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Number 21, DECISION(21)

Make the DECISION(21) yours or someone else will make it theirs.

This really expresses in phrase the importance of strong DECISION(21) making. Once again I know too well what it is like to be indecisive, I would decide this, undecided that, re-decide this and on and on in my years of past. The only reason I managed to attain the position of Electronics College teacher and Professional Musician is because I was smart and had a drive within me to succeed, but it was not True Success for I felt so unfulfilled in these careers.

You must not ever let the Number 21 pass you by, you must take command of your Life Decisions, if not someone else will and it may be to their advantage, not yours.  In 'Real Life Communication 15' I help Sherry who has been "noticibly" seeing the Number 21:10 for a couple of days and I was the first to decipher it in a meaningful way.  This is understandable for there is not any other System in the World that is of True Number Meaning, that is why Thee Trinity Creation has been born into the World at this particular point in time. Most are very Satisfied with the Number interpretations I give them and how I can relate it to their Life: you really must read through all '33 Real Life Communications ' for within them lies a tremendous amount of Number Insight and Life Wisdom.

The Number 21 left to right is FULFILLMENT(12), you must make the DECISION(21) for FULFILLMENT(12) in Life in order for the process to begin, and have the STRENGTH(18) to carry on with it.

In the Sacred Symbol of DECISION(21) you may notice that to the upper right is the Symbol of CLARITY(35) and its main center Symbol is MOTION(82).  In this World of perpetual MOTION(82) in order for you to make the right DECSION(21) you must make it with CLARITY(35) of Mind, and of course Pureness of Heart.  All is Truly One within Thee Trinity Creation as with Life itself, but you must gradually build to the Conscious experience of that Oneness.

Clarity of Mind and Pureness of Heart, for Fulfillment in Life to be yours this is where to start. 

I recently received the following email: "I do psychic readings on Ebay and continuously get people that want to know the meanings behind numbers and I was so pleased to come across your Creation.  My favorite number is 21.  I'm almost obsessed with 21..." 

Make Numbers your obsession and you can take greater command of yourself and of your Life. The DECISION(21) is yours: Thee Trinity Creation or not!

The only Decision to make is the Decision to make it.   EuGene

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Master Sage Joseph Eugene (M)orin

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This wonderful and enlightening email correspondence with Sowmya from India is an ongoing correspondence of Life Guidance and Meditation continued from the following page:

Email Correspondence of Personal and Spiritual Guidance and Meditation

Hi Sowmya,
I hope your week is going well, I`m thinking about you.



Hi Sowmya,

I hope all is going well for you, I miss hearing from you.  Perhaps you are very busy with your new job, how is it going?

I do not want you to feel that you ever have to email me but I do miss you and I can`t help wondering how things are going for you? Also how is your Meditation now going?



Subject: Re: miss hearing from you

> Dear Eugene,
> i do apologise for sending absolutely no mails. It is my new job, it is a different role from what i am used to, hence is taking a lot out of me to deliver..i am just hoping my boss continues to show me
> the patience which he has been showing till now! i am continuing with my meditation except i now do it just before i sleep, i know you have advised against it, but its getting difficult to do it otherwise. its a 1hr commute to work+ im a bit lazy to get up early in the morning, i just about manage to go for my morning walk and leave for work. i dont find it disturing my sleep, so hope that is OK otherwise, i think it is getting easier, im trying to work without the visualization. buts its going to be
sometime before i move to twice daily.
>thats it for now, i have go home now- a terrible 1 hr drive in the worst possible traffic..very tiring.
> take care
> will write again
> Love sowmya



  The Gift of Life is Love...

Hi Sowmya,

It is indeed nice to hear from you and my heart is with you in this new job situation you are in. Remember that you are the most important consideration in the World, take good care of yourself, and it is just fine doing your Meditation before bed. I`m glad you go for a walk every morning, I myself do a fair amount of walking, it is good for your Health and it gives you an opportunity to think uninterrupted while in Motion. I do not know how your surroundings are where you live or even if the air is fresh, perhaps one time (when you have the time, no rush on this) you could tell me a bit about your home and surroundings. 

I want you to know that Moderation is generally the best approach to change but at times we must become "extreme" in our Decision making.

There are times when we must take the "lesser road traveled" in Life in order to fully experience LIFE itself.

I AM here for you always.

My Love in Truth embraces your Being and I sincerely want the best for you, you truly do deserve it.


Dear Eugene,
> Hi, am taking a break & thought I would write in to you. I read an interesting article and thought of sharing it with you.


Free Yourself - Albert Einstein

> A human being is a part of the whole that we call the universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest--a kind of optical illusion of his consciousness. This illusion is a
prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for only the few people nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living beings and all of nature.


> i was quite taken wiht the first couple of sentences, find it so quite true..what do you think?
> drasctic change is scary...i think the key is conviction which one had it in your message while your wife had it in you.
> as i was telling you im looking for precisely that kind of conviction, not only in my career, but to my whole life. the humdrum routine of my life kind of pushes it under the carpet(by far too tired!) but it remains that i still seek it...

> I have heard that Canada is very beautiful, it must be wonderful to live in such calm surroundings. I live in the heart of a major city..the city has lots of gardens so thats some consolation.

> so long for now

Hi Sowmya,

I`m so glad you took a moment to email me, that was very thoughtful of you and expressive of the person you are.

Yes Einstein is absolutely right, advanced Science is beginning to tell us the same thing that the True Spiritualists are: all is indeed One. The "optical illusion" although very limiting is an essential for many people in order to give them a structure that they can understand and work within. In time more and more people will come to know and begin to Live the Oneness of
all, but it will be a gradual process, it is engrained within evolution itself. All of Creation moves back to the Creator, and we the Human, the finest of Creation, leads the way. You are so special to me Sowmya, you are little by little becoming more Aware of the Grandness of all, and you picking out this quote to share with me is reflective of that. We recognize and relate to that which supports our perspective of and in Life.

I will be brief here, I do want to keep you too long, but I want you to know Life will open its Splendor to you, stay with me, be patient and Miraculous things will indeed happen. Love is the Oneness of all.

Beating My Love to You Sowmya,

p.s. . You are most welcomed at my home anytime.


Subject: Thank You for the invitation

> Dear Eugene,
> Thank you for the invitation, maybe someday I will be in that part of the world! and of course, if u are ever around here, pls visit me ...
> I have been wanting to write to you for some days now, but soemhow could not get around to do it...
> I was thinking yesterday of how thankful I was to get your guidance for meditation. It really has made a difference i think, it has helped to to lessen stress which accumulates tahnks to work...and i look forward to doing it. Which is not to say it has become very easy, but improvement has certainly happened. another thing i wantd to tell you that an article of
> mine got recently printed in a newspaper,a first for me..i was quite delighted when it happened!!
> thats it for now, more later
> How r you doing?
> Take care, Sowmya

Hi Sowmya,

It was so nice to hear from you, I was really missing you and wondering how everything was going. I`m so glad that your Mediation is coming along and that you are beginning to experience some of its benefits one of which is certainly reducing built up stress. I`m excited to hear of your Newspaper article, please tell me a bit more about it.

Things are quite busy with my Web Site, more and more people are contacting me via email and my visits per month are steadily increasing. I feel so good that the World is able to gain something by my WISDOM(77) and Insight. There is much more to happen of course, it is prophesied within DAWN 1999.

And how about yourself, is your job feeling better to you now that you have been there for a bit?

Please do come and visit, you can stay here with us for the length of your stay and the experience would be truly irreplaceable.

I realize you are very busy but email me whenever you able, even if it is just a short hello to tell me how you are feeling. Perhaps once things settle for you we can Communicate with one another more frequently because I know this is where your development of Self and of Spirit will blossom.

Love is Eternal,

> Dear Eugene,
> I know i must write more & i also want to, so will try harder to drop in a line atlest once in 2 days.
> My meditation is great...i do it however tired i am, i think that is a great achievement for me coz i am mangeing to discipline my self to do it, in fact as i told u i look foward to do it. my concentration comes & goes during it. but on the whole the struggle has lessened, i hope it will continue to improve.
> Apropos, my newspaper article, I wrote in a review of the classic, Pride & prejudice by Jane Austen to a city newspaper, which was published in its Sunday Magazine section. i wasnt paid for it as it was for an interactive column , but still it was a great thrill. im not finding time to write more, which i regret. i am trying to set aside some time ...
> I have been thinking of what you refer to as my Be energy....i still can't really think of any specific ambition from my childhood. For whatever reasons, i always liked the languages more than science or maths. only other thing which caught my fancy later on was commerce/accounting/finance. I was pretty good at it but it still wasnt my passion. I did specialize in
> Finance in my MBA, but landed a job in research. so i kind of lost my way..... im not so sure abt finance being my passion coz inspite of not being in that field for 2-3 yrs, i dont exactly miss it acutely, just a kind of wistful longing, which anyway is not a good basis to pursue it on...
> I have so been thinking of the publishing field, i infact have a test for a copy editor job at a publishing company today -- im just checking it out.
> my family encourages me but of course is not exactly thrilled abt it, coz it doesnt "fit" my qualifications & also in
monetary terms. they want the best for me, i know that..but ......
> i do so hope i settle down somehow, this is not a nice place to be in life!!!!!
> its great to hear that more people are benefitting from your guidance, we do need it.. but all this must be streching you to the take care of yourself...
> i do hope i mange to come North America sometime..i do so want to see the Niagra Falls! & i would love to visit you...lets see whether it happens!!

> thats it for now,
> ciao sowmya


Thank You Somya,

Yes indeed I am thankful that you took the time to write me, I do not want to pressure you in any way but I know the more frequent contact would be good for you. I am happy to hear your Meditation is going better, are you able to repeat your Mantra without forcing it whatsoever, and when you find yourself in thought are you able to easily bring yourself back to your
Mantra? As well do you find yourself going deeper into relaxation as time goes on within your Meditation and in particular as you continue returning to your Mantra once you realize you are in thought? A few questions here but I want to make sure you are going to get the maximum from your Meditation by ensuring you are doing it perfectly well. By now I assume you are experiencing certain intuitive visual images happening and perhaps sounds that are stored in deeper aspects of your memory as you move into deeper levels of mind. One last question, when you are very tired do you at times fall asleep while Meditating? Self Empowering Meditation™ is indeed empowering of the Self, this inspired me to thus name it such. At times if
you are very tense you may discover it is a little bit more difficult to release yourself of thought, that is because when we are tense our thoughts are very captivating. We are in a strange way attempting to find a solution to our discomforting tension/stress hence we are really heavy in thought. Also it is normal if you are very tired that on occasion you may actually
fall asleep during your Meditation. This happens because as you begin to relax and move into deeper levels of Mind the need for sleep takes precedence and thus you fall asleep. Do not let this bother if it does happen, it is an indication that your body is in need of sleep most of all, however this should not happen regularly.

I`m really happy for your article being published, I never read the book but I watched the movie, I really enjoyed it. It is difficult for me to say at this point in time whether this editorial job might be more personally rewarding to you, from what you have told me it certainly could be because of your love of language. Whatever choice you make I want you to know that I will support you throughout. I would like it very much if you were able to visit, you could stay with us however long you like. It may be an
opportunity for you to really get in touch with yourself and discover a new and more satisfying path in Life.

I can certainly understand when you say " this is not a nice place to be in life!!!!!", I was there and it almost cost me my Life.

I truly wish you the best in Life and I will be here in whatever way you need me to the fullest extent possible. My heart is with you,

Sincerely Yours,

Subject: Many apologies

> Dear Eugene,

> I have again been unable to send frequent mails to you, I think abt u everyday, but not able to write as i feel just few lines arent enough...i require to put in more thought & time!
> i had an urgent deadline to meet, hence..lack of time.. stress is building up...I am settling into the job, but it is difficult working outside your comfort zone...i will stay around for maybe 5-6mnths here, & meantime think up of what next to do!

> I meditate regularly, i still find myself in thought frequently but it is becoming easier for me to bring myself back with the mantra. I find myself going to deep meditational state for extremely short periods of time- 5-10mins, before finding myself out of it. that is i am unable to sustain it. is that normal? i also find it very difficult to do it when i am tense, i give up coz it simply doenst happen. I think im having problems of concentration... I have not yet ever fallen asleep during my meditation. One more thing is i am unsure of how i should wrap up my session... No smooth sailing yet for me..
> How are you/family doing? It must be a special time
> with Christmas around the corner..
> Take care, Sowmya


Hi Sowmya,

Dear Sowmya you certainly need not apologize, I understand. Yes it is normal to go into a deep state of meditation for just a short period of time, this is because you are still in the earlier stages of learning Meditation. I`m glad it has become easier for you to go back to your Mantra once you realize you are in thought, this is very good indeed. As far when you are really
tense I know it can be difficult to get into Meditation because your Mind is just racing about looking for a way out of its tension. The problem is not one of concentration but rather one of thought being so strong that you have trouble breaking free of it. Just keep repeating your Mantra and you may discover that at times even under stress you will slip away from thought within your Meditation and as you do you will experience a reduction in stress. Meditation calms the body through calming the Mind. There is no specific way to wrap up your session, once you have done your 20 to 30 minutes you simply open your eyes, look around and do as you like.

I`m glad you are thinking of me for I do think of you. I want so much for you to experience more Happiness and greater Fulfillment in Life. Actually Happiness comes from Fulfillment in Life. Yes Christmas can be exciting, I finally can appreciate Christmas. It took me a long while to recover from Christmas Eve of 1986. This is when I was locked out of my Home and did
not spend Christmas in the new Home I had just bought two months prior. I roamed about on the streets and ended up sleeping in the run down basement at my parents place. Christmas Eve was the beginning of the two most horrific years imaginable for me. The suffering was so very intense, extreme pain and suffering and no answers. Amazingly just when I thought that I will never get out of the vicious cycle I was in all was given to me in the Instantaneous Spiritual COMMUNICATION(48) of the evening of Aug. 25, 1988. This was the turning point for me, and this was the Birth of Thee Trinity Creation. I can now enjoy Christmas once again, I do not get excited about it, in fact I am not an excitable person; I simply enjoy being home with my new family. My wife is very young (22 yrs of age) but quite mature, she is expecting to give birth to our second son sometime in January. 
There is a Light that will shine on you Sowmya, I know it will but I cannot say when. Stay with me and when things get a little less busy for you we can explore all to a greater depth.

I do care you Sowmya, I know you are a Wonderful person and you deserve Fulfillment in Life, you will have it one day. I will be here for you always.

I truly do wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope to speak with you many times before then. I know I can be of tremendous worth to you and to you discovering a Grander path in Life. I will help you be all that you should be.

Love for you,


> Dear Eugene,
> I am sitting back after office hours to wrap up work, & then thought of also dropping you a line.. I hope I am progresing in path of meditation is sometimes frustating when i find myself unable to are so right when you say that "the
> thought" is too strong ...making it difficult for me to break away frm the cycle.. i hope it will become easier i practise more..!
> I was thinking of how controlling thought otherwise is also so tough..the effort it takes to not think of topics, ridiculous worries etc in daily life, If only I could command my mind not to think them!!!but never happens ealily---that also takes practise i guess..
> I was also wondering about something you had mentioned in an earlier mail...of all creations of the world going back to the Creator..could you tell me more about it..? for humans would you be meaning salvation/liberation?
> I often keep thinking about WHY? why are we all here..? what the purpose for all this..for my petty struggles..?  In Hindu philosophy as far as i know, all this world & everything that happnens in it is "leela" or "maya" - basically Gods' illusion--It has always been quite puzzling to me..
> (You must tell me how much you know about the Hindu religion, i know you have practised TM, so i am sure you would be quite i dont want to hold forth using my paltry knowledge!!!!)
> Anyway hope i hvnt bored you with my "end of day" ravings! You must be eagrly awaiting you son's arrival in Jan..
> Thank you for sharing more about yourself..
> I was quite affected by what you had mentioned of your past must hv been so tough..
> Pls take care,
> I will try to write in more frequently...
> Ciao, Sowmya

Hi my Dear Sowmya,

To begin with Meditation can be a bit "frustrating" to learn, often that will of greatest value to one`s well being is the most challenging, this is because it is within challenge that the Human has made his greatest leaps forward. The ENERGY(99) of LIFE(15) flows through each and every one of us and within that ENERGY(99) is the evolution of Creation itself. Creation is
PERFECTION(54) for that which is Created from PERFECTION(54) must itself be PERFECTION(54). THE CREATOR(46) is PERFECTION(54) hence his Creation is PERFECTION(54). However because we are still infants in our Human development we cannot see the larger picture that underlies LIFE(15), therefore when something does not move in our favor, or within the limits of our understanding we see it as flawed, in fact we often believe to have a better way than THE CREATOR(46) Himself. There is no better way to Creation itself, it is PERFECTION(54) but there is a better way within the World of our Personhood. The better way of course is to live our LIFE(15) {as we know and understand it} in greater alignment with the total Person that we are. When the Person we are is operating at a very high level of our potential of Being we feel so good about our self and about LIFE(15) in general. The external World of Creation has been matched to our inner World of Being. The reason you have such questions as "I often keep thinking about WHY? why are we all here..? what the purpose for all this..for my petty struggles..?". is because you are not as a Person in alignment with the World about you, and hence deep within yourself you suffer from lack of FULFILLMENT(12). In order to align yourself with the World about you, and to align the World about with yourself there are two elements that need to be addressed, and within each of these elements many many sub-elements.  TRUTH(33) and WISDOM(77) in LIFE(15) are so rare. It is very easy to access heightened levels of KNOWLEDGE(0) but very difficult to develop LIFE(15) WISDOM(77) and to live the TRUTH(33). So you see what we have been talking of and attempting to do since we have come together is two-fold, these two elements are as well both of the internal and external. At an internal level Meditation and our time together is helping you come to Know your True and Full self which is the first internal step in the development of your Full self. Secondly we have been looking at external factors in an attempt to shift them in time so that they may be better suited to the Total Person you are. You can readily see that it takes time for the True development of the Person to take place because both internal and external conditions need to be looked at and within each of these there are many factors that need to be addressed. You are in the process Sowmya of moving beyond mere KNOWLEDGE(0) to that of WISDOM(77). WISDOM(77), a little at a time yields a time yields a lot over time. If you attempt to resolve those questions you have at a logical level you will be at it for the rest of your LIFE(15) and still not have an answer, however once you are able to live FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) the answer is given. The reason you are troubled with " the effort it takes to not think of topics, ridiculous worries etc in daily life" is because of this lack of FULFILLMENT(12) within yourself. This whole idea of Positive thinking is really a farce, what needs to be done is Positive living, and the only way for this to happen is through development of the Self. Once you are satisfied within yourself such thoughts that now trouble you just tend to disappear. Its that simple, but not easy. That is why there are so few people of living FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(12), and of course there is industry that does not want you to be Fulfilled for they can sell a lot more to a discontent Person. The Person buys as a way of filling their void, industry loves it and that is why industry never promotes True FULFILLMENT(12) of the Person: keep the populace basically unhappy and you will sell so much more.

In terms of Religion of Birth I am Catholic, and prior to my personal crash in 1986 I studied many Religions, many philosophies of Life and many systems of personal growth all to no avail. I crashed and my Life was almost taken from me. I had so many questions and no answers. In TRUTH(33) what I needed was not answers but rather a way so that I may know and Live
FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15). Miraculously I was given THE WAY(36) to FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) and all the answers were suddenly known to me. Since that time I do not study any type of Religion of philosophy of Life, instead I live LIFE(15). So much Superior and this is what I would LOVE(14) for you Sowmya, to live LIFE(15). It is the Greatest reality of all. So in terms Hindu philosophy my KNOWLEDGE(0) is not presently GREAT(8) which is good, too much can actually cloud the GROWTH(65) of one`s WISDOM(77) for KNOWLEDGE(0) is of someone else whereas WISDOM(77) must come from within yourself.  WISDOM(77) is a rare and precious gem indeed.

Salvation and liberation of the Person comes through the development of WISDOM(77) which becomes manifested as living LOVE(14) in TRUTH(33).

Remember with your Meditation to keep doing it daily and to just keep returning to you Mantra whenever your drift off in to thought, no need to focus simply bring yourself back to your Mantra each and every time you realize you are in thought. That`s all you need do.

I really care for you Sowmya, I want so much for you to live the Fullness of this Beautiful Person you are. You can do it, I know you can.

LOVE(14) that is TRUTH(33),

Subject: Merry Christmas!!

> Dear Eugene,

> Hi, Best wishes for Christmas for you & your family...

I have been stuck in middle of a project, hence the total silence...i have lot of thoughts on what you had shared in the last mail, but alas, hvnt been able to write
> will do so this weekend when im off..
> Take care
> Hope u enjoy my greeting!!!
> Regards
> Sowmya

Hi Sowmya,

Your Kindness is so warming, you are a very special Person, YES I do LOVE(14) your greeting and I want you to have a most enjoyable Christmas; let it filled with PEACE(29), LOVE(14) and lots of laughter. I look forward to hearing from you as always,

Yours Truly,

Hi Sowmya,


I hope all is well, I have a new page that is considerably different from the others, it is based on a Powerful Spiritual Movement I recently had. If you get the time look through it and I hope to hear from you when you are able.

Dreams, Number 3, 33, 333 and Spiritual Movements



Dear Eugene,
> it was great to see ur mail, though hv yet to see the webpage-- i was wondering abt getting no mails frm u guessed u were caught up in something hope u got my earlier mail, which i had sent around
> the 5th.. if not, am giving it below below
take care & ciao

> ===

> Dear Eugene,
> First off, best wishes for the new year to u & ur family. One of my resolutions for hte new yr was to be more in touch with you. but as it happened i broke it in the first week itself!! I am simply getting wrapped up in the day to day existence & i know, at the end of it all i might land up exactly in the same state i was in when i contacted you first.. Hence i will write to your more often...!!i ,absolutely in any situation, dont want to lose contact with you...
> I continue to meditate, but i feel with lesser degree of success, im thinking of moving my time to morning as it takes me too long to settle down at night...i end up reviewing my day..which is good in a way, but doesnt serve the purpose of meditation.
> its been long since your last mail , hope u can recall what we discussed since im putting down some of my
> thoughts..& questions I could totally understand the point you make on Knowledge vs Wisdom...i can appreciate the difference and also sense that it is missing in me..
> Fulfillment in myself, my life- i lack the core understanding of myself . It is amazing u mentioned the same point bcoz that was another thing i wanted to discuss "how do i feel good abt myself away from approval of others"
> i not miserable today bcoz my boss is not totally unhappy with me.& im doing ok in work... but i can see the mood swings i have, if my boss okays some work i do, i feel good - if he critisizes me, i feel down..why this see-saw? I guess this is bcoz i dont hv self-worth inherently for myself - it happens primarily in my job/career not in other personal relationships perse( maybe im not qualified to say that as ive nver been in a "relationship" till now), where i think im despartely trying to prove myself, most of all to my own self.. I have been wondering on how to tackle this lack of confidence/knowledge it suceeding spectacularly at my work or what??..i now understand better and maybe hope to address it with ur guidance.
> Looking forward to ur response
> Love sowmya

Dear Sowmya,

I`m so sorry for not responding to your email of the 5th, but I never received it. I kept thinking about you but I thought you were very busy. I have not had time yet to read through it but I noticed your resolution, I`m so thankful that we are back in Communication, I really did miss you. The latest page I sent you can be a bit heavy, please try no to let it worry you however for I do not know anything of the particulars yet. It could be some time before the Prophesy becomes realized.  I will look through your email now with great care and I will respond to it.




Dear Sowmya,

Your email has indicated to me that you are in understanding of yourself, this has developed since our coming together. The mood shifts depending on
the approval of others is due to your lack of confidence within yourself, as you have indicated. It is really incredible how we can know something of our self and know that we want to change it but nevertheless find that no
matter what we try we remain the same.
 This is what you are presently experiencing and will continue to experience for some time, but remember the Awareness that you have developed of yourself is absolutely vital before any change can happen. The Awareness is the very first step, so I commend you on making it to that first step. Things can continue to progress from here but it is very important that you stay in regular touch with me and continue to share with me your thoughts and in particular your feelings. Emotion controls thought not the other way around, therefore you feel a certain way depending on the response of others relative to yourself and then you think accordingly. When others disapprove you feel bad about yourself and you then
think negative thoughts about yourself, if others approve and speak highly of you then you feel good about yourself and think accordingly. However the good thoughts are often strewn with uncertainty and questions due to the lack of your self confidence/self esteem and they evaporate rather quickly especially if someone says something to you disapprovingly, even if that person is not personally very important to you. This mood swing that you spoke of only appears to happen in your job/career due mainly to the importance you put on your job (and the importance others put on it) and your job`s uncertainty, therefore its impact is far greater. I`m sure you can see that when something is of little importance to you if you are accepted in approving or disapproving ways its impact on your feeling would be significantly less, however if something means a lot to you then you are very vulnerable to the opinion of others. This swing is also very prominent in relationships depending of course on the importance and depth of closeness in that relationship. You can see this in the relationship you have with you Mother. If she is approving of you then you feel good, if she is disapproving you feel bad. However because she really cares for you she will attempt to buffer her disapproval with kindness and love, but it still makes its impact on you. This disapproval even causes you to feel and thus think in a certain fashion and you may take resulting action even if it is something that you would prefer not doing. That is why you must be very careful about a romantic type of relationship. You are very vulnerable to the Power the other person has over you due to your lack of self esteem. The way you worded your email to me I do not know if you are now in such a relationship or not, please clarify this for me and if you are able in one of your email`s to me share with me as much as you can about this other person and how he reacts to you. I will be able to help determine the Truth that he is, or if he is only projecting goodness but hiding his True self and True motives. Going into a new relationship the likelihood is very high that he will shower you with goodness at the start for he wants to have you. This is not bad in itself, but if his motives are untrue then you will be caught up in his web of deceit and by the time you realize it he will have you entrapped. Please let me know if indeed you are in a relationship and give me some info if you want me to help you out. When I was doing personal counseling almost every one that I counseled was having trouble in their {romantic} relationship, usually the people I met with were women and the guys they were with were causing them suffering but they often thought it was their fault. When a woman is of low esteem and their mate gives them disapproval and treats them badly the woman usually blames herself. This is sad indeed and this area of relationships is one of my strongest so I can help you out Sowmya.

In terms of actually building your esteem there is no easy and straightforward approach. It is a very slow build but it can happen, and if not then you must have true caring people in your Life. Most important is the romantic relationship you get into. If the guy is True to you and True to himself, and in Truth does care and love you, and his motives are indeed Pure for coming together with you this can be a critical factor in helping you build yourself. However if this Person is not of Truth then you will not ever be able to build your self esteem as long as you are with him. That is for certain.

It is too bad that you are having trouble with your Meditation, I wish I could see you in person every day or so then I know I could help you better with your Meditation and of course with everything else. We will however do what we can via email. You may try changing the time of your Meditation, see if that helps.



Dear Eugene,
> Hi, & hope this finds u & family well I went thru the page u had sent me, & u were right, it was way too heavy for me. Found a bit tough even for it all to sink in...
Apropos my meditation though not as great as it shld be, is still helping me, esp in calming me, so will keep soldiering on..and remain thankful for being able to do it as much as it has been possible You are right about how others have impact on me, Some decisions ive taken in past have been heavily influenced, i have realised that now and... i am glad that ive recognised the fact, but it is making it more difficult in terms of "being " in relationships, there is more stress & confusion esp when combined with my hesitancy about doing the right thing! But of course, being aware has helped me learn more abt myself & helping me work on making myself take more decisions than before & stand by them(best of all realising that i CAN take good decisions!!) ..but oh i
> do wish i always knew what to do!! I think all this helping me to accept myself more- for better for worse, that is a huge step, dont you think? My new workplace esp. my boss, has also had a positive effect on me in the past 2 months. And as for my relationships, i am not in any romantic relationship as of that complication does not exist!
> thats it for today,
> Take care ciao, Sowmya


HI Sowmya,

It is nice to hear from you as always, my wife just gave birth to our second son, she is still at the hospital, hopefully today she comes home with our new baby, we called him Julius EuGene Morin. However the EuGene in his name, just as with our other son will not be used in everyday matters.

Awareness is always of benefit, it may at times appear to make things more difficult but in reality it is presenting you with the OPPORTUNITY(38) to make better LIFE(15) decisions. There is no finer way to walk through LIFE(15) than with your eyes wide open. To accept yourself more is always for the good, it is new land you are venturing in so you have questions and are hesitant, but I assure you it is for the better, and when you do begin a romantic relationship this will help you immensely to chose the right person for you. It is so very important to find the right Person, it can do wonders for your Personal Self and add tremendous sparkle to your LIFE(15), however the wrong Person and it can laden you with misery. I`m presently guiding someone who has found herself in a very bad relationship and is now in deep suffering for it. I`m helping her free herself from this and building her Awareness and esteem so that she may eventually find the right Person.

Remember Sowmya the better you can see the better you can make choices, and with better choices comes happier living. I`m so Fulfilled knowing I have been helping you along, and I will continue to as long as you need me.

In terms of your Meditation even though it is not working to its Fullest for you at least it is working and eventually it will become more and more satisfying and worthwhile to you. Keep it up. Just yesterday I received a phone call from someone who came across my Web Site looking for some guidance in their Meditation, she called for she lives near here. She had been Meditating for many years but had stopped and she wants to start up again and had many questions. She was so pleased that I could help her the way I did and I will be meeting with her next week. I wish I could meet with you Sowmya, I know this would help things out tremendously but we must do the best we can given our distance. Keep moving forward, it is the right way to proceed.

Hope to hear from you again soon,



Dear Eugene,
My congratulations & best wishes.

It wuld hv been really great if we could meet it would have helped me not only in my meditation but in so
many other ways..

I agree i am now more "aware" in many does help also. And i do hope to find the right person in time.

I am now a bit under pressure at work..coz am really not convinced I want to continue doing this, my boss is helping in "thinking better" - so that is one of the reasons im not greatly unhappy..and as usual i keep hoping something will come thru to tell me what is it that will be my passion...cant believe this is all!!

I will wrap up now...this is a short mail- ready to go home..

Ciao, sowmya

> Dear Eugene,
> its been a long time..hope u remember me at all..:)
> How are you doing & how is ur family esp the new baby?
> Rgds
> Sowmya

Hi Sowmya,

Yes I remember you quite well Sowmya, and I understand not hearing from you for some time, this happens with people that I help out. They are usually in despair and their Life not going well at all, they come to me for Personal/Spiritual Guidance which I give them of course.  Then their Life gets better and I do not hear from them. Your Life has no doubt gotten better, and I am glad for that.

I`m doing alright however I Am presently going through a rather difficult financial time.  Everything I do is for free, and my only Web Site revenue comes from those who buy my book so money is not plentiful whatsoever.  I Am not complaining here in the least, I am merely expressing to you Sowmya a bit of info regarding my difficulty of present.  This will pass for once I get a Publisher, which I am actively seeking out right now, I will sell many books and then my situation will shift.

The family is doing quite well and the new baby is so Angelic. My family are Life itself to me and even though finances are tight I appreciate so very much the tremendous Goodness of what I have.

It is indeed nice to hear from you again Sowmya, stay in touch and if you need me I Am always here for you.


__________________________ _________________________


----- Original Message -----

Subject: Number meaning ----------9:11


Over the past couple of years or so I've been constantly seeing the same numbers over and over again. They are never seperate, always together. The number is 9:11. The only time I seem to notice it is always on a clock. Every day when I pick up my phone in the evening it always happens to be 9:11. To be honest im not sure if it has any specific meaning but I figured I would ask you. Thanks for your help.

Taylor: "deliver me from the reasons why you'd rather cry, I'd rather fly"

Sent from my T-Mobile.


Hi Taylor,  

Yes your Number 9:11 does have a very definite Life Meaning as delineated within the Celestial Communication of Thee Trinity Creation: the World becomes Enlightened to the True Meaning of Life Numbers and the Revelation of TRUTH(33).   The Life Meaning of the Number 11 is PURITY(11), we all have a good sense of what PURITY(11) means to us as a Person and amazingly there is common source of understanding whereby most people see PURITY(11) of the Person similarly. A phrase I had developed some time ago expresses PURITY(11) in the following manner:  

Purity: when the expression is a True reflection of that which engendered it. 

Your love should thus be!


Unfortunately even though most people know deep within themselves what PURITY(11) entails as a Person few are able to live it, and some even block out their sense of Pureness in order to indulge in ways that Stimulate the senses but reduces the Wholeness of their Person. This is sad indeed for when we lose a piece of yourself we lose the opportunity to experience complete Fulfillment in Life. How can a Person be Fulfilled  within their living in the everyday if they are only a poor image of the potential of the Person they could be? There are many temptations that constantly bombard us straying us away from Wholeness of Person and as we succumb we become more and more vulnerable to those that would take from us far more than they would ever give. In fact there are those that prey on the vulnerable, hence the best way to remain strong as a Person is to maintain your Whole Person. I know Taylor you have an excellent sense of PURITY(11), I can tell this by the way you have worded your email to me as well as the phrase which I assume you created. However since the Number 9:11 is so prevalent this tells me that you are in conflict within yourself, you want to be the Whole Person you know you can be but at times you lose yourself to the lesser ways in Life, you lose a little piece of yourself in relinquishing your PURITY(11) for STIMULATION(22) of the senses. STIMULATION(22) within the Celestial Communication of Thee Trinity Creation is very closely associated to the PURITY(11) in Number, in Life State of Being and even within the Sacred Geometric language contained within Thee Trinity Creation. We are physical beings as well as Spiritual ones and STIMULATION(22) of the senses and emotions is Grand indeed but we must make sure to stay in alignment with the Pureness of our Personhood. That way you get the best of both Worlds, the FUN(1) of living and the PEACE(29) within the Eternal.

The Number 9 fits in so very well to all I have just shared with you Taylor for in Life Meaning the Number 9 is PRAYER(9). I`m not here referring to a bunch of memorized words that others have called PRAYER(9), by PRAYER(9) I mean looking deep within yourself in a contemplative State of perhaps a Meditative one. It is in within your PRAYER(9) that you can connect to the Eternal which will give you added Strength in facing the many challenges to the Wholeness of your Person. If you are able set some time aside daily simply to look within yourself and compare the whole you to the you are living in this World of the everyday. I`m positive because 9:11 has been calling out to you that indeed there will be certain incongruencies between who you really are, what you do and how you portray yourself to certain others.

Get in alignment with your Whole Self and I know Fulfillment in Life which is now lacking in your everyday will begin to be realized. There is no greater worth in this World than the worth of the whole Person that you innately are.

Stay in touch,

Master Sage Joseph M



Thank you so much for the response. Your email made absolute perfect sense to me. I find it funny how we can, deep down be completely aware of the answer but not blatenly know it, then when someone lays the answers out for you so straightforwardly; it makes perfect sense.

Just as I was writing this email I happened to check my phone for the time, and it happened to be 5:11. : I've always claimed 11 to be my lucky number, it follows me everywhere.

Well, thanks again for your help! You definately helped clear things up and you were absolutely accurate, what you said pertains to me 110%.

Taylor "deliver me from the reasons why you'd rather cry, I'd rather fly"

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