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Most people that become acutely aware of Numbers, for some it is one or two and others many, is usually due to a tragic event in their Life, or an ongoing Life of unfortunate happenings, or due to severe stress because of their lifestyle.  When a Person is under times of intense Personal strain this often forces the  Mind to move beyond the everyday for answers and solutions and opens the Person`s Consciousness up to the Energy of The Eternal: the Numbers that are of a Universal Spiritual Language then begin to speak to them.  It is thanks to the Advent of Thee Trinity Creation, born of the Truth in 1988 that the Person and the World can finally know the True Meaning of these Number Awarenesses, and with this understanding elevate themselves to a Superior way in Life. Once the way of the Person has changed to meet that which is within the Direction given them within their Number Message the acuteness of their Number Awareness naturally fades away.

It is really Miraculous how all of this functions, it is an Intelligence from above that moves the Person from within: this is Thee Trinity Creation.

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Roxanne: Dream Numbers 1011, 1012, Spiritual Guidance


Subject: Numbers in a Dream

Good Morning,

I am in hope that you can interpret numbers in a dream?

I have, not that I remember ever had a dream with numbers in it. I have been trying for a week to figure out what these numbers may mean and I am getting no where.

When I woke up from a dream last week, I remembered the tail end of a dream. I know that I was in the presence of something spiritual, heavenly or sitting with scribes? (I don't know the atmosphere just seemed kinda holy or sacred) and I was reciting numbers, in my dream I could see the numbers as I said them. Also lately when I walk into my bedroom I can smell incense just for a moment then it's gone, I can't identify the incense either and I occasionally burn it.

I think there was a beginning and end to the numbers but I could only remember two of them they were 1011, 1012 and I believe 1011 was not the beginning and 1012 was not the end. I have thought of Bible scriptures but where would I began? There are so many!

I know the numbers mean something, I can feel it...but I just can't figure it out! You seem to be gifted with insight about numbers and there meanings, so I leave my request with you, and a deep appreciation for your wisdom.



Good Morning to you as well Roxanne,

However here it is 6:11 p.m. and there is that beautiful Number 11 once again. Yes I can help you to figure things out, I have been blessed in 1988 with the transformation of my Being into that of Thee Trinity Creation, the irrefutable Numbers Meaning System. Spiritual Communication comes in many forms and up until now Numbers have either been overlooked or misinterpreted.  I am indeed honored to be able to help with your inquiry . Here is the link to the Birth of 'Thee Trinity Creation' which herald in my REBIRTH(25) in TRUTH(33): 'The Event'.

I Love the Number 11, and it is so prevalent in the lives of so many people, numerous email inquiries to me revolve around this Number, incredibly when I received your email and I saw Good Morning I intuitively looked at the time here and it was 6: 11 {p.m}. I will now give you the immutable Meaning of the Number 11 and integrate it with your other Numbers and explain in essence your Dream; you may then relate my generalities to the specifics of your life, or you may choose to share with me added info as to yourself and your life and I can guide you further. The Number 11 is PURITY(11), and it is without a doubt very Spiritual.

We will look now at your complete Numbers: 1011, 1012. The Number 12 in Meaning is FULFILLMENT(12) and is in interpretation strongly related to that of PURITY(11) for it is in PURITY(11) that you can indeed experience True and lasting FULFILLMENT(12) in Life. You have tremendous purpose in Being and purpose in doing when PURITY(11) is your way; no distortion of the Truth, no manipulation of others, just PURITY(11): the Honest, Pure and True reflection of the Person you are. You will also notice a Powerful Spiritual connection to the PURITY(11) that infuses all of Life as you begin to live Greater PURITY(11).


You need not seek out Bible scriptures for the Meaning of these Numbers Roxanne but you must seek out the Truth within yourself and your Life. The TRUTH(33) is the Bible of Eternal Life.

Now for the Number 10  which has shown up in combination with both your Number 11 and Number 12. The Number 10 in Meaning is ORGANIZATION(10) but it may be a bit difficult for me to relate it specifically to you and your Life. I will do my utmost here but please feel free to Communicate with me further if you have more you want to share with me or any other questions or possibly concerns. What I feel is that in order for you to experience this wonderful FULFILLMENT(12) in Life through living greater PURITY(11) the Number 10 is indicating to you to be deliberate in your approach, remain structured both in movement towards and in the maintenance of your PURITY(11). Try not to be too dispersed, focus your attention and Energy on those particulars within yourself and your Life that are in greatest need of transformation to that of Greater PURITY(11). Perhaps there is a conflict that is presently within yourself or in your Life and you are uncertain as to which path to take. Often temptation skews our seeing things in proper perspective for we try to justify doing that which we know is not right, that which is not of PURITY(11). This Dream and these Numbers are urging you Roxanne to always make the Decision of greatest PURITY(11), be True to yourself and to your Life. You want not to reduce the Fullness of the Person you are nor pass up the Opportunity to Know FULFILLMENT(12) in Life. Let PURITY(11) be your guide and FULFILLMENT(12) in Life will be yours, and remain ORGANIZED(10) both in your thinking and in your Action. Stay on path, this is a very Spiritual message to you Roxanne: the Exuberance of Life will shine within you if you remain on your path of PURITY(11).


Purity: when the expression is a True reflection of that which engendered it. 


Your love should thus be.

Sincerely Yours,
Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


Thee Trinity Creation, Sage Eugene

Thank-you so much for your interpretation of the Numbers in my dream. As soon As I started reading your insight on my dream, it felt true! I knew also intuitively what you were telling me was the truth and answer to the Numbers in my dream.

I honestly do not remember ever having a dream with numbers in it, nor was I ever aware of numbers having any interpretation before finding you.

I found your response to be very enlightening indeed...and you mentioned a conflict in my life and you are very right! There is a decision I have been trying to make concerning the rest of my life.

Also, I have for the last couple of years been looking for answers to Life, It's meaning, What I truly believe in. I seem to be looking for something, I feel it is the truth about God. You are helping me along my path!

I feel very honored that you took the time to respond to my request with your words of wisdom. Thank-you very much! I hope in the future if I have more dreams with numbers that you will help me understand their meaning. And it was not morning with I contacted you? I have no idea why I said Good Morning?

On closing my thoughts turn to my birthdate which is the 11 th. There seem to be many 11s involved with me and now I know what they mean, PURITY!

Again, Thank-you so much for the interpretation of 1011-1012



Hi Roxanne,

Thank you so very much for the encouraging email and yes if you should need of me again please feel free to email me.

Sincerely Yours,

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

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----- Original Message -----

From: Marissa

To: Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 3:30 PM

Subject: Wednesday Afternoon

Dear Eugene,

I just finished printing out all of the e-mails you sent me over the past two years. Your words are always encouraging. I was thinking about you alot these past few days....and wondering how your depression is. I feely badly that you have to deal with that. How is Rosalie? How are your children?

I'm doing well. Growing Stronger. Learning to take one day at a time.

I would love to hear from you.




Dear Marissa,

You must have quite a volume of paper in all of those emails, but I feel honored that they remain important to you. My depression for the most part has passed and I`m once again working fervently on my Web Site and answering all incoming emails, and I`m now receiving 2 to 3 Donations per week which is quite good considering I`ve only been re-charged now for a few weeks. People do really LOVE(14) my ability to get to the core of things working through Numbers and always emphasizing TRUTH(33): this is who I AM(47).

I`m pleased you are doing well and growing stronger, it is a slow process the rebuilding of Self particularly if your home and/or work environment are in opposition to this. I`m blessed indeed to have such a Grand wife as Rosalie and 4 really fine boys, although things do get hectic around here at times so I get up around 4:00 am every morning, clean up the house a bit and get to work. I`m sure you can tell by the tone of this email that I`m back in my groove for when I AM(47) I accomplish so much, and so much Goodness. I still have a Vision of making it beyond my Web Site but this is very satisfying to me for the time being. During my depression I began drinking which is in direct opposition to the Numbers 17 and 90, so I knew this had to end and it has been since Sunday that I`ve been alcohol free, my goal being free for LIFE(15). Rosalie has been a tremendous support and she is doing quite well.

If I can assist you in any way Marissa just share with me the particulars and I will guide you as best I can.

This might be asking a lot of you to send me all those emails, but just something to consider. I Personally delete all my emails regularly and would genuinely LOVE(14) to have a copy of our time together. So just consider it, and if you should decide I will here give you my mailing address and phone Number in case you should want to call.

{note to my visitors: I keep this information private until I get to know the Person better.}

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin



You can't imagine how happy I am to hear from you. To here your honesty...and to know that you are working on your website again. I am so very happy to hear from you......I am at work right will

e-mail you more this evening. I am grateful for you and your family....

bye for now dear friend....



----- Original Message -----

From: Marissa

To: Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 6:31 AM

Subject: Friday Morning

Good Morning Eugene,

I'm still and early morning Riser.....I always have so much energy in the mornings.

I'll be glad to send the e-mails to you. I printed a bunch out through my old e-mail address, and I still have all of my e-mails through this e-mail address so I will work on getting that done when things aren't so hectic at work and I have time to print them. Your words have always been a tremendous help.

It is 5:13 a.m. right now. I just called my sister.....and she tells me how unhappy she she longs for her marriage to be a good marriage. Eugene, do you think a person can change a bad marriage into a good one?

She picked a man that is just like our father....controling through silence. Her husband wants her where he wants her and when he wants her. But I believe that he is controlling because he refuses to be controlled. I won't say anymore about that.

Guess I'm learning that it really does no good to complain about a situation if that is what one is choosing. And I've learned that prayer is not so much it is listening. The Bible says that our Father already knows what it is we want and why do we have to ask? But once again....God needs us to be still and you think that is so?

I am so glad that you were clear to see that the drinking was taking you down a different path than you wanted to go. I'm more grateful that you shared that with me. I drink wine.....and for a while....would drink to dull the pain.....but realized that too much wine is unhealthy. I try to be aware of when and why I drink.

The thing that is on my heart most.....that I will tell you about is David. He married last month... I haven't spoken to him in about 5 weeks. In the last five years....we've always talked....and mostly because I call him.....I was the 'chaser' in our relationship....I was the talker....the wanter....the leader.....the teller. He told me that he would always love m e...and that we would always need to talk about our children....but I just have chosen not to contact hurts too much.

All through out our marriage....I tried to get what I needed from him....and couldn't....and maybe it was there...and he just couldn't express it. But anyway....these past 5 weeks have been tremendously difficult. I feel my heart hurt. I miss him.

He told me once about 6 months ago.....about this movie he saw with Robin Williams....where his wife commits suicide....and Robin Williams character goes to 'Hell' and back to save her. David said he cried when he watched that movie....because he saw me and 'hell' and didn't come and save me. I needed David to save me....Does all of that make sence to you Eugene...

Anyway....we are both married to different people now. and life goes on. I can certainly say that I'm a stronger person now. And somethings can only be learned through suffering.

There is this scripture that was given to me...Jeremiah 29:11....and I read the whole chapter from time to time.....That Scripture was given to me by my youngest daugther on 2-9-11......and there are other significant things about it.... If you get a chance, read it and let me know what you read...what you hear from it.

I don't know what I've learned about relationships...or communicating....or giving or receiving....but I do know one thing.......I love David very deeply.....he is my heart....and nothing will ever change that. I was just always so resentful and angry at him in our marriage for not giving me what I needed. He felt punished in our marriage....and I felt alone.

I always wonder if he has these same feelings for me.

Do you think he knows my heart Eugene?

I'm so grateful for you friend. Are you still getting prepared for trouble in the near future?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Love very sincerely,


P.s. Wonderful news....I have a beautiful new grandaughter....She is precious!


Dear Marissa,

We are both early risers, I was up today at 4:15, but this is when I can get my best work done because the house is asleep and it gets quite busy once the two older boys get up and I prepare them for School, and then the other two arise shortly after.

I Am Truly Happy for you Marissa in the birth of another Granddaughter, I have no Grandchildren that I`m aware of, there is only one possibility that my Daughter from my first Marriage, Melanee, may have been Married and might have a child, but I have no contact with her what-so-ever. I needed to make a crucial DECISION(21) 10 years ago, and that was to choose between my daughter or my wife to be, Rosalie. I have no regrets for the DECISION(21) I`ve made because Rosalie has been everything I Imagined a wife and Marriage should be, but I suffered much pain at the complete disconnection with my Daughter for she was very close to me throughout our time together, which was from birth to age 15.

Life always seems to present us with very difficult Decisions, and the worst is to be indecisive, which I was notorious for prior to my Awakening back in 1988. I have perceived within yourself the suffering you have and still do endure with your Marriage break-up which forces you into a mode of indecisiveness within yourself, even though externally you may make tough Decisions. I know suffering and emotional pain deeply, and my Heart has always been with you Marissa, and my Guidance to help you move forward, but this can be very difficult for certain.

Even if you still LOVE(14) David very much, and always will you need to continually move forward in LIFE(15) for to hold on to a memory of what was or could have been, or a fantasy of what could still be just causes your anguish to fester within yourself weakening your wholeness of Self causing you to always question yourself within, essentially indecisiveness. I might speak the words but I realize your emotions remain extremely strong so please do not let anything I say have you feel bad about yourself, just see this as a little input from me to you in full sincerity.

I`m very thankful you will be able to mail me our full email time together for it remains very special to myself as well.

I will do my utmost to read the Scripture you have indicated, I`m sure there is a lot of WISDOM(77) therein contained. It is not important to see God as wanting us to listen, Pray or ask of Him, rather see God as wanting you to be the Fullness of the Person you can be even though you may have suffered tremendously. God wants us to be whole and of TRUTH(33) so that we may join Him in ETERNAL LIFE(86). And once again I will share with you the defining of TRUTH(33), however this time I want you to realize the vital importance of the word "Sanctity" for it is core to the defining.


Remain whole and in fullness of character Marissa, this is God`s wish.

You are now Married, David is now Married, please try your utmost to allow him to move down his twisted path and you down yours, for suffering can twist us and twist our sense of right DECISION(21) making. However you can un-twist, respect your present Marriage and do your utmost to leave what was behind you behind you for you cannot see where you are going if you are continually looking backwards, and may continually trip up. When it is a bad Marriage it is extremely difficult to turn it into a good Marriage for the underlying elements that make it a bad Marriage always seem to remain even though we may try to make it bettter for awhile. I`ve been through two horrible Marriages and there was not anything I could do to make any lasting changes for the better, so I was forced to eventually divorce both of these women.

I must share this with you, for I KNOW of its TRUTH(33). Many years ago I had a very Powerful Spiritual Movement, which are always Prophetic in nature, that indeed there would be a Nuclear Event that would trigger horrific suffering and take the lives of so very many. In fact if you look at the World right now as a whole it seems like so many Countries are building more Powerful missiles, many with Nuclear warheads, that can reach further than ever before and so many of these Countries essentially have their Missiles pointed at one another ready to fly, in case. World War Two took many more lives than World War One, just as World War Three will take many more lives than World War Two, simply because there are more bombs than ever pointed at each other and they are more Powerful than ever, particularly with many Countries having Nuclear Capability. It is even possible that within this very year the first Nuclear Missile will be fired unto another Country causing a haze of Nuclear Missiles flying through the skies which will herald in World War Three. I have had Seven Prophetic Dreams that fully support my Spiritual Movement, perhaps Iran will the flash-point getting it all started.

I cannot say with certainty by whom or when this will occur for in True Prophesy rarely is there a defining of the particulars, this is how "seeing" into the Future really works, but I can say with certainty that what I have spoken will occur. We best be on the right side of God when this begins, and to understand and live TRUTH(33) is to live on in Eternity in Oneness with God.

In TRUTH(33) and LOVE(14),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I will continue to look forward. I will write you more later....



p.s. Eugene....what is the 'right side of God'?


Dear Marissa,

The 'right side of God' is simply another way of saying do what pleases Him most, which is living TRUTH(33), the same Message Jesus gave the World over two thousand years ago, although He phrased things differently suited to His time frame. The World however has lost Its way, TRUTH(33) is in rarity right now so the World needs to be re-aligned to TRUTH(33), this is the very Mission bequeathed me on the Eventful evening of August 25, 1988.

"TRUTH(33 will set you free" are words Jesus spoke and in Meaning TRUTH(33) will free you up from the negativities within yourself and transform your evil deeds and ways into those of Goodness. Once a Person is thus freed the gates of ETERNAL LIFE(86) are open to him or her to live on in Conscious Oneness with THE CREATOR(46), God, in BLISS(B) forever more. The Person has defeated death just as Jesus defeated His death on the cross. Once you defeat death, there is no dying just a transformation from body into Eternal SPIRIT(30). Therefore the best way to prepare for any devastation or anything else for that matter is to do His way, which is indeed living TRUTH(33).

It is all so very simple, Jesus Knew this, but so very difficult to have people understand and change their ways.  There are those who will die in their sins, they are the Ones that need fear death, not the Children of God who are those of genuine TRUTH(33).

In TRUTH(33),

Eugene (M)


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----- Original Message -----

Subject: 3111

Master Sage Eugene,

I recently visited your website and was fascinated by the information you provided.  I had a dream with the number 3111 in it and was wondering if you could provide some insight into the meaning the number represents.



Hi Amy,  

I realize it has been some time since you sent me this email but I was not able to answer my emails due to some financial issues that overwhelmed me for a while. I`m now back.   I like to interpret dreams with Numbers in them most however since all you have shared with about your Dream is a Number I will have to keep it rather general emphasizing the Meaning of the Number in themselves.  

Since you are looking at a four digit Number it would break down as follows for this particular interpretation: 31,11.  Perhaps in your Dream there was a lot of activity happening and somehow your PURITY(11) as a Person became emphasized, this may somehow be connected to some type of giving that may have been taking place {CHARITY(31)} and HONESTY(13) in all likelihood may have presented itself.????  


I`m sorry for being so vague Amy but I Am trying to Create a probable Dream scenario based upon just your Number(s) so please be patient with me.  

Yours Truly,

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


Master Sage Eugene,

Thank you for answering my email.  I appreciate receiving that information.  Yes, the dream was  about a connection and honesty played an important role.  I joined a spirit circle and my partner in the circle was in the dream.  She was, in the dream, ordering cups for a business she was opening (although I know of no business in reality) and the bill was $3,111.  However, the numbers, I felt, were the important message as well as the sharing of information regarding our new relationship.

Thank you for shedding light.  It does make more sense now.  Many thanks!



__________________________ _________________________

"Living has become so very complex within today's Society only few ever experience Fulfillment in Life."


__________________________ ___________________________



Living Your TOTALITY(T) of  Self;

Living Your TOTALITY(T) of Self 


THE WAY(36) unto




----- Original Message -----

From: Hank

To: Master Sage Josep Eugen Morin

Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2012 6:36 AM

Subject: 2:52

Could you explain to me what 2:52 could mean? Thanks so much!!



Hi Hank,

Your Number 2:52 is a unique one indeed for the Number 52 in Life Meaning is FAITH(52) which is with reference to having FAITH(52) in yourself and in what you want to accomplish in LIFE(15).

The Number 2 is PROCREATION(2), having children which is core to LIFE(15) Itself particularly within a loving ongoing relationship. The connection between the Number 2 and 52 are very clear to me but I cannot say if this is within your present day Vision of LIFE(15).

In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


Thank you so much Master Sage Eugene.

I have another question for you. 602 and 622 have been brought to my attention. I have one lady in my life who I see as the one I will marry and start a family with. I am Motivation (6) is one of these, but my question is whether PROCREATION (2) refers to the act of me motivating my lady, or does it call for me to become motivated about the act of PROCREATION itself? Thanks again.



Dear Hank,

I`m glad to hear from you again. When it comes to PROCREATION(2) there is a definite act involved Unifying your body with another whom you LOVE(14) and she Loves you, but most importantly PROPCREATION(2) refers to having a Child or Children together has an extension of your LOVE(14), whereby you both contribute to Creating this New Unique LIFE(15). Preferably Marriage comes first.

The Number 22 is STIMULATION(22) with reference to exciting the senses which in itself is a very important element of Human LIFE(15), but you must do your utmost to choose the STIMULATION(22) which will give you pleasure in the moment but not take from you, or another, any pieces of your Wholeness of Self in the long run. Make sure your STIMULATION(22) is Wholesome for yourself and if another is involved for them as well.

MOTIVATION(6) in reference to PROCREATION(2) should be a very natural element of GROWTH(65) within the relationship whereby you both want to bring a Child of yours into the World, and be prepared to nurture that Child to bring out the Fullness of his or her full Potential of Self.

The Number 60 is INSPIRATION(60), which is a Creative extension of MOTIVATION(6) and the Number 62 is MODERATION(62), no need to rush anything, simply let things unfold naturally while guiding your way unto the FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) you both seek.


Everything within 'Thee Trinity Creation' works in Unison through the Spiritual Language of LIFE(15) Numbers whose very core is TRUTH(33).


In TRUTH(33),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

Master Sage Eugene,

Thank you once again, I see it all so clearly now.


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Subject: Very important question from a random reader...     Crystal, Number 333


I was wondering if I could contact Crystal, the woman who talked about the significance of 333, I have the exact same story as her. When I say exact, I mean exact. I think it would be amazing to e-mail her.  

Please e-mail me back if you get this.  




I`m sorry but I do not ever give out any email addresses.  

Master Sage Joseph M

Subject: Hi Sage Joseph

Is there any insight you have on this topic?

I read the blog entry 3 years ago while I was waking up at 333 every night. Now, to this day, I still always see the number. Two years ago,when I was a college freshman I actually woke up at 333 and it felt like someone was watching me, it was very scary... Then I felt an overwhelming urge to find out the meaning immediatley and I found your site. At the time your site was further down when I did a google search,
now it is the first.

It hadn't been on my mind as much for the past two years, but iam now up in the north east visiting family for the holiday and my aunt just reminded me of it. I told her about it also when the strange things started happenning.



Hi Jim,

Yes Jim I have a lot of insight on the topic of 333, it has really grown into quite a phenomenon. On my home page there are numerous Communications dealing with the exact same
Number, 333. You may be quite interested in the conversation I have with Melly {Upon Us}, in fact I gave her the link to the page whereby I have my discussion with Crystal.

In brief, as I`m sure you already know by now, 333 of Meaning is THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33) which is the Celestial Communication of 1988: Thee Trinity Creation was born into the World.  This is the only Meaning, if others speak of 333 saying anything other than what I just spoke they do not know what they are talking about. This I Am sure of.

Master Sage Joseph M

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