular interest relative to you Leona is the fact that the image you speak of is similar to that of the Symbolic Sacred Geometric pattern for TRUTH(33).  It is a triangle within a circle, and the line that sits in the middle of the triangle creates a perfect match on either side of the Symbol. This is how TRUTH(33) within the Person should be, that which is within should be the same as that which is reflected to the outside.  TRUTH(33) is only TRUTH(33) when its reflection is exact. When you look in the mirror the Person you see in TRUTH(33) should be the Person that others see.  I realize there are certain situations in which you may be required for your own well being to not be in total expression of the Person you are, but under such conditions your reduced expression of TRUTH(33) is to protect yourself and hence the most Truthful thing to do.

TRUTH(33) is definitely emphasized in your case Leona and there must be an underlying reason for that, of course of message the Number 33 is speaking to you of the TRUTH(33) and that you should live greater TRUTH(33) in your Life but there is also something of specific that needs to be addressed.  If you look within the depth of your Being, perhaps in Meditation or devoted
PRAYER(9) the specifics of where TRUTH(33) is lacking will become more known to you
and then you can make the appropriate changes. Once TRUTH(33) is lived to the Fullness that it should be your intense Number 33 Awareness will simply vanish.

In the meantime what you may do to help reinforce TRUTH(33) within yourself and in your Life is every time you see the Number 33 realize that it is calling out to you in tones of TRUTH(33) and allow yourself for a moment to feel the TRUTH(33) that your Eternal Self is.

Remember Leona there is no other Meaning to the Number 33, it is irrefutably now and always TRUTH.


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----- Original Message----

Subject: number                               Number 666

Please help me understand why I dreamt the numbers 666 last night. Last week my bank account was -666

thank you



Good Morning Allicia,

Yes I certainly can give you the Meaning of your Number within your Dream and its Message is in synchronism with the fact that your Bank account was of the same.

To begin with I do want you to worry about this Number 666, it has developed a bad name over time but it was through people who did not know the True Meaning of Numbers and now they do: some anyway.  All has been Revealed within the Spiritual Energy Communication of 1988, Thee Trinity Creation is thus born.

In Meaning your Numbers are that of 6 which is MOTIVATION(6) and that of 66 which is WEALTH(66).  To be Motivated towards the accumulation of WEALTH(66) is not in itself a bad thing as long as we do not let it supercede more
important aspects of our Life.  From your Dream and your bank account Number of 666 I`m told that finances are quite difficult for you presently, I know the feeling for they are here as well, and hence you are driven towards improving your situation.  Your drive is expressed in your Dream Number and the fact that the account was of the same Number tells me that your MOTIVATION(6) towards improving your finances are intense indeed. Please remember that this Number 666 is not a bad omen in the least and because the 6`s are so strong it could very well mean that indeed WEALTH(66) will begin
to flow in your Direction.  Remain Motivated, stay True to yourself and to your means of accruing WEALTH(66) and good things should be forthcoming.

I personally have been hit very hard by tight financial conditions, but there is a clearing ahead I`m sure, so will there be for you Allicia.


__________________________ __________________________

----- Original Message----

Subject: Please help a confused woman             Number 333


Greetings I am not able to afford your book at this time; I am a single mom and I truley cannot buy it.

Lately since my 33 birthday in August of 2005 I have waken up in the middle of the night and it was 3:33 am . This has happend on many occasions. I have just so happened looked at the clock any day and it would read 3:33 am or pm. At my place of employment I do numbers and the number 333 would come up on pages in balances etc. I told my friends and co workers about the number and proved to them today when I was looking for a certain job description the page was 333 and the time was 3:33pm. they knew I was serious about these numbers. I am very religious and I have just found my new spiritural way of life. I have had a hard life but sometimes I would ask why me? What is someone trying to tell me? It has been 5 months now and the numbers are still appearing. Today it was bothering me because I need an answer of why are these numbers appearing in my head and what does this represent? Can you please tell me.

The only clarification that I have found that Christ died on the cross at the age of 33 and he rose on the 3rd day? Does this mean my life is changing this year? There were some things that have happen within these last 5 months that were unusual. For example some friends I have had for many years all changed, some of them were not truthful to me and I could not stomach being their friends anymore. I forgive them but what they did was too painful. And now we barley talk.

I am lost and confused please advise if you can.

Thank you my dearest EuGene.


Dear Kenyetta,  

I`m certainly pleased that you have come to me for yes I can help you Kenyetta, and of particular with your Number Meanings.  You see I had suffered tremendously in the past and I had asked just as yourself "Why me?" I had always considered myself to be a good Person and I tried to follow the way of my Religion so I could not understand why was all of this suffering happening to me.  

Well I suffered and I suffered, and then I suffered some more, it became so extreme that I wanted to end my Life, and then I suffered some more.  But all of it was so worthwhile for through my suffering it brought to the brink of Life itself and that exposed my True Self to myself and it caused me to humble myself before the Lord for I knew I had been lying, particularly to myself about myself.  My transformation of REBIRTH(25) happened in one Grand Event, the Spiritual Energy Communication of 1988 in which Thee Trinity Creation was born, and of which I was born into.  So yes I can understand what you are going through Kenyetta and I can give you the True Meaning of your Numbers, and they are Amazingly in Harmony with what you thought of them. And yes your Numbers are trying to tell you something and now thanks to the Advent of Thee Trinity Creation you will know what they are saying.    

Yes Christ did die when he was 33 and he did rise on the third day and why?  His Life he gave so that others could have Life, Life that was true.  You see of Meaning and this is absolute of the Number 33 is TRUTH(33), Jesus spoke of the TRUTH(33), Jesus lived the TRUTH(33) and he gave His Life so that we could know, live and be One Eternally in His TRUTH(33).  Yes the Number 33 is TRUTH(33) and it is really  incredible that you have mentioned TRUTH(33) relative to your friends. When someone really hurts us for they deceived us in one way of another forgiveness does not come easy, but when forgiveness has come we are then Free of the negative Emotion associated with the pain they caused us and with them.  Hence forgiveness is essential in being able to go on in Life with the Fullness of the Person you are.  When we are bombarded with negative emotion of past it skews our Decision making of the day and takes from us some of our vital Life Energy.  To forgive is to be Free but that does not mean we want to then associate with those who have caused us pain: absolutely not.  We leave the emotion of pain behind and them as well particularly if they are not a core family member.  In that case we must carefully assess the situation to determine if we want or need the ongoing Family relationship.  

The Number 33 would mean that indeed your Life is in change, and it is changing in the Direction of TRUTH(33) and every time you see the Number 33 let it remind you that TRUTH(33) is the way, it is the way of Jesus, it is the way to Fulfillment in Life and it is the way unto Eternal Life. The Number 3 in your 3:33 is also very significant and it is in Magnificent alignment with your Number 33, of Meaning the Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3) and this is with reference to Thee Trinity Creation THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33). As well it is of Meaning TRINITY(3) and within the context of Thee Trinity Creation this TRINITY is with reference to the Fulfillment your 3 Elemental Life Energies: of course TRUTH(33) is the way.  Your 3 Elemental Life Energies which are probably in transformation are: the Me, your Emotional Physical interpersonal Self, the Be, your success driven busy Self and the I, your Eternal Spiritual Self.  When TRUTH(33) is your way there is no longer any conflict within these 3 elemental Life Energies and they all begin to flow and be Fulfilled in Unison.  That is Life in its Grandest, and that is the Life you will come to Live Kenyetta, always remember to let TRUTH(33) be your way and as best as possible avoid those who are not of TRUTH(33) for they will attempt to reduce the Fullness of your Person.  In time when TRUTH(33) is really strong within yourself then you can venture into the World of those of less TRUTH(33) and try and have them shift to a Life of TRUTH(33) but you must not do this until you are secure in the TRUTH(33) yourself.  

I trust I have helped ease your confusion, call on me anytime Kenyetta.  

Sincerely Yours,



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----- Original Message----

Subject: Symbols                                 Symbols, Numbers 8, 3, 5, 6, 9, 4, 2.

Dear EuGene,  

Please define for me the octagonal design. 

I have noticed something interesting. The Number 3(SYSTEM) has 3 points designed Symbol included. This I can understand. It is with reference to three elemental Energies of the Person, isn't it? Then I thought about the Number 5(DIRECTION). Its Symbol has 5 points design. And Number 6(MOTIVATION) has 6 points design. Number 8(GREAT) - 8 points design. If I will really try I can say that Number 2(PROCREATION) has two points in its Symbol and Number 4(HUMILITY) has 4 points. As well, I thought that Number 9(PRAYER) is 3x3. This Symbol reminds me tetrahedron.(Once I said a pyramid, but some time later I have realized that pyramid has 4 sides and the base with 4 points, not like tetrahedron). The visible part of two dimensional drawing has 3 triangles and each triangle has 3 lines. Then I thought that if I want to draw the Symbol for Number 4 geometrically correct (or should I say proportionally), the point where the inner small line starts will divide the side line of triangle in proportion 1/4 to 3/4. Does it mean anything or I just made you laugh about going to those details?  




Hi Marianna,  

I love the way you think, you are an Intelligent Person.  Yes you are right in the points that you speak of relative to the Number 3, 6, 8, 5, 6 and 2.  I wish { not really} I could remember all of the details of the unfolding of the System shortly following the Event but I really do not recall much at all.  I was in a Transcendent type of State when all of this was Revealed to me hence of this everyday Self my memory is not lucid to the particulars of the unfolding of the System.  I do vaguely recall some of the earlier Symbols of the smaller Numbers and that indeed the points correlated to the Number, but again it was not for all of them, just when I thought there was a specific pattern to the unfolding it changed.  The Number 7 is the circle, this is representative of what FREEDOM(7) should be, a constant flowing without any sharp turns of corners to get stuck in.  The Number 4 has its Number subliminally imbedded within the Symbol, and the Number 5 is representative of the stars above, for it was while gazing up at them that the  Superior DIRECTION(5) in Life was given to me.  The Number 9 I discovered from someone who was into Sacred Geometry that it was called a tetrahedron. I myself knew nothing of Sacred Geometry, I had not even heard of it and yet the System was full of Sacred Geometric Symbols, as I said before I did not Create Thee Trinity Creation it was Created within me.  So some of the lower Numbers do correlate to the points of the Symbol but others do not.  

As far as what you speak relative to the Number 4  I cannot say but MIND MOTION(64) has been stirred within you which is good in itself.  

It is quite possible in time that others will figure out all kinds of details of THE SYSTEM(3) which is fine.  I will integrate these within the teachings of Thee Trinity Creation if they are True to what THE SYSTEM(3) is and hence of worth to the Person.  

The octagonal design is just that, an octagonal design that is representative of the Number 8 which in Meaning is GREAT(8) and strongly associated to several other Numbers, Symbols and States of Being within The System.  

Sincerely Yours,



Thanks, now I have more what to think about.  


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----- Original Message----

Dear EuGene,                                    Number 38, 83, 11

Lately the Number 38 shows itself many times. Since it reminds me one of my previous Numbers: 83, I could not ignore it. So, could you speak with me about those two Numbers and their connection to Number 11? This one I have tried to deny for a long time, but seems it is time to deal with it to the depth.  

Thank you,



Dear Marianna,

PURITY(11) is such a beautiful Number and of such Powerful Meaning.  To be a True reflection of the wholeness of the Person you are, to be virtuous in all of your daily happenings, to not ever reduce the Person you are or that of another due to ill intent: that is some of what PURITY(11) is.  It is not directly related to your Numbers 38 and 83 but it certainly is indirectly.  You see the Number 38 and 83 are very closely related of State of Being and in Number {right to left and left to right}.  When you live your Life from a core of TRUTH(33) and in PURITY(11) of Being OPPORTUNITY(38) Miraculously presents itself with the most incredible PRECISION(83).  It is beyond that of thinking and planning, it is a PRECISION(83) that is propelled by your Powerful unhindered connection to the Eternal, where all of Creation lies. Few have such PRECISION(83) in OPPORTUNITY(38) on a regular basis because few live the PURITY(11) of their Being.

Sincerely Yours,


Subject: You are so special
Dear EuGene,

You are so special. For the first time in my Life I really have what I asked for: a real Friend who doesn't want anything from me, but is there for the Person I am. I guess I came to the point in my Life when I am ready to have this Friend.  

With Love,

Your Friend forever,


__________________________ __________________________

----- Original Message----

Subject: number 3

i am in search of the meaning of the # 3 in my families life. it started with my uncles passing, then three years later my father's, then 3 years later my brother's, 3 years later another brother, 3 years later my mother. i probably should not try to understand, but deep doawn there is a reason for the three year spread inbetween deaths in the family. any help, or insight?

thanks much, peace and joy, sara


Hi Sara,  

There are many that have become acutely Aware of the Number 3, and simultaneous to this the World is becoming Aware of Thee Trinity Creation: born of the TRUTH(33) in the instantaneous Spiritual Communication of 1988 and in TRUTH(33) reveals to the World the Message contained within these Higher Consciousness Number Communications. In Meaning the Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3) which is with reference to the irrefutable Number Meanings System: Thee Trinity Creation and of Message speaks of the Trinity of elemental Life Energies that makes up the Total of each Person.   

The 3`s that you are experiencing in your Life are telling you of your elemental Life Energies and that in order to experience the Fullness of the Person through the Fulfillment of your Life energies TRUTH(33) must be your way.  All is one in TRUTH(33), here are those 3`s again now as 33 in Meaning TRUTH(33) and of Message guiding the Person and the World to one of Greater TRUTH(33).   

Particular to your Sara is the fact that your 3 is showing up relative to your family and in particular their Earthly death; this is significant indeed. This is a very strong Message of the 3`s and the TRUTH(33) that the 3`s speak of.   

Remember that when a Person is Transformed into a Person of TRUTH(33) although their Earthly Life ends they go in Oneness of Eternal TRUTH(33) which is in Oneness with The Creator. Before I can give you anything more specific I need to know a bit about the TRUTH(33) that you yourself are living or lack in living. I have a very strong sense that there is lack of TRUTH(33) somewhere within yourself or in your Life and it is within your Me elemental aspect of Being, that of emotion and relationships. I feel these 3`s are guiding you towards Transforming yourself into a Person of TRUTH(33) so that you will be One of the few that lives on in Eternal Glory in Conscious Oneness of Being with all.  

I am being somewhat reserved here in my response to you Sara because I would not want to in any way cause you any added burden for you have already been through quite a bit.  

If you like email me back with a bit more of yourself and your Life and tell me whether you have a good sense of where TRUTH(33) may be lacking, or perhaps where TRUTH(33) is blossoming.  I will then clarify all that I have spoken, all that I have spoken is of the TRUTH(33) however not to the detail that I would like to offer you.  

Sincerely Yours,



Subject: re: number 3

so it's taken me some time to ponder. i have to say that what you have said so far makes sense..i myself have been on a journey of growth in the past 10 years. i know who i am basically inside and within my soul, allowing myself to be is what i hold myself from. growing up we were not "allowed" to be who we trully are,were. i had a dream after your response, but do not remeber it all i remember is that iwas with my family and we were getting the "answer" but i have no clue to what it is if there is one. i am acknowledgeing who i am within more openly and trying to express myself more. i am an earth child, an artist, and wizard of sorts in the art mediums. i have been dealing with a lot of anger regarding my upbringing and the fact that i wasn't "allowed" to express myself freely, had to hide who i am. also within society. i feel inside is a bird ready to take flight, aloowing myself is another thing. many issues within the world as it is today are frustrating and i see no sense for a lot of it. i do appreciate you taking your time and energy to help me figure this one out.    

peace and joy,



Hi Sara,  

Yes I can give you a bit more detail now. The lack of Fulfillment  that you are experiencing is that of your Me elemental Energy as I had assumed from your last email to me.  It is good that you are on a journey of Growth and have been for sometime.  In order to now move to your next level of understanding of yourself and in particular to be free from your past and thus Free from within yourself it is time to "allow yourself to take flight".  There is a fear within you that is holding you back, it is a fear of what will Life be if you do indeed let go of the past which was such a part of your Life for so long and is very familiar to you.  You are bonded to the negative Energy of what had happened to you and this bond is ready to be broken but you must allow it to.  With the breaking of this bond to past there will be a significant emotional release, I can understand it is a little scary to let go of what was when it is such a deeply imbedded part of us. But to Live the Fulfillment of your elemental Me energy, that of emotion and relationships, you need to be Free from within yourself and the time is now to do it.   

One aspect of the release of this pent up negative Energy will be lot of crying, this is alright; another aspect will be a sudden increase in the anger you feel, much of this will be released through your crying but you may want to physically in an intense but safe way release the remaining anger.  Exercise is well suited to doing this but it must be intense, such as running as fast as you can for as long as you can or intense aerobic exercises.  Of course be sure your body is up to this before attempting such a workout. It will take more than one workout but you will feel rejuvenated each time you release this anger;  remember you must allow it to happen, it is time to let go of the emotional hold that the past has on you.  

A new Life of Grander experience will be yours once you are able to disengage yourself from the emotional pain of past, and from the sense that it has taken so much from you and your Life.  Let it go completely, no more regret, no more anger, no more sorrow of past: the past is past and you cannot clearly see your way when you are looking backwards.  

Peace and Joy can indeed be yours Sara not only of word but in feeling and of everyday experience.  

I will be here if you want of me.  



----- Original Message----


Roxanne: Dream Numbers 1011, 1012, Spiritual Guidance


Subject: Numbers in a Dream

Good Morning,

I am in hope that you can interpret numbers in a dream?
I have, not that I remember ever had a dream with numbers in it. I have been trying for a week to figure out what these numbers may mean and I am getting no where.

When I woke up from a dream last week, I remembered the tail end of a dream. I know that I was in the presence of something spiritual, heavenly or sitting with scribes? (I don't know the atmosphere just seemed kinda holy or sacred) and I was reciting numbers, in my dream I could see the numbers as I said them. Also lately when I walk into my bedroom I can smell incense just for a moment then it's gone, I can't identify the incense either and I occasionally burn it.

I think there was a beginning and end to the numbers but I could only remember two of them they were 1011, 1012 and I believe 1011 was not the beginning and 1012 was not the end. I have thought of Bible scriptures but where would I began? There are so many!

I know the numbers mean something, I can feel it...but I just can't figure it out! You seem to be gifted with insight about numbers and there meanings, so I leave my request with you, and a deep appreciation for your wisdom.



Good Morning to you as well Roxanne,

However here it is 6:11 p.m. and there is that beautiful Number 11 once again. Yes I can help you to figure things out, I have been blessed in 1988 with the transformation of my Being into that of Thee Trinity Creation, the irrefutable Numbers Meaning System. Spiritual Communication comes in many forms and up until now Numbers have either been overlooked or misinterpreted.  I am indeed honored to be able to help with your inquiry .

I Love the Number 11, and it is so prevalent in the lives of so many people, numerous email inquiries to me revolve around this Number, incredibly when I received your email and I saw Good Morning I intuitively looked at the time here and it was 6: 11 {p.m}. I will now give you the immutable Meaning of the Number 11 and integrate it with your other Numbers and explain in essence your Dream; you may then relate my generalities to the specifics of your life, or you may choose to share with me added info as to yourself and your life and I can guide you further. The Number 11 is PURITY(11), and it is without a doubt very Spiritual.

We will look now at your complete Numbers: 1011, 1012. The Number 12 in Meaning is FULFILLMENT(12) and is in interpretation strongly related to that of PURITY(11) for it is in PURITY(11) that you can indeed experience True and lasting FULFILLMENT(12) in Life. You have tremendous purpose in Being and purpose in doing when PURITY(11) is your way; no distortion of the Truth, no manipulation of others, just PURITY(11): the Honest, Pure and True reflection of the Person you are. You will also notice a Powerful Spiritual connection to the PURITY(11) that infuses all of Life as you begin to live Greater PURITY(11).

You need not seek out Bible scriptures for the Meaning of these Numbers Roxanne but you must seek out the Truth within yourself and your Life. The TRUTH(33) is the Bible of Eternal Life.

Now for the Number 10  which has shown up in combination with both your Number 11 and Number 12. The Number 10 in Meaning is ORGANIZATION(10) but it may be a bit difficult for me to relate it specifically to you and your Life. I will do my utmost here but please feel free to Communicate with me further if you have more you want to share with me or any other questions or possibly concerns. What I feel is that in order for you to experience this wonderful FULFILLMENT(12) in Life through living greater PURITY(11) the Number 10 is indicating to you to be deliberate in your approach, remain structured both in movement towards and in the maintenance of your PURITY(11). Try not to be too dispersed, focus your attention and Energy on those particulars within yourself and your Life that are in greatest need of transformation to that of Greater PURITY(11). Perhaps there is a conflict that is presently within yourself or in your Life and you are uncertain as to which path to take. Often temptation skews our seeing things in proper perspective for we try to justify doing that which we know is not right, that which is not of PURITY(11). This Dream and these Numbers are urging you Roxanne to always make the Decision of greatest PURITY(11), be True to yourself and to your Life. You want not to reduce the Fullness of the Person you are nor pass up the Opportunity to Know FULFILLMENT(12) in Life. Let PURITY(11) be your guide and FULFILLMENT(12) in Life will be yours, and remain ORGANIZED(10) both in your thinking and in your Action. Stay on path, this is a very Spiritual message to you Roxanne: the Exuberance of Life will shine within you if you remain on your path of PURITY(11).

Purity: when the expression is a True reflection of that which engendered it. 

Your love should thus be.

Sincerely Yours,

Thee Trinity Creation, EuGene

Thank-you so much for your interpretation of the Numbers in my dream. As soon As I started reading your insight on my dream, it felt true! I knew also intuitively what you were telling me was the truth and answer to the Numbers in my dream.

I honestly do not remember ever having a dream with numbers in it, nor was I ever aware of numbers having any interpretation before finding you.

I found your response to be very enlightening indeed...and you mentioned a conflict in my life and you are very right! There is a decision I have been trying to make concerning the rest of my life.

Also, I have for the last couple of years been looking for answers to Life, It's meaning, What I truly believe in. I seem to be looking for something, I feel it is the truth about God. You are helping me along my path!

I feel very honored that you took the time to respond to my request with your words of wisdom. Thank-you very much! I hope in the future if I have more dreams with numbers that you will help me understand their meaning. And it was not morning with I contacted you? I have no idea why I said Good Morning?

On closing my thoughts turn to my birthdate which is the 11 th. There seem to be many 11s involved with me and now I know what they mean, PURITY!

Again, Thank-you so much for the interpretation of 1011-1012



Hi Roxanne,

Thank you so very much for the encouraging email and yes if you should need of me again please feel free to email me.

Sincerely Yours,


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Subject: numbers 41                                  Number 11:41, Personal Guidance

hi ya how are you.I was wondering if you could give me some insight to a number i have been  seeing for some time now. The number is 41,its everywhere,and when i look at the time its usually 41 mins past the hour.Thetime 11.41 is mostly what i see, i even woke up the other morning and 41 was the first thing that came into my head, any idea as to why i keep seeing
this.Also can you tell me any thing about my birth date 28/1/--.

Many thanks.

Take it easy xx christine

Dear Christine,

I`m doing alright, sometimes a bit overwhelmed with email inquiries but I really Love the Communication that takes place.

You have a most Amazing Number experience, the Number 41 is of its own quite a Powerful one but in combination with that of 11 your Message is indeed Magnificent. You see Christine the Number 41 in Meaning is COMPASSION(41) and that of 11 is PURITY(11) and together they Create a Message unique to you  within this unique time frame in your Life. The Numbers are a type of Communication from an Energy of Intelligence beyond our everyday awareness and within the Message is usually a Direction for the Person to take in Life that will lead them to a more Fulfilled Life experience. Gratification seems to be "the name of the game" in present day Society but Fulfillment is Life lived to its complete potential.


Within this Message is the key to Fulfillment of your Me elemental Energy, that is of your physical/emotional Self.  COMPASSION(41) is a Powerful emotion that moves us to Create a better World not only for those close to us but for Humanity in general through helping the Person for the Person that she or he is.  However there are many who disguise themselves as being Compassionate only to move within the vulnerabilities of the Person so that they may take advantage of them for their own Personal gratification. Others are Compassionate for the status that comes with it whereas
COMPASSION(41) in its Truest sense is Pure, yes of PURITY(11) whose only objective is to help another Live their Life in an improved manner. There are many avenues of Compassionate behavior but at the core of any approach is LOVE(14) which is the Number 41 right to left.  These two Numbers are inseparable and always operate as one, even of Sacred Symbol they are completely Unified.  Think of COMPASSION(41) as LOVE(14) in Action.  The LOVE(14) you feel for others and all of Humanity becomes expressed in action of COMPASSION(41), and when authentic it is always of PURITY(11).

Purity: when the expression is a True reflection of that which engendered it.Your love should thus be.

So what is your Message Christine?  I know very little of you or your Life but I know the Meaning of your Numbers and the Message contained within them. I will take a quick glance at the exact time I received your email, 11:56, you see there is the Number 11 once again and 56 which in Meaning is SERENITY(56).  You are looking for greater Peace in your Life Christine and you get that feeling when you act in Compassionate ways. This is quite understandable of course but you must maintain your PURITY(11) within your acts and thoughts of COMPASSION(41) for if not you will lose the SERENITY(56) you so Desire in Life.  As well a word of caution, since I am not familiar with the particulars of your Life I would advice you to be aware of someone that appears to be Compassionate towards you, look deeply to discover if he is of True COMPASSION(41) or using COMPASSION(41) as a means to manipulate you and the situation in his favor.

Your Birthday is a beautiful day for it is the day you were born Christine, however in Meaning Birth dates are less significant than what you have been experiencing which "Spontaneous Transient Number Awareness". You see many people are born on the same day as yourself Christine but are significantly different than you, hence the Birth date Numbers are weak in Meaning but with "Spontaneous Transient Number Awareness" a Number Message {or Numbers)  is being Communicated to you from an Energy of Superior Intelligence in a specific way at a specific time with a Message of a Superior path to take in Life.

Take the path of PURITY(11) within COMPASSION(41) in Life and Life will reward you greatly.

Sincerely Yours,

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----- Original Message----

Subject: WHAT IT MEANS                        Dream, Numbers 777, 727, Personal Life Guidance, Meditation

I recently had a dream with actually two numbers 777 and 727. I don't think I've ever dreamt with numbers and if I did I don't remember. Can you interprate for me please?



Hi Enid,  

They are certainly a couple of Magnificent Numbers, I do love the 7`s.  Your first Number 777 is that of the Number 77 and that of 7.  Together they speak of a FREEDOM(7) within yourself and Life in general that comes about through a deeper understanding of what underlies Life itself, and what underlies the motives and intents of people overall.  

This Number in a Dream could mean that there will be an event forthcoming that will stir your innate Wisdom and bring it to your Conscious Self: a deeper understanding of how everything is linked to everything else, including yourself. There may be a Person associated with this event that will help the process move along, keep watch.  

The 727 works in concert with your triple 7`s and it is with reference to the Fulfillment of your 3 Elemental Life Energies, that of the Me, your emotional/physical/interpersonal Self, the Be, your Success driven achieving Self and the I, your Eternal Spiritual Self.  This event will usher in a new wave of opportunity for Greater Fulfillment in all aspects of your Being. These Numbers in your Dream are of a good omen, stay alert to the opportunity that will present itself.  


Thank you for the information, it is extremely useful. This year for me has be one of awakening, and as I have progressed, somehow I feel somewhat stuck. I know this journey is a long one and I am constantly looking for informational literature to help me on my way. recently through my dreams I know there are some messages, but I need to learn how to interprate these.

Overall is there any useful information that you can recommend? again thanks!



Good Morning Enid,

When it comes to Dream interpretation you probably will not find a book that can Truly help you with that.  Dreams generally speaking are extremely difficult to interpret because they are a mixture of subconscious material that is released to your Conscious Self in a distorted manner unique to yourself.  I can be most successful at accurately interpreting Dreams when there are Numbers involved, for the True Meaning of Numbers has been Revealed to me through the birth of Thee Trinity Creation, which is One with who I AM.

However in order to encourage your Spiritual Awakening and deeper understanding of the underlying process of Life itself I would highly recommend you begin Meditation, but it must be a Meditation of Transcendence for this Consciously connects you to the Energy of the Eternal. 

Remember also there is Wealth of Enlightening information on my Web Site and if you want you can call on me anytime and I will reply.

I Truly wish you the very best along the path of your Spiritual Journey.

Sincerely Yours,


Thanks for the information Eugene, a quick question do you have these meditations available in CD. I have two little ones and it's not finding the time that is a problem, because I understand you make the time. The issue is relaxing. It is easier for me to relax with some backround noise. Imagine it's winter and i sleep with a fan. The still of silence is too silent for me!



Hi Enid,

I like background sounds as well, and yes I sleep with a fan on and it is very cold here.  Unfortunately  I do not have my Meditation on CD just yet, a little at a time is my only approach for everything I do cost me money, which is non too plentiful.

There is not ever any silence here but if you are able to get accustomed to doing your Meditation in a noisier environment then it will really work to your advantage.  I can do my Meditation with most anything going on around me, I hear it all but I my Mind does not respond unless I hear my name being called out, or Daddy, or if I hear there is a problem that needs my
attention.  As well my two and a half year old has learned that when I do my Meditation he is not to disturb me, and definitely not to touch me because that brings me out of my Meditation immediately.

If you have any questions once you have begun the process of learning Self Empowering Meditation, which you may have, just email me.


I was just reading the information on self empowering meditation. meditation is something I've been wanting to start doing, but a lot of the information I have read into are pretty advanced I know I have to start with the basics to be able to master the knowledge. I have a week and a half of work as of today and will take time to start the meditation process. I like it because it is simple, which will help me accomplish what is next. Once again thank you for the information. I will let you know how it goes. I wish you and your loved ones have a beautiful christmas!!


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----- Original Message----

Subject: your book


  I am dying to know every thing about Thee Trinity Creation, I have gathered all the numbers I could find on your website, but still there are 25 or so missing, and I need them! Also I really would like to see the geometrical structures.   Is each number in your book complete with explanation and drawing? How much do you expand on each? Letters too?



Hi Emily,  

Yes all of the Numbers and Sacred Geometry Symbols are there within the Book or CD Rom for it is the original Creation as Revealed to me following the Spiritual Energy Communication of 1988.  I have not been able to put them all on Site because I have to pay a Web Designer do that for me and there is a significant cost involved, I am not presently able to afford that.  There are no explanations in The book or CD Rom it is simply as it was when I was Revealed it, however you will be able to sask whatever you need to of me.   {new Manuscript offer, see above on page}

All of the letters and their associated Meaning, Sacred Geometry Symbol and State of Being are in there as well.  

There are many costs involved in keeping my Web Site up and running and I do as much as I can for Free so my only revenue is through the limited sale of my Book and CD Rom.  Once I can get a publisher then I may finally make a bit of money but I will no longer be able to offer it online as I do now.   



Dear Emily,

I just received your Book order, I will air mail it to you later today.



Hi EuGene  

Now that I've ordered your book, I'm so excited! I'll probably have things to ask you about when I get it, so I'll talk to you later :-)   Peace

Hi Emily,  

Yes you may ask of me whatever you like, I will do my utmost to provide you with any Life Guidance you seek, whether it be directly related to the book and Numbers or just to Life in general.  


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----- Original Message----

Subject: Hi                    Numbers 11, 56, Personal Guidance, Meditation


I frequently see the numbers 11:11, also number 56....times ending in 56 etc...   Can you shed some light on the meaning of this?  

Thank you



Hi Jules,  

Yes I can certainly shed some light on your Numbers. They are in good alignment with one another, that is your 11:11 and your 56.  These are giving you a bit of Direction in Life, so if you can heed their Message.  Of Meaning and of its own the Number 11 is PURITY(11), when you live a True reflection of the wholesomeness and virtuousness of the Person you are then PURITY(11) becomes your way, a superior way in Life.   

Purity: when the expression is a True reflection of that which engendered it. 

Your love should thus be.


In strong alignment with that of PURITY(11) is the State of Being SERENITY(56), of Number 56.   

These Numbers are indicating to me that you are experiencing a rather high level of stress presently in your Life and SERENITY(56) is what you Desire but you are not sure how to have this.  Of course the way is through living a Life of greater PURITY(11), do not mislead others nor be false in your ways.  As well a good approach to developing and living a deepened level of SERENITY(56) is through the regular practice of Meditation, but it must be a Meditation of Transcendence. 

Now because you are seeing the 11 as a double Number this further emphasizes that you must look to changing your ways to those of Greater PURITY(11) and the double also signifies that there are two of your elemental Life Energies that are in desperate need of positive change.  These are your 3 elemental Energies that make up the whole of the Person you are: the Me, your emotional/physical interpersonal Self, the Be, your Success driven achieving Self, and the I , your Eternal Spiritual Self.  In all likelihood it is your Me and Be elemental Energies that needs the shift to that of greater PURITY(11): there is really nothing like it, but you should be gradual in your change.  Meditation again can be of tremendous worth in you shifting your way to that of PURITY(11).     

Life will reward you plentifully in its deeper aspects once PURITY(11) has become your priory within your everyday living.  

Sincerely Yours,


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James: Number 44, Spiritual Guidance


Subject: Hello- Inportant Question about numbers in dreams: Please Respond


My name is James. I am 20 years old. 4 years ago my mother passed away. She died a very sudden death. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was in a coma for 4 days, then passed away. The night she passed away i was sleeping in her bed, and the wierdest thing happened to me. I don't know if i was dreaming or if i was awake. Maybe it could have been a combination of the two. I saw the number 444 in my head, I woke up saying the number 44 out loud. Then i look at the clock and the time was 4:44am. It was the weirdest experience of my life. I just could never find the Meaning of the number 44. I hope you can help me.

Thank you


Hi James,

The Number message given to you is very significant indeed for it comes from the Energy of the Eternal. This is where your Mother`s Conscious Energy has elevated to upon her Earthly death. You see James the Meaning of the Number 44 is ABSOLUTE(44) which is in reference to the Eternal which of course is ABSOLUTE(44); the Eternal  is PERFECTION(54) for it is that without change: ABSOLUTE(44). This message is a Powerful one indeed for it is telling you irrefutably that your Mother has gone on to the Eternal, she now lives on in ETERNAL LIFE(86) in blissful Conscious Oneness with The Creator: Perfection of Being, ABSOLUTE(44) Being.

You may now finally be at peace James for the Number 44 is Communicating to you a Powerful Spiritual Message directed to you from your Mother. The Number 44 speaks of Grand news, few go on to the Eternal, you Mother is blessed to be one of those few and you are blessed in knowing your Mother lives on in Conscious Eternal Glory.

Sincerely Yours,



Hi EuGene,

I want to thank you very much for helping me with my number experience, I feel what you are saying is true. My search is over, thanks again.


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----- Original Message----

Subject: Dreaming and seeing numbers                Number 13


I just wanted to ask you about the number 13... I have never had a dream with the number 13 but I always see the number 13... some times it's on the clock or at our christmas party I pick the number 13 out of a box for our secret santa party(there was a lot of other numbers in the box), I see it everywhere and it makes me feel a bit scared... even my wedding band...
the jeweler is making it and the diamonds are 0.13 quartz each there is 6 in total... I'm getting married next --- 21/--... I don't know why I keep seeing the number 13... can you please help...I'v been seeing it for years now and I don't know if it's a good thing or not... is there a meaning to the date of my wedding...

I also wanted to ask you about my best friend... she keep dreaming numbers in 3's they are 555, 444 and 333... can also help with this

Thanks so much,


Hi Kristina,

You seeing the Number 13 is certainly significant, especially due to the fact that you are about to get Married.  Marriage can definitely be a wonderful and lasting Life experience, it can virtually make or break your Happiness and Fulfillment in Life but it must be based on HONESTY(13): that is the Meaning of your Number 13.  Therefore the Number 13 is speaking to
you of HONESTY(13) and attempting to guide you in the ways that are of HONESTY(13), particularly within a relationship.  First of all look to within yourself and to your Lifestyle to determine if there is a an area that is in significant lack of HONESTY(13), and then look at your Fiance and his Lifestyle.

Remember whenever HONESTY(13) is an issue it is usually due to an underlying lack of TRUTH(33), think of TRUTH(33) as when all variables are considered it is that choice which yields the Greatest amount of Goodness and the least amount of harm.

In closing I would say Kristina to stay alert to the TRUTH(33) and that which is built upon it, HONESTY(13).  I sincerely wish you the very best in your Marriage and do not ever let TRUTH(33) and HONESTY(13) slip from it.

Tell your friend that I would be better at interpreting her Dream Numbers if she would email me herself, I can better "feel" the Message within the Numbers hence.  As well if she tells me a bit about the Dream that would be most helpful.

Sincerely Yours,

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----- Original Message----


Subject: Dire need of assistance               Meaning of many Numbers, Personal and Spiritual Life Guidance

My name is Brendon,  I guess i can start with the basic problem.... Iv'e been followed by consecuative misfortune. Given the family i grew up in an the lifestyle i lead i have always been somewhat un-fortunate... But since the love of my life had an abortion on (---/---/03)  Things Had started becoming much more intense.... starting with a car accident on (--/---/04)   Since that date... My life has not only had misfortune... extreme pain mental frustration, confusion, breakdown.  When i think im at my worst and can only get better... besides the fact that im overly anxious and paranoid at this point... these numbers come up %90 of the time i look at any numeric number in any seemingly uncontrolled environment. This has been hapening for the last 3 yrs

111- Most common also my house number... had a license plate # and other identifacation including the numerical..... Luck?

33-Seems to be the second most common

Now comes the odd ones

147 <---- Often

22 <---  Often but spiratic.

44<---  Seems to be life specific...  # shows anytime im involved in personal issues..  I.e i was born -- -- 83






These numbers are appearing more and more as my dramatic life is unfolding now faced with some inter-personal issues... these  numbers that had already been showing up on a daily basis 4/5 times a day per 2/3 grouped set of those numbers...  once or twice a week or a day is luck....but im getting the same numbers numerous times a day through that range that i have noticed over the 3 years... becoming alot more common with my current intensity of life.. The primary numbers that are showing up 2-6 times every day are


4,6 7  seem to be dominant in any other numerical sit.... To be honest ... I can't look at a clock or tv... or my computer or even my cell phone which is 10min faster than any other clock i have... but every time i look i get these numbers... Only when im not controlling the ...,. situation...  I seemed to always think that 111 or 44, 22 were maybe my lucky numbers but in the last year i have notices the numbers are coming up way more often than it should if it were luck... honestly there is maybe %5 of the time these numbers don't show up when i look at anything wiht numerical value of uncontrolled environment...     Is this just luck or should i keep digging... Im despirate for answers as my life is more than upside down... It was on my quest for answers that i came across the 3 trinity creation and maybe hoping u can help shed light on my life that has always been beyond normal much more so in the last 3 years...  In my words even alot of what has happened is beyond any of my own moral explanation.... PLEASE HELP ME


Hi Brendon,  

Here it is early Christmas morning so I will begin by wishing you a very Merry Christmas Brendon.  I had a most wonderful Christmas Eve with my wife and our two young boys.  

An abortion is a terrible act of Life taking, I`m sorry to hear such a tragedy took place, I`m sure the Love of your Life has suffered as well, and she may still be. I do not know if you are still with her, you have not mentioned that, I wish you could have made a Wiser choice but now you and she must go on.  

Most people that become acutely aware of Numbers, for some it is one or two and others many such as yourself Brendon, is due to a tragic event in their Life, or an ongoing Life of unfortunate happenings or due to severe stress because of their lifestyle.  You see when you are under times of intense Personal strain this often forces your Mind to move beyond the everyday for answers and solutions and opens you up to the Energy of The Eternal and in so doing the Numbers that are of a Universal Spiritual Language speak to you.  It is thanks to the Advent of Thee Trinity Creation, born of the Truth in 1988 that the Person and the World can finally know the True Meaning of these Number Awarenesses.  I will in your case Brendon, because you have been seeing so many Numbers, focus my attention on the core ones, they will present you with the Message that is being Revealed to you. Take some time and peruse through my Web Site for there you will find much Wisdom and many of the Number Meanings I speak about in some detail.  

The Numbers that most people experience are the Number 11 {or 111 or 11:11} the Number 33 {or 333} and the Number 44. Also the Number 22 is so very often made Aware to the Person in association with that of the Number 11, and for a very definite reason.  These Numbers are screaming out to you loud and clear a Message of vital importance, a Superior Direction in Life is being presented to you to take Brendon, if you heed the Message and begin to make real Life changes accordingly your Number Awareness will begin to fade.  The Number Meanings are: the Number 11 is PURITY(11), the Number 33 is TRUTH(33),  the Number 44 is ABSOLUTE(44) and that of 22 is STIMULATION(22).  The message that is being presented to you Brendon with these Numbers, and all of your other Numbers will be in alignment with this One Message, is the following: you must make PURITY(11) and TRUTH(33) your way in Life, when PURITY(11) and TRUTH(33) are your way the Energy of the Eternal which is ABSOLUTE(44) becomes infused within your very Being at a Conscious level and you are better able to make the Wisest Decisions in Life and Life itself becomes so very purposeful and Fulfilling.  Often it is due to the improper and Life reducing STIMULATION(22) of the senses that steal our Eternal Energy from us leaving us in a void of misery.  The senses are a Beautiful gift of Life itself, this is a vital component within our Humanness but when this STIMULATION(22) reduces our Personhood and/or that of another such STIMULATION(22) must be avoided. Often this STIMULATION(22) within a relationship presents itself at the Sensual Intimate level of physical Oneness: when PUIRTY(11) and TRUTH(33) are lacking the Union takes more from the Person and the relationship in the long run than what is offers. The Sensual Union of two people must be within the scope of Marriage or at least engagement, the two people must be devoted completely to one another and not to any other and have offered themselves to the other in a concrete fashion for Life: Marriage or date to be Married.  

There are many other areas in Life that you must also look at vigilantly and make those changes that will bring you and your Life into better Harmony with that of PURITY(11) and TRUTH(33).  The Eternal awaits you and the Eternal is there for you, that is the Energy ABSOLUTE(44), when you begin to live your Life in a Purer reflection of the Eternal TRUTH(33) misery and stress begin to dwindle and Life in all of its Splendor becomes your new everyday reality.  

My help to you Brendon is in presenting you with the True Message within your core Numbers which is the One Message to you.   The other Numbers will support this Message in their Meanings, the Message to heed is one of PURITY(11) and of TRUTH(33).  Be always Honest with yourself and with others, be a True reflection of the Person you are, not a distorted image and always Love in Pureness and wholeness of Devotion: do all you can to be Compassionate of Life and others. Embrace Life and it will embrace you back.  

Your Life can turn around for the better Brendon, you must begin to make the changes within yourself first.  

Sincerely Spoken,



Hello again... Merry Christmas.... I had a good christmas by the way... Now more than ever our family seems to be alot more close on both sides and spirits are up for the most part...

I found you'r e-mail and web page very insightfull,  Just to re-cap on a couple of those issues... I have been separated from her for about 1yr and half.... There are some general issues of honestly that i have neglected all sourrounding and in some ways.. the things i have not been honest about are somewhat directly related... more complicated than anything....    I suppose im not sure what i should do at this point... I have been trying to change my life in alot of ways but yet some that i should change i havent and now shut most of the people in my life out because i don't feel like it may be in my best intrests to do so in the firstplace....  which has contributed to my direct suffering...  again thank's for your opinions... and a deffinate suprise on the holliday!....

Merry christmas. thank you

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Number 444, Spiritual Life Guidance, Unification


I have come across your amazing work and am most impressed...

I thus have decided to contact you to ask the significance of always seeing  4 4 4 whenever I look at the watch or clock...This has been happening to me for many months now, and everybody else around me has noticed it happening, too.

What does it mean that I always see these figures: 4 4 4?

Thank you so VERY MUCH for your help.

PS: Is it relevant that I also have lots of very interesting, beautiful dreams these days? Is there any connection?


I`m glad to hear you are having beautiful Dreams, most people are not blessed with such an experience.  There is probably a connection to your Number Awareness and your Dreams, for Numbers are a Communication of Higher Consciousness and Dreams at times may be as well.

I cannot say for certain of the connection between between your Dreams and Number Awareness however but I can with certainty give you the Meaning of the Number 444, you may then be able to better relate to some of the particulars of your Dreams.

There are two elemental components to your Number Awareness, there is that of the 4`s themselves and that of a TRINITY of Numbers.  The TRINITY of Numbers is an auspicious sign, it speaks of Fulfillment of your 3 elemental Life Energies, the Me, your personal/emotional/physical Self, the Be, your active success Achievement driven Self, and the I, your Eternal Spiritual Self.  The Beautiful Dreams you are having may be reflective of this TRINITY of elemental Life Energies that are either in present process of Fulfillment of that may begin their Fulfillment in the near future.  The Ultimate in living Life is living it while all 3 of your Elemental Life Energies are in process of Fulfillment while harmoniously moving as One.  The Fulfillment itself is referred to as UNIFICATION.

Now for your Number 444, this will give you a bit of Guidance to help assure Fulfillment of your 3 elemental Life Energies for of Meaning they breakdown to the following: the Number 4 is HUMILITY(4) and the Number 44 is ABSOLUTE(44). 

HUMILITY(4) is State of Being in which we have elevated ourselves to the point whereby we Know who we are, we feel good of who we are and we do not have the need nor Desire to impress others nor to reduce them for we are the Fullness of who we are and we simply Live it daily.  Our Life speaks of who we are and others listen naturally.

Of Meaning the Number 44 is ABSOLUTE(44): that of the Eternal is ABSOLUTE(44), not ever changing, of Perfection.  We are of Spirit ABSOLUTE(44).  It is through a Conscious Connection of Oneness with the Eternal that Life in all of its Splendor opens up to us: UNIFIACTION becomes our new reality.

Incredibly as well the Meaning of the Number 12 which is 3 fours is FULFILLMENT(12): all comes together in a Magnificent Message of Life Guidance to you.

You are fortunate to have such a  TRINITY of 4`s and happening at the same time as your beautiful Dreams!

Sincerely Yours



Thank you so very, VERY much. You are amazing and your promt email message was very informative. I am most grateful.

A blessed day to you and many thanks.



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