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The Universal Spiritual Language

  The Mind is capable, particularly at times of heightened stimulation or duress, of skipping beyond the thoughts and consciousness of the everyday to the spontaneous level of Enlightenment whereby the Universal Spiritual Language of Life Numbers begins Communicating to the Person.  It is the Miraculous Event that occurred on the eve of August 25, 1988 that brought to the Person and the World the True Meaning of their Numeric Communication, and with this an enhanced understanding of Life.

It is really Miraculous how all of this functions, it is an Intelligence from above that moves the Person from within: this is Thee Trinity Creation.


Thee Trinity Creation is my REBIRTH(25) into the Living TRUTH(33)!

Master Sage Joseph M


Subject: Fw: I Believe God Wants You to Know

Waltch says:

A leader is not one who says, "Follow me." A leader is one who says, "I'll go first." You've been given a vote of confidence by Heaven! Are you ready to lead, here on earth?

You've been saying for a long time that you wished to serve. You elected yourself. So celebrate this grand moment, and now, take office! And by your good offices, may your world be served.

Let me know what you think...  


Dearest Melissa,  

Words that sound good but without a strong foundation to go forth upon you will not be a leader. This is more of a new age approach, it puts the emphasis on the Person that they can be whatever they want just by seeing themselves as being able to, but that is not the formula however.  That approach is presently widespread because it sounds good, looks easy, and perhaps in the moment it works.  But as soon as the Person faces an obstacle they will instantly fall back unto their weaker patterns of Self for they have not built a foundation of STRENGTH(18), and this foundation of STRENGTH(18) that I speak about is none other that TRUTH(33): this is who I AM(47), this why I AM(47), and this is why my Mission will not be an easy one for I will speak openly against those out there that have distorted the TRUTH(33) to their own selfish advantage.  

So this individual is taking the easy profitable common path of freeing the Person, but it is of very little worth in reality.  However if you can take these little messages and enjoy them, see them for what they are, and remain in connection to me for I have from the start helped you to become the Full Person you innately are Melissa by helping and guiding you to free yourself from within, and from oppressive elements on the outside. My method and the real COMPASSION(41) I feel for you will build within you a strong foundation so that when trouble hits you will not instantly return to your old patterns of behavior, instead you will apply your newly developed STRENGTH(18) of Self and WISDOM(77) in LIFE(15) so as to make the most fruitful Decisions.  

I really care for you Melissa, I will here give you the link to my entire e-Manuscript 2999 Everlasting ------ {a lot of really good LIFE(15) WISDOM(77) therein contained} and I will mail you out my Book, the original Creation which is the Communication of 1988, and a few cards of "33 Truths of the Everyday."  These are valuable guidelines in living TRUTH(33) everyday, however I understand that within today`s confusing and complex Society a Person may not be able to follow all of them, that is fine as long as they use the following as the underlying support of their choices and Decisions in LIFE(15):  

"THE SANCTITY OF INTELLIGENT HUMAN LIFE SUPERSEDES ALL ELSE."  We can talk more on this later if you wish.  

Anyway those are my True observations.

Master Sage Joseph M     


Subject: numbers question


I came across your web site when searching for answers regarding strings of numbers that I am becoming more conscious of.

I went through a divorce earlier this year but not by my choosing. Nebraska is a no-fault state and I didn’t have any say in the matter. I lost everything but I love my family and am open to reconciliation. My ex-wife seems very unsure that she made the right decision and has indicated that she has a potential interest in reconciling possibly at some point in the future but is not sure. She is very stubborn and has a lot of pride.

Anyway, that’s kinda the background but I have been having the number 44, 444, 555, 222, 333, 777 put in front of me lately. Perhaps its just that I am more aware of them now than before, but is driving me crazy trying to figure out what it all means. I have been to Psychics and they can’t even tell me. I’ve prayed about it and asked my angel but the numbers just keep repeating and I just get more confused/frustrated.

It started a few months ago with the series 222. Then kinda progressed to the 444, then 44, and now I see trios of numbers all the time. Usually when I am driving and contemplating my lot in life. Or I wake up and its something:44 on the clock, or on the clock in the car etc. if you need more information, please let me know.

Please help. If you can, would you please drop me an e-mail with an answer if you would like to help me.

Thank you,


Hi Dave,

I truly Love those sets of three Numbers. The very basis of Thee Trinity Creation`s New World Numerology is that of three, hence Trinity. In fact there are groups of three Numbers that form the basis of Powerful themes that run throughout Thee Trinity Creation. Immediately what jump out at me are your 3`s, your 5`s and your 7`s, however all of the groups speak to me clearly and loudly and as a whole one congruent message.

I can feel for what you are going through, I have been through two divorces and even though they were of my choice the emotional and financial pain I suffered were tremendous. I now have the wife that I had been searching for all my Life and we have begun a new family. Anyway on with your strings of Numbers.

Generally speaking psychics are not well learned in such matters, and in particular I have been blessed with this incredible Creation; it will in time revolutionize the World of present day Numerology, Thee Trinity Creation is indeed the only True Numbers meaning System: there is no other like it in the World.

I`m glad that you are praying, although you may not get exactly want in your prayers there is a connection being formed to a Power of Greater dimension and inevitably  good things come to be. Keep up your praying, within Thee Trinity Creation prayer is a Powerful State of Being indeed and its number is 9, a multiple of three: PRAYER(9). Its Sacred Geometry Symbol incorporates three triangles. YES the three`s, it is very interesting that these are coming to you and their message is Powerful indeed.  You see these strings of Numbers are attempting to give you Direction(5) in Life(15) and you have come to me, Thee Trinity Creation, which will give you their True meaning. Your message will be clearly Known to you. 

We will start with the 3`s (333). Three is representative of THE SYSTEM(3) itself {Thee Trinity Creation) and 33 is its reason for Being which is TRUTH(33).  Within the logo itself the Number 33 is very visible as the mirror image of ee. The TRUTH(33) will most certainly set you free of this pain you are in, hence this group of Numbers is reinforcing that fact. You are here to discover THE TRUTH(33) of your Numeric message and encouraged to eventually live such TRUTH(33). The 7`s(777) reinforce this Beautifully; they are of FREEDOM(7) and WISDOM(77). FREEDOM(7) within oneself must be accomplished through the accumulation and experience of WISDOM(77).  This is why you have been Directed to me. Life is meant to be lived in TRUTH(33) and the way to realize this is through WISDOM(77): this will give you true FREEDOM(7) within yourself which frees you up from your emotional pain and allows you to see clearly your path in Life: now here come the 5`s(555). In particular the Number 5 itself it is indicative of DIRECTION(5). You are deep within yourself seeking DIRECTION(5) in Life and these streams of Numbers are presenting you with that. It is truly AMAZING(55) the Power of the Eternal Energy that underlies all of Life. So there are your 3`s, 5`s and 7`s. Now it all comes together when we look at the 2`s(222) and the 4`s(444). The 2`s represent child bearing and children in general. YES I know you Love your family and although you did not speak of children directly I believe there are children involved and YES you must keep your Love strong and alive for them; they need you more than ever and deep within themselves there is nothing more they would like to see than for their Mother and Father to be back together again. I cannot say presently if this will happen but I can say to try is certainly the right thing to do. So yes the 2`s, PROCREATION(2) and one of the greatest stimulants in LIfe is that of having children, hence STIMULATION(22). And finally the 4`s(444), they speak of HUMILITY(4); pride may be a good characteristic to have but HUMILITY(4) is indeed superior. HUMILITY(4): to see yourself as you truly are and to be able to admit to your mistakes and be willing to make amends, not in some grand show off way, but simply to Live and speak THE TRUTH(33). Be true to yourself and there is no need to shout it, people will intuitively connect to the true Person you are. So remember HUMILITY(4), I believe it can be stronger than your wife`s pride which presently may be causing a barrier to her seeing and living THE TRUTH(33) and to the reunion of your Family. You must be the Strength(18) she needs and the Strength(18) that can re-unite your family, but remember TRUTH(33) and HUMILITY(77). Try to be ABSOLUTE(44) in your TRUTH(33) and in your HUMILITY(4), in other words do not project something that you are not in order to have others see what you think they would like to see in you. Be True to yourself and live THE TRUTH(33), TRUTH(33) in itself is indeed ABSOLUTE(44).

This has been quite a Powerful message and now you Know what DIRECTION(5) it is attempting to give you, perhaps there may be more Numbers following but I can say with certainty those messages will support and add to what you have already been given, all of your Numbers are of one message: THE TRUTH(33).




Thanks. But I now have the question of "why Me?" and why doesn't this happen to other people? I don't know anyone who sees 444 or 44 all the time like I do, but then again I never really go around asking either.

The other day I was drawn to a "234" on the back on a service truck for some reason. I mean it didn't mean anything to me, it was just there in front of me at a stop light, so I kept looking at it. Today I saw a "111" on a license plate coming at me while I was again thinking about my wife and the situation. How do I know when there is a message involved or if its just another license plate, if you know what I mean.

Also, where are these "messages" coming from? I have another question. My address is 2874 there is also some other significance in the street name and my apt letter as it's the name and initial of my deceased brother in law, but I was wondering if the numbers meant anything. I have felt his presence quite a bit since this all started last Spring.

Would knowing my and my wife's birthdays do anything? Mine is 3/8/61 and hers 12/29/63 if that helps. And yes there are 4 small children involved.

Sorry for so many questions, but it's fascinating. I also was told that "444" meant that angels were around you. Any truth to that?



Hi David,

It is nice to hear from you again and I sincerely hope things work out for you. I will begin by answering your question: Also, where are these “messages” coming from? You see as Humans we are truly a unique part of the total creation for we are not only of the physical such as animals but we are of the Spiritual as well, or another way of saying it is that we are of MIND. In our everyday Life(15) we rarely connect to our higher centers of Being unless we Meditate daily or partake of something similar on a regular, possibly daily basis. This lack of connection to the Spiritual Realm is due to the extreme busyness of our everyday Life(15). We are consumed as a provider and as a consumer. The world of Marketing wants you to be firmly stuck within the World of the everyday living for this is where we spend most of our money which of course provides the Industry with the revenue they are looking for. The vicious cycle continues: work harder and longer and buy more. You can readily see under such conditions unless the Person takes a really concerted effort to rise above the everyday he is blocked of from the Amazing(55) and Beautiful World of the Spiritual. Quite often under times of duress, perhaps similar to what you are going through, our everyday World gets shattered and we begin looking for a deeper meaning to Life and what is True Happiness(34). In the process we begin to open up to the higher aspects of existence, hence we become more connected to the World of MIND, or that of the Spiritual. When this happens we begin to see and understand things better than ever before and the means of such COMMUNICATION(48) can be varied indeed but one method is that of Numbers. The Numbers are speaking to you because you are connecting to a higher source of ENERGY(99) whereby the Knowledge and Wisdom(77) that you seek become little by little known to you. It all depends how you approach this new avenue of Knowledge and how you apply it that can create a deeper understanding of Life. These messages are coming from a higher source of ENERGY(99), one that you can connect to because as a Person you have that inherent connection to Mind. These messages are coming to you from this connection you now have, it was always there but blocked by the trials and tribulations of everyday living. Numbers are the vehicle of this COMMUNICATION(48) you are having Dave.

Thee Trinity Creation was born out of such a Powerful connection to the Eternal, in my time of extreme duress the Universe opened up to me and thus Thee Trinity Creation was born: that is why I know this is the TRUTH(33), and the Number language of THEE Trinity Creation is right on. There may be other systems out there of Numbers Meaning but this is the only True one, there is no other like it in the World. So it is not a case of why you, however I myself questioned similarly as Thee Trinity Creation began to unfold within me, but rather due to the unique personal characteristics you have and your Life(15) conditions it could not be anyone other than you. There are others as well that connect to the Eternal Energy(99) but you are the only one that connects to it in your own very unique way.

So you will discover that although it appears as though your number recognition is random it is not at all, the reason you think it is is because you are not accustomed to this new avenue of Knowledge. Every Number that comes to you, and every Number that you "look at" is a congruent COMMUNICATION(48) of Eternal proportions. It all fits.

Now for your 234, again this speaks to you as did your other numbers, it is saying to you that you path unto HAPPINESS(34) is through your Love to your children and their Love(14) to you {remember 2, PROCREATION(2)in a last set of numbers you shared with me: of children.} So 234, of children, your children and HAPPINESS(34): they are inextricably linked. And yes you have 4 children, remember in HUMILITY(4) you can be your greatest self, and that TRUTH(33) is ABSOLUTE(44).

Now with the 3 ones, you said it yourself, you were thinking about your Wife and your situation. This message is giving Direction for you once again, (111): 1 is FUN(1) and 11 is PURITY(11). Yes we can have FUN(1) in Life but let be in alignment with Truth which is one with PURITY(11). 111 is telling you to have FUN(1) in Life but based on a PURITY(11) of Being, and of course of Love. No "head games" just the true you, and intent that is Pure .

Thee is no TRUTH(33) to the belief that someone 444 means there are Angels around you, those that say this express their lack of understanding to the Higher Order COMMUNICATION(48) of Numbers. The only TRUTH(33) to Numbers Meaning is that of Thee Trinity Creation.

Your house Numbers, this jumps out to me as with any set of Numbers in single and double digits. The 2 is of course PROCREATION(2), the 87 DETERMINATION(87) and of course the 4 is HUMILITY(4). Remember I said to you that there is only one message being given to you but expressed through different Numbers. So 2874, with DETERMINATION(87) you are to pursue the Happiness that lies within the Love of you and your children {PROCREATION(2)} but done in HUMILITY(4).

And finally for your date of birth: 3 is with reference to the Trinity and THE SYSTEM(3) of Numbers that will guide you to the Truth, 8 is GREAT(8), you are your Greatest when living Truth, you are indeed GREAT(8), and 61: this is where the greatest SATISFATION(61) in Life rest. The Greatest of living is experienced through you living the Fullness of the Person you are: no false images just the True you. This is not easy by no means because so very few people live the TRUTH(33), but you have the Opportunity to tread down that path.

Your wife`s Date of Birth: 12: 12 ia FULFILLMENT(12) in Life, and 29 is PEACE(29). She Desires FULFILLMENT(12) in life just as we all do but for her she is looking primarily for PEACE(29). She wants to live a Life of PEACE(29). This infers a Life of less stress, less arguing and more United Understanding and Decision making. She wants PEACE(29) in Life, and you are being guided to the TRUTH(33) which is indeed living a Life of greater PEACE(29). You can see how everything fits together, and how deep down inside she wants what you want, however the stresses of everyday living and the different approaches to a same end causes lots of conflict and hence PEACE(29) and quite often TRUTH(33) are not to be found. So she looks for a solution, and she believes that a drastic change in her environment would be best towards her living greater PEACE(29)... This is not right, the change has to happen within each of you and with a mutual respect and understanding of one another. You both want the same, and the children want it as well, you see everybody within your Family wants the same thing, PEACE(29) and TRUTH(33) in Life which will undoubtedly lead to more HAPPINESS(34), FULFILLMENT(12) and SATISFACTION(61). THE WORD(63) is given, you should now do something with it. Learn to appreciate and Love one another with a respect of one another`s unique Total self. The message is given, the reality rests with your Actions in mutual respect with your wife`s Actions.


I sent you another email and then went back to your website and was reading abit more. I came across the #14. I was married on 12/14/91! A psychic had said that my wife and I were soul mates? Could the date of our wedding (the 14 th ) have anything to do with this etc. Thanks,



Hi Dave,

I just sent you out an email explaining those numbers to you and incredibly I spoke of Love... Yes LOVE(14) is the Energy that animates all of LIfe(15). When you look at all the Numbers of your marriage you have: 12, FULFILLMENT(12), 14 LOVE(14) and 91 VICTORY(91). The Greatest FULFILLMENT(12) in Life is through the experience of deep and True LOVE(14), this is the VICTORY(91) of Living. You, your wife and your children are meant to be united, I rarely speak of soul Mates but I will say you and your Wife are a Beautiful Union of two people that should last for Life, and even on to Eternity. If you can rise above the less important of everyday you can have the most important in Life: LOVE(14) in TRUTH(33).



Thanks Eugene . That's really pretty incredible I must say. So, my wedding day was meant to happen on that day I guess you're saying? So, taking into account everything that you are saying what should I do besides being myself? I'm not angry with her but I love her so much and the yes the rejection hurts, but I too feel that even if I wanted to move on I am being prevented from doing so for some reason. I have been given many many signs referring to her which lead me to believe that God has more in store for us but I am not sure what to do other than what you have told me.

IS there any way I could get a possible timeframe for all this through the numbers? I know that sounds awfully selfish but I miss my family so much. I'm sure you understand. Thanks again for all your insight and responses.



Hi Dave,


Sorry but there will not be a time frame given, this I can say with certainty for I so wanted a time Frame when Thee Trinity Creation was Created in me as to when the prophecy of Dawn 1999 was to be Fulfilled. The events and FULFILLMENT(12) as described within Dawn 1999 are indeed happening but I so wanted a time frame.  I realize now of course when the Eternal works within the transient it supercedes our understanding of time. Yes your LOVE(14) is strong and your Desire focused so now within the frame work of being True and a purer reflection of yourself try and re-open a COMMUNICATION(48) with your wife. The solution must lie with both of you, I have no doubt that she would like to see you back but of course she is unsure. You must re-assure her in words and of Action. Ultimately if you are to succeed at re-uniting your Family you must first begin by opening up a COMMUNICATION(48) that is not stress filled and argumentative. When you get together to talk try and have it just you and your wife, maybe out to supper or something and really listen to what she wants in Life. Then you can support in her wants while at the same time including the benefits of being together and how it may actually contribute to her FULFILLMENT(12) in Life and to her HAPPINESS(34). Remember she Desires PEACE(29) so try and make your get together's peaceful ones and filled with respect. Listen, listen, listen and really understand what she is saying and how she is feeling. It is her knowing that you truly understand her feelings that she will open up to you and in time these conversations may very well lead to you getting back together.

I realize emotions run high and you both made some major errors I`m sure, try not to think so much as to what went wrong rather try and shift things to Living what is right.
I believe you can do it, you must believe you can. Always listen ten times more than what you speak, she needs to confide in someone and let that someone be you. Your wife is suffering but she may try to hide it because of her pride, she may very much want you back but she may override this Desire(34) because of her pride once again. You be of understanding and in HUMILITY(4) support her on what she is going through, good things can happen but you must first open up a regular COMMUNICATION(48) with her, one of PEACE(29) and TRUTH(33).



Thanks so much Eugene . Everything sounds on track and its amazing how much insight you have provided on the brief information I have given you! You are right on track and I don't know how you did it but I am glad I asked you. I was wondering, how when you see a set of numbers be it 234 or anything else, do you decide what numbers are the single digits and what are the double digit ones. (i.e. 234 could be 23/4 or 2/34)?

My numbers seem to come to me on either a digital clock or license plates (its weird I know) but how do I know which ones to look at or which ones carry the message. Or, since you've now deciphered my message will I get a different message of more of the same? What should I be on the lookout for now that you have explained things to me?

As for Communication with my wife, I am trying and its hard because I hate to hang out my heart again only to possibly get it trampled upon once again since I am not really over the first beating it got this Spring. But I know that its something I must do I guess. When we speak I try to be pleasant and not confrontational but she still has a lot of anger inside I think that comes out every so often. I don't respond to it but rather walk away or end the conversation politely. I am wondering if she is angry because she sees now that her choice was possibly the wrong one and has put her in a worse situation? Like you said, she has expressed that she wants to possibly try but she wants to go in "baby steps" as she referred to us. That is very hard because I am so impatient and would just like to tell her to wake up and see that things will be Ok but she has to trust that it will. I think she is afraid to be vulnerable again but I tell her that if anyone should worry it should be me since I was the one who got hurt the most in the divorce. I don't know, but I do want to make my family work and hopefully be remarried to my wife, but how will I know if/when its time to move on if things aren't working? Will I get a different set of numbers or message?

Like I said, I think I am supposed to wait on her for the time being and while its hard, I don't really want to date or be with anyone else. Yes, its lonely but I am learning a lot about myself and who I am. I hope the separation is allowing her to do the same maybe. Anyway, thanks again for your help. BTW what is the 1999 thing you are talking about? Are we in for something prophetic to happen anytime soon? I feel that the world is a way different place the past few years and seems to be getting worse. Its also seems like there is a polarization of peoples (light bearers and worldly folks). That's just my take.

I also don't know if I told you this but ever since my divorce was final in May, I have been having lighthouse images/symbols put in front of me all the time and in the most unusual places. Again these are not of my doing but synchronistically appear right in front of me it seems. What could this be all about and could it be related to the message. I feel that they are linked but again I am do dumb to this stuff to put the two together.




Hi Dave,

Thanks a lot for you kind words Dave. Whenever I look at Numbers I never assume in advance of how they will speak to me, I simply allow myself to move into a somewhat Transcendent State and suddenly they express themselves in unique combinations of single and double digits all according to the Numeric Language of  Thee Trinity Creation. In terms of a message there will only be one but there may be different expression of Numbers supporting the one Message.  You may see Numbers speak to you anytime, anywhere.  They will be giving you DIRECTION(5) in Life and reflecting the True you. You will come to know yourself better and you will eventually get more SATISFACTION(61) in Life. You need not actually be on the lookout for Numbers, they simply will present themselves to you.  The Numbers are the vehicle in which the Message is given, the Message is of the Eternal TRUTH(33). WISDOM(77) in LIFE(15) does not come easy but WISDOM(77) once gained it is not ever lost. The best place to start the flow of WISDOM(77) to your consciousness is to see yourself for the True person you are, and then eventually live that Person. No hidden agendas, no ulterior Motives, just the TRUTH(33) and LOVE(14) will be your guide.

Your phrase "its hard because I hate to hang out my heart again only to possibly get it trampled upon once again" is reflecting what we have already spoken of within your Number messages.  Remember HUMILITY(4), although you do have a fear of getting hurt once again you are also attempting to hold on to your Pride.  I know it can be very disheartening when we are the one rejected. I had my share of rejections in the earlier part of my Life, but try and rise above your fear and beyond your Pride.  This will work best for you.  Also when you say: I don't respond to it but rather walk away or end the conversation politely you are indeed responding to it by attempting to remove yourself from the situation.  Let her express herself and try to understand and support in her anger, difficult indeed but this is the way.  In fact you touched on a very good point when you said: I am wondering if she is angry because she sees now that her choice was possibly the wrong one and has put her in a worse situation? That is very Wise of you to see this, and because she has such pride she wants the baby steps.  I must admit that she is probably correct in her Desire(34) of a slow getting together again. In fact if you really want to move things in a positive DIRECTION(5) forget about getting back together and just focus on Being together, and listening.  Do not think of moving on, it will work against you.  There is no rush to move on, focus on understanding and respect. As difficult as it may seem stay with rebuilding the relationship: have some time together, you can take her out, and help her build the Trust that she so Desires.  Perhaps your anger gets in the way of things, that is certainly understandable, just be aware of yourself.

No doubt the Lighthouses and symbols will be speaking of the same message:  DIRECTION(5) in Life would probably be the lighthouse} and the symbols would support your overall message.  The message is simple indeed, to Know yourself, to live that Knowing and to base everything on TRUTH(33) and in PURITY of LOVE(14). Easy but at times very difficult to live.  Stay Persevering and good things will come to you.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ll do my best at following your guidance. I will be hard to just be her friend when I want to hold her and be so much more but I guess a friend is better than nothing at this point. At least it’s a start I s’pose. My problem is that I still feel “married” every time I see her. I don’t let her see anything but a confident man, but I still want to be her husband deep inside and her – my wife. Why not just go out with someone else and put it all behind me. I know that she is jealous when I mention that I might be going out with other female friends (not my intention) but I just want to get out and have some fun after all the depressing stuff ya know. It’s nice to be around fun people again. Maybe this is wrong.

When I would leave because she would get angry, there was no reasoning with her she was just too emotional back then. She only is thinking of herself lately but my kids say that she gets teary eyed a lot whenever there’s something that refers to families on TV or when she sees other couples etc. Who knows what’s going on inside her head. The other day the kids said that she was even looking for my wedding ring (probably to hock?) as I had given it back to her after the divorce. But she had evidently misplaced it I guess. That was a downer L

I did invite her to spend New Years eve with the kids and I but she is going to a neighbors party. She instead offered for us to have dinner as a family together and play some games earlier on in the afternoon/evening. I accepted even though it will be very very hard to be in her new house that has all my old “stuff” that she got when I have very little. I will have to be very strong that day I think. I have not been in her new house since she bought it. It was kinda a boundary for me you might say. But boundaries are supposed to be flexible I hear. Why do you think she is offering the alternative? Is it that she wants to do something as a family but doesn’t want to give up her evening out? Why not accept my invitation to spend the evening with the kids and me? Also how do you be humble without being a doormat?

Sorry so many questions and you don’t have to answer them if you don’t want to as they don’t really pertain to numbers. What do you think will be shown when she is strating to think of us as a potential couple again vs. just the kids dad?

Thanks so much.



Hi Dave,

The WISDOM(77) you seek is being presented to you, and your questions have gone through an evolution of sorts. This is good indeed. I will begin by saying you are True for what you are Desirous of and it is certainly of good intention and of Goodness overall. Yes the application of understanding to everyday living is certainly a challenging one. You do want to remain confident when you are with her, but at the same time show her that you really understand her situation and why she Decided to go forth with the break-up. She will connect to you once she feels she can trust you by speaking her heart without any retribution on your part. This is very applicable to any Interpersonal Situation. Support the person as to what is important to them and they will gravitate towards you and open up even more. You may speak of the possibility of dating others but let her know this is not your first option, you would much better prefer having more quality time with her. In this you are being true and at the same time you are gently pressuring her to stay in touch with you and at keeping your connection alive. This in itself may very well lead to getting back together, but remember do not make that your goal, in particular do not let her see that this is why you want to be together. You want to be there for her and listen in TRUTH(33) to her suffering and dissatisfaction in LIfe. Once you become her confidante good things will begin to happen. It is a slow and difficult process but the learning in itself is very worthwhile. There is nothing wrong in you wanting to be around people again, go ahead just stay free from dating for a bit longer. Give this new approach a chance and see how things unfold.

Your statement Who knows what's going on inside her head is telling you that you that there is much suppressed within her and you can be the one to help her release it. You could be the one to discover what is going on in her head.  This is where you want to be, but remember do not use it as leverage to get back, simply be the one for her to share her deepest feelings with. Everything will grow from that.
Yes I can understand Dave all the questions, it appears as though she does indeed want the Family back together but she also wants to experience this new pseudo Freedom she now has. I cannot tell you exactly what to do, but I can say for sure that she is in pain and you want to be the one to help her release that pain. This is so very important. You do not ever want to be a doormat, that gets you nowhere but rather you want to be the one she can open up to.  As far as her having your things in this new house remember that material things are just that: things. The Person is so much more. Once you can really connect with the Person and with the Energy(99) of Life(15) itself material things will mean so much less. This is the beginning of a new found FREEDOM(7), to be Free of the World of Things: things are to serve you not you ever serve them.

You question What do you think will be shown when she is strating to think of us as a potential couple again vs. just the kids dad? I believe she will show you this by wanting more time with you, just the two of you. That is what you both need. If you are able to have her believe in you, to have her trust you so that she can open up to you the relationship will forge anew and be stronger than ever before. 

I sincerely wish you the best, and feel free to email me anytime.



Hi EuGene,

I took a couple days off from all the number stuff as it was starting to get to me, but despite my best efforts they still seem to be following me. What I mean was I keep seeing 244 or 442. The 44 is a recurring theme and I have seen the following trios of numbers more frequently than normal lately (111, 222, 333, 444, 777, and even a 888). I haven't seen the 333 or 777's before so this is something new. The 222's were a lot this past summer but dropped off to be replaced with the 444's. I am also getting 11:11 more than a few times on my clocks. What's that all about? Like I said, these seem to come and go in ones and twos but the 44, 244, 442 and 444 seem to be stuck to me. You don't think it has anything to do with the fact that I'm going to turn 44 in 2005 do you? Maybe that's a stretch.

As for my situation with my ex-wife, I've pretty much left her alone and have not initiated any communication. I don't think she is clear in her head what she wants so maybe its better to just let her be for now and if/when she renews her interest she knows how to find me. I think you know from my previous emails the depth of my feeling about the situation but on the other hand I can't try and do it by myself, there has to be something coming from her, which I just don't see right now for whatever reason. It breaks my heart but that's the reality of the situation. I'm not being cold, I'm just kinda detaching a bit maybe. I want to engage but since I've grown alot this year spiritually/emotionally I don't want to force something. I think perhaps as painful as it might be for me, she might need to go through this to really find herself. She often commented that she didn't know who she was anymore. Of course, you and I know that people who don't have their priorities right in life are often confused by states such as these, but for those who search they usually find their true self. I know that I am trying and think I am getting closer even though the pain of not being married to her or with my children is extreme. I hope that someday I can use this experience to help someone else if nothing else.

Well, enough rambling. If you get a chance let me know what you think.



Hi Dave,

It is nice to hear from you again, I will begin with the Number 44 and you will see how well it blends to our previous interpretations and in particular to the Trinity of 3`s and 7`s. As far as your age that is less significant for it is essentially more of a fixed Number.  I will share with you this excerpt that explains in more detail Fixed Numbers and Spontaneous Transient Awareness Numbers.  The Numbers that keep following you around are of this type and hence more meaningful.  Here is that excerpt:

Numbers Interpreted in Truth(33)

I use my Powerful Spiritual Connection to the Eternal and my in depth Life Wisdom to accurately interpret the message that lies within the Meaning of Numbers as defined within Thee Trinity Creation: the irrefutable Universal language of Numbers. There is "no actual formula", it is not really that simple. Upon reviewing a Number I immediately allow myself to go into a State of Transcendence and Spiritually "feel" the Message contained within that Number. I am very accurate in my Interpretations, of course what is being shared with me by the Person must be of TRUTH(33). If a Person for whatever reason is being dishonest in Her or His email information I can usually sense it, and I ask them to explain further in order to ascertain the validity of what they are saying. Sometimes the Person shares with me a very limited amount of information, in those cases my response is more general, however when I am given detail I am far more specific in how the interpretation of the Numbers relate to that Person`s Life situation. Thee Trinity Creation® is irrefutably THE SYSTEM(3) of Numbers Meaning which I use exclusively in my Number Interpretations; it is the only Number Meaning System that is True. Thee Trinity Creation is unique and SUPREME(85) within the World, I often refer to it as the Numerology of TRUTH(33).

There are two types of Numbers that people generally share with me, sometimes one or the other and sometimes both. There are Fixed Number associations and there is Spontaneous Transient Number Awareness™. This latter type of Number has a far greater depth of Life Meaning to it. As an example of these different Number types Date of Birth Numbers are Fixed whereas a Number that makes itself known within a Dream or a Number(s) that a person suddenly becomes acutely Consciously aware of is a Spontaneous Transient Number Awareness. The Spontaneous Transient Number Awareness™ is the most revealing because it is a unique Spiritual Communication within a specific time frame {transient}directed to only that Person in that particular way. There are many people born on the same Numeric day but the Spontaneous Transient Number Awareness™ in the exceptional way it is revealed to the Person is unique to only that Person and to their Life situation. Each and every one of you has a very deep desire to know the TRUTH(33), for some your Desire, even though not consciously aware of it, causes you to elevate your Energy of Mind to the Realm of the Eternal in which the Communication of Numbers takes place. Your Numeric Message becomes Revealed to you through the Universal Language of Numbers originated within Thee Trinity Creation, itself born into the World from that of the Eternal TRUTH(33).


So now perhaps you now can better see that these Numbers are quite significant indeed and that they are all of one Grand message.  The 44 is particularly interesting for in meaning it is ABSOLUTE(44), no room for compromise.  That`s how it is when it comes to TRUTH(33).  The Trinity of 3`s is an extremely Powerful set of Numbers, 3 is THE SYSTEM(3) and 33 is TRUTH(33).  THE SYSTEM(3) is born of TRUTH(33) and TRUTH(33) is its very purpose in Being, which is my very Purpose in Being: my LIFE(15) Mission is to have the World and in particular the Person Know and live the TRUTH(33).  Next in importance to your trinity of 3`s is that of the 7`s.  Within the realm of TRUTH(33) resides real FREEDOM(7) which is irrefutably one with WISDOM(77).  The TRUTH(33) does indeed set you free from within yourself which becomes manifested as Greater FREEDOM(7) in LIFE(15). Society in general focuses on FREEDOM(7) based on external factors, which is very good indeed, however FREEDOM(7) from within oneself as been virtually completely overlooked.  Without such a FREEDOM(7) you are always bound to the lesser in LIFE(15) from the confines within yourself.  Once you are able to Truly be Free, which comes about by Knowing and Living the TRUTH(33), you cannot believe that you actually had settled for less in LIFE(15).  When you say "I've grown alot this year spiritually/emotionally" what you are saying of course Dave is that you understand LIFE(15) more and TRUTH(33) has taken on a far greater meaning to you.  These Numbers are telling you to stay on your path of TRUTH(33), do not compromise TRUTH(33) for when you do you are compromising yourself. Your DESIRE(43) to live TRUTH(33) is further emphasized when you say "I don't want to force something". You are absolutely right for TRUTH(33) need not ever be forced. I know suffering, tremendous suffering  and I have been through two divorces, one after being married 25 years.  That was so heart wrenching; I can understand your suffering Dave and yes you are in the process of discovering your True Self.  Your words are Wise and your DESIRE(43) to help others down the road with what you have learned is certainly commendable.

I trust I have answered your question "What's that all about?"

Keep in touch,



Hi Eugene,

Thanks so much for the insight. So, if I could summarize back to you what I hear you saying to me it would be this right?

“ Because of this divorce and the suffering that I have had to go through, I have come to better know and appreciate who I am (my self). As a result of knowing better who I am and my commitment to the Truth in life, I need to be uncompromising on issues of truth within any relationships that I might find myself involved with. Also, by getting to know myself better, I have basically freed myself from settling for less in life and have embarked on a more spiritually enlightening path which is/may ultimately lead to a greater freedom and an increase in knowledge, some of which I have obtained through my suffering to date. As for my relationships with my ex wife, I need to be committed to the truth and uncompromising on the truth and in giving up who I’ve now become. I must stay true to who I am either with or without her. For there is no going back to the way things were, because I would basically be enslaving myself again to a way of life that wasn’t working for me or my family per se. By staying free and staying the course of trying to live a life of absolute truth, I will ultimately persevere in life and hopefully (but as yet unknown) with my wife and family. “

How’s that for a new protégé?

Thanks and your insight is greatly appreciated.



Hi Dave,

You said it all beautifully, now it`s time to try and live your summary. Have yourself a GREAT(8) Christmas.



Subject: Now What?

Hi EuGene,

Well, Happy new year and I hope all is well. When we last left our hero you had advised me to follow my own discernment of the guidance you had graciously given me regarding the numbers that were coming into my life. Since that time I have tried to do so, but have come into contact with a very big hearted and funny lady via an internet matching system. I joined just for gaffs but ended up conversing with this gal who shares my spiritual beliefs and makes me laugh so hard. Something I haven’t done in a long time given the state of my marriage prior to my divorce last May.

Anyway, I know that numbers are your specialty and that synchronicity is something that you are perhaps interested in so I am asking your opinion on this matter. If nothing else than as a friend. I think I told you that my wife’s name – Teresa, has been popping up in front of me all the past year at the weirdest times and situations. I never remember meeting so many Teresa’s in all the time I was married (13 years)! Well, now to this lady I met. Come to find out that even as she goes by the name “Tracy” her given name is “Teresa”. Her son is named “David” (my name) and her cat is named “Lucy” which is my sisters name. Its really weird how we have clicked from the start and we haven’t even met yet. But more coincidental I think is the Teresa reference and the other names. Do you have any idea why the universe/God is continually putting my ex-wife’s name in front of me? I had a feeling that our relationship/marriage wasn’t “over” but never thought I would be getting to know yet another “Teresa”?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks again,


Hi there David,

The POWER of MIND: we as humans have an ability to connect with and Create at the level of MIND for in essence we are of MIND, however due to our present lack of development it is not a very common happening, particularly that which has a noticeable effect. However under extreme conditions we force a pathway of Creativity to be developed and Creation thus occurs. Emotional distress is often a prime mover of such Creation. I myself towards the end of two years of incredible suffering opened up a Powerful pathway to the Infinite Creativity of MIND; I term this event as The Spiritual Energy Communication. Thee Trinity Creation was thus born and my Life took on a whole new Direction. Due to the intense suffering that you have gone through Dave you have Created a pathway to the meaning of Numbers, hence they were all of one message and now you have Created a pathway to meeting someone that in names is so similar to that of your family. So you see David the Universe/God is not continually putting your ex-wife`s name in front of you, you are. However this is being done at a non-conscious level. Your marriage may indeed be over  within the physical realm ( this I cannot say with any certainty) but within the emotional realm it is still very alive and will continue to be for some time to come. As long as your emotions remain very intense Creations relative to your ex-wife will continue to happen, but will in time diminish. 

"All of LIFE(15) is a Creation of MIND, the purpose is LOVE(14) which is the source of Mankind." LOVE(14) is all but because there are so many conflicting Energies relative to LOVE(14) it sometimes moves in and out of our LIFE(15) at the level of Emotion.  When it moves in the Emotion is very positive of course, and as you, I and many others know when it moves out the experience is painful indeed. But LOVE(14) always abounds for LIFE(15) is the very expression of LOVE(14) and LIFE(15) is always in evolution towards Greater understanding and expression of LOVE(14). 

Your LIFE(15) will again know the fullness of LOVE(14), time it will take, a restructuring of the LOVE(14) you have lost and the Creating of a new LOVE(14); I`m referring here to emotional LOVE(14) for that is what we most understand and consciously experience as LOVE(14). LOVE(14) in is Purest form is far more than Emotion but includes the Human experience of such emotion.

LOVE(14) is the Creative ENERGY(99) of MIND, MIND is the Creative ENERGY(99) of LOVE(14): all is One in the Eternal.

I wish you all the best Dave,



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