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Dream Interpretations / Numbers Meaning

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----- Original Message of a Personal Nature-----

From: Melissa

To: Master Sage Jopseh Eugene Morin

Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 12:18 PM

Subject: Monday Morning

Dear Master Sage Eugene,  

Just wanted to say Hello, and hoping you and your family are doing well.  You all are always in my thoughts....  



Dear Melissa,  

It feels really good to hear from you once again, and YES all is good here and I really hope all is good there.  

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin


My dearest friend Master Sage Eugene, 

I choose to find things good, and pray trust that God is bringing me to a place of authenticity.  It's almost like child birth pains....each pain get stronger and closer together before something beautiful is born.  i realize more than ever that i am filled with fear....and that there can be no real love where fear exists.....   you and rosalie and your family and continually in my thoughts....   it was so very good to hear from you Eugene....  

You have been and are continually a blessing and encouragement in my life.   I will continue to grow in love and faith and prayer......Step by step I'm learning what it means to trust God.  You've helped so very much in this process....and I pray that I will be there for someone who is going through difficult times.   I will write you more later....  

Blessing today for you, and your dear wife Rosalie, and your sweet family...


Dearest Melissa,

You are so very special to me and have always been.

Whenever you need me I AM(47) HERE FOR YOU!

In TRUTH(33) and LOVE(14),

Master Sage Joseph Eugene Morin

__________________________ ___________________________

Within your Desire

Lies the path to its Fulfillment !

Desire when of Truth is not ever to be suppressed but rather needs to know Fulfillment.

Yes I pray, more then than now, and there is magic in PRAYER(9) but sometimes the Energy of Desire once bringing the Desire to the World of manifest does not always satisfy us as it did within our Desire of it. The reason is that when we Desire something what we really are doing is Desiring the resulting outcome of the Fulfillment of our Desire, and almost always this falls short because we were only focused specifically on the Desire and how we would feel if we got it. The complexities within the everyday are imposed upon the manifest Desire causing it to shift and our expected outcome to drift. As well when we strongly Desire something we can only see the Goodness that it will bring us, we blind ourselves to any negativities it might include.  

That is why when in PRAYER(9) particularly in wanting Fulfillment of a Desire it must be of TRUTH(33).  TRUTH(33) is within the Decision you make when your Decision is based upon openly and honestly looking at all of the elements effected by your Decision; the Life of the Person must always be made better while simultaneously not causing harm unto another.  However you must be aware at times harm in terms of feelings might be induced upon another so long as TRUTH(33) is Prime. I will here share with you a quote from much earlier on in our Communication, and you questioned me for further insight on it. We are, in our time together, always keeping TRUTH(33) alive and you will see how supportive our time has been of the following:  




When you apprehend and live the above words daily

TRUTH(33) you will indeed be living!

TRUTH(33) is the cornerstone

to the Actualization of FULFILLMENT(12) in

this LIFE(15) unto ETERNAL LIFE(86)!

Within the thousands of Decisions you make daily from the most minute to the LIFE(15) altering critical ones

let the above quote become your guide and you will invariably make superior choices;

you will gradually begin to experience daily a most WONDERFUL(37) feeling of real purpose in LIFE(15).

                                                     Hi Eugene M,

                                                           Thank you so much for your help.  you are an Earth Angel... 


__________________________ ___________________________

Purity: when the expression is a True reflection of that which engendered it. 

Your love should thus be.

Master Sage Joseph M

"Know your Numbers

Know your Life"

Subject: Dreams with numbers

Hi Eugene,

I have a dream that I would love to find out what it means.I had a dream where I was in a class about to take a test. However all of the other students had already taken the test and it was very obvious that they cheated during the test. So when they were asked to pass their papers up to the front of the room, I was able to see a few of the answers to the test. The first five answers were 1, 4, 7, 9 and 11. And it was like every time I got a chance to see the rest of the answers, the papers were always passed by me to fast.

Here are a few details on me. I am 33 years old and have been out of college over 10 years. I'm married and don't have any children. I don't quite understand why would I be taking a test. What does those numbers mean? It would mean a lot to me if you could offer me some insight on this dream.



Hi Tangela,

Thirty three is a Beautiful Number indeed, in immutable Meaning it is TRUTH(33).  Perhaps this is your year to experience a greater level of TRUTH(33) in Life.

Now on with your Dream interpretation.

Incredibly the first thing that jumps out at me in your Dream is the fact that they were cheating during the test and you were not. This is a strong indication that you are of TRUTH(33) and TRUTH(33) is being spoken to you as a Direction in Life. I was 33 when my search for TRUTH(33) began and culminated with Spiritual Energy Communication of 1988. This was the birth of Thee Trinity Creation in which I was given New Life and shown the way of TRUTH(33), Thee Trinity Creation is born of TRUTH(33).

Without looking specifically at the Numbers the test you were given is the test of TRUTH(33) in Life. Life does pass you by fast and few are able to take hold of the TRUTH(33), it is in TRUTH(33) that you can fully experience the Grandness that Life has to offer you, and that of Eternal Life. Perhaps this test of TRUTH(33) is upon you right now, or maybe it will show up soon, remember Tangela no matter how difficult it may seem take the path of TRUTH(33): TRUTH(33) will indeed set you Free.

Now taking the Numbers into account, no doubt they are all of one message being presented with expanded meanings, you can readily see how the Number 7 and that of 11 fit in perfectly to what I have just spoken, 7 is FREEDOM(7) that comes with TRUTH(33) and PURITY(11) is eleven which is of course one with TRUTH(33). Within the Numeric/Symbolic language of Thee Trinity Creation the Number 1 and the Number 11 are closely related in their State of Being, one is FUN(1) and 11 is PURITY(11). The way to have True pleasure in Life and Amazing FUN(1) is in the light of PURITY(11). I feel that somehow you might be in conflict presently or you will soon be for you are wanting to have more FUN(1) in Life but the path that is presenting itself is not one of PURITY(11) and TRUTH(33).  This is your test, do not ever replace TRUTH(33) for FUN(1), misery is sure to follow. Incorporate FUN(1) within the realm of PURITY(11) and TRUTH(33).  The Number 9 is indicating to you that through PRAYER(9) {which is inclusive of deep contemplation and Meditation} you will be given the Strength to make the right choices, and the Number 4 is that of HUMILITY(4), this is something that is for you personally, this test is within yourself to be passed. Once you do you will feel a great strain being released from you, do not cheat like many others do, be True to yourself, to your Husband and to Life itself.

I cannot speak of anything in further detail for I am not aware of any other specifics within your Life situation. This is the insight that you have been looking for, you can put the pieces together now how they best fit, and remember there is only one fit: that is in TRUTH(33).

You may feel free to contact me Tangela further, I will always do my utmost to clear any confusion you may have.




Thanks for enlightening me on my dream. I must admit it was very interesting Some of the things you spoke of I can closely relate to at this point in my life. I will take all of your thoughts and insight into consideration as I continue to search for the TRUTH(33).

Once again,



__________________________ ___________________________


Subject: Question                                        Numbers 11, 22, 11:22, Life Guidance

Hello Eugene,


For the past couple weeks I have been noticing the numbers 11 and 22 constantly in my life. I will be engaged in doing something and I happen to look at the clock and it is 11:22. If I happen to fall asleep early, I wake at exactly 11:22. I see the numbers in a myriad of ways; however, I just had a dream last night and on a big television screen first the number 11 appeared and then the number 22. For about the past year, I have had dreams right before waking and have tried to find their meaning and have found some extremely interesting things by entering the information in a google search on the internet. Since yours was the first site I received when entering my search, I am hoping you can help me with the meaning of this.


Thank you so much for your time; I appreciate it.




Good Morning Leslie,

I can certainly give you the True Meaning of your Number 11:22 and since it is so predominant in your Life it would be Wise to heed the Message therein contained.  This has come to you as a means of offering you a superior Direction to take in Life for the True Meaning of Numbers was Revealed to the World through Thee Trinity Creation, born of the Truth Aug. 25 1988 as a way to make the World a better place through the Conscious Enlightened transformation of the Person.  

In Meaning the Number 11 is PURITY(11) and that of 22 is STIMULATION(22), they are "a match made in Heaven" for when the Person heeds their Message Heaven becomes one step closer.  Let me explain further.  

PURITY(11) is with reference to maintaining and even further developing the wholeness and virtuousness of the Person you are Leslie.  We are born of such Magnificent PURITY(11) and yet as time goes on due to our lesser evolved ways as a Human we little by little are stripped of it, and an area where the stripping of our PURITY(11) is pronounced is that of physical/sensual STIMULATION(22).  Of itself STIMULATION(22) of the Sensual Person of which we are is indeed great for it opens us up to the Fullness of Life experience as a sentient Being, but when not of PURITY(11) it takes from us our very Humanness, and there are many who want to take our PURITY(11) from us for their own personal gratification.   Of particular Society which is controlled by Industry has continuously been promoting the idea of Sensual pleasure as the way to enjoy Life to its Fullest, they are lying of course because what they really want is for you to buy their product in order to experience the Sensual pleasures they speak of.  They are not concerned about the long term negative impact that their "promotion" will have on you.  I will now speak more plainly Leslie.  

Most important is that you maintain your PURITY(11) and remain vigilant to those who will want to take it from you, of particular importance and relevance is that of the Sexual Union between two people.  There should not be any sexual oneness unless you know to the fullest extent possible that the Person you are to give yourself to sexually is the Person you envision as being the Person you will spend the rest of your Life with.  You have used the  word "engaged" in a different context but it caught my attention immediately, you should at least be engaged in Marriage with a definite date and an engagement ring before you give of yourself to him.  If in your Life this has not been the case, or perhaps is not presently do all you can to henceforth not give yourself to anyone else.  There is so much more to gain by maintaining the innocence of your PURITY(11) and if some of it has been lost or taken from you then reconnect to the innate PURITY(11) in which you were as an infant and experience Life once again as a spectacle of Beautiful Life experience.  

PURITY(11) in the Pure reflection of that which engendered a thought or action and within the Sacred Symbol the Number 11 is imbedded subliminally within it.

This Number Message has come to you so strongly and you to I Leslie for this is the time that you need to heed its Message most.  Whenever you see the Number 11:22 remember its Message, it is the Life Message for you.  

Sincerely Yours,



Hi Eugene,

Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I will sit with your message for a while as I do feel that I was brought to your site for a reason…

I will definitely reflect more deeply on your message and see what comes to me.

Thanks again for so generously giving of your gift, I truly appreciate it.




Hi Eugene,

I went away this weekend and reflected on the message. The numbers keep on presenting themselves to me. Yesterday my niece said “Do you know what my favorite number is?”…”It is 22…because that is the day before my birthday”.

It is interesting that you refer to Sacred Geometry on your site which I have only heard referred to in one other place. I think I will buy a copy of your book and see what comes of it.

Thank you again for sharing your time so generously.




Dear Leslie,


I thank you for your reply(ies) for as you know when I give an interpretation I have no detail whatsoever of the Person or their Life hence I speak of the Meaning of the Numbers in a  more general way, I`m pleased that it has stirred a bit of Mind Motion within you and you are looking to apply what I have spoken to you personally.

The Book is the entire Original Revelation of Numbers, Letters, Sacred Geometric Symbols and States of Being.  It will serve you well for it is the missing element to everything you see on my Web Site including my Online Manuscript.


Respectfully Yours,


__________________________ _________________________

Fantastic Feedback/Testimonials


My Dear EuGene,

You speak with such call that it's as if I'm with you when you speak, just beside you...Thank you for your loving & beautiful message.


Dear EuGene

I really appreciate such an in depth and honest reply, it feels right to me. I will tell others of about you and your book. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely

Thanks again EuGene!

Your reply was wonderful.  You're a great man.  I purchased your book without fully knowing what it was because I just felt as though I should.  But now I've begun to read some things so that I can understand more and I am beginning to indeed.  I love what you wrote about Design vs. Chance creation.  As I said in my e-mail before when I would see certain number phenomenons I would kind of freak out wondering if anything was actually real?? But now I know that this is just a sign to tell us that everything is a Design created by the Creator for us all to experience.  It is a magnificent gift!! How could it be chance if things like this happen to so many people.  And how your geometries and numbers that we're given to you could influence peoples lives. You are so very helpful! :)



Dear EuGene,  

Thank you for your email.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and universal enlightenment.  

Love Theresa


Dear Eugene,

Trust is truth and you are of it... it was GREAT!!! I want more.

My Love to you and each one of your Family.



..I really appreciate such an expansive reply, I will tell others. Thanks.


> Yours Sincerely

Hi, EuGene, thank you so much for your insight, your theory has help me to understand what it is that is happening, it is so precise, and makes alot of sense to me. It is so clear to me now, and has opened my eyes to alot of things...

Thank you very much for your input, you have been much help.



WOW!  Thank you for so much wonderful encouragement!  It is not easy to look at what lies ahead when so many things keep pulling you back, but I have always listened to my inner voice, which told me to keep going, even though the obstacles made my outer voice question why things were happening.  You have confirmed to me that I am doing the right thing. 

Thank you!


Dear Eugene,

Thank  you so much for responding to my call again. Your reply it felt what you were saying was so true! Your prayer is so beautiful, I will use it to help me get into the word of God once more.

I been looking to understand life, its meaning, you have helped me. I believe in you.



__________________________ ___________________________

A glimpse into the past, a simulated reproduction

of my Home Page, Jan. 2003.

In the beginning

My counter actually started up in 2005 and now has over 900,000 visits.


Back in time, somewhere around 2005, visitors at that point numbered only 7188!

Dear EuGene,  

I came to the Web Site and it was 7188. I just love this Number.  


Hi Marian,

Yes I do Love the Number 7188 as well for the Number 71 is HEAVEN(71) and that of 88 is THE MIRACLE(88).  IT was THE MIRACLE(88) of 1988 when HEAVEN(71) became Truly known to me: HEAVEN(71) is my Home forever more.



__________________________ ___________________________


Hi again Eugene,

I believe your response is real and it will help me to come closer to the truth. Honesty and purity have been issues for me in the last 3 years or so and I need to work on these.  What you say makes a lot of sense,

Thank you,


Thee Trinity Creation, EuGene

Thank-you so much for your interpretation of the Numbers in my dream. As soon As I started reading your insight on my dream, it felt true! I knew also intuitively what you were telling me was the truth and answer to the Numbers in my dream.

Again, Thank-you so much for the interpretation of 1011-1012


Hi Eugene,

Thank you for the awnser pardon me if it took a while to thank you. I understood what you meant. Now what I am doing now is praying everyday before bed. Something I was not doing at all.

Thank you


thanks! yeah i dont drink or smoke or have sex so that helps thanks again! -melissa

Hi Eugene!

Thanks for your response. The woman who told me of your email address is named Renee. I think she emailed you regarding dreams with numbers that she thought could've been biblical in nature. I didn't think they anything of the sort either. You really helped clarify things for her...

Again, thanks for your is genuinely appreciated.

Take care!


i appreciate your writing me back and so quickly,


Hi EuGene,

I want to thank you very much for helping me with my number experience, I feel what you are saying is true. My search is over, thanks again.


Hi Eugene!

Thank you for emailing me back!  I`m happy now I have found you, a true and wise person. God's true wonders of operation! Can you tell me about the insight you received that made you become aware of the Thee Creation Trinity You've probably found your meaning in life, and I've yet to discover mine. Hopefully you were placed here to help me along with that!  I know with God's love in time all the answers I seek, will be reveiled.
On My Journey...


Thankyou EuGene, for your reply. It was quite interesting and made lot of " good sense", sounds like hard work though.

Thanks, and wishing you the best :)


Thank you very much Eugene for helping me understand, you are the first one to answer my question in a way that makes sense and feels right to me. The number 43 has been with me a long time and I feel relieved I finally know what it means.



My name is Nada best friend to Maya and her brother Milan. I wanted to write you and thank you for sending her an email in response to hers! Your emails and wisdom are amazing. You gave us the answers that we've all been searching for - for sooo long. THANK YOU!!! She couldn't wait to tell both her brother and myself about you and your emails...(her brother just called right now as we're talking about

Thank you Eugene....

you have confirmed all that i've already known and felt deecp within myself. i've shared it with my loved ones, and will continue to share, have faith and give hope.

Thank you  for all my life....for your email to my best friend and your thee trinity creation have helped give me more purpose. I know what I want and need to do...

your one of my Angels....

one luv

Hello Eugene,

I am so happy to receve your advice. I'm happy all over!

Thanks for your kindness    



thank you so much for your quick and wise response. there is something very peaceful about your response. I dont know but i feel so much better. i really appreciate it.


Anita :)


Cheers once again for your time and efforts, it is greatly appreciated. You make real good sense, can I live the TRUTH that you have been speaking? With some effort on my part I may eventually.

All the best, I may write to you again.

Take care.
Many Thanks


__________________________ ___________________________

Subject: Well at last


I start this with an extremely enlarged sense of self-awareness and a very large inner smile. I'm going to try and not go too over the top with this email as I sense that you are going to know everything I'm feeling and you are blatantly aware of the numbers.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! For roughly the past 4 or 5 years I have been trying to fathom out out my favourite little friend the number 3. I've shown many a smile to it and also many a tear (trying not to shed any now!) My main attention is with the number 3 but your site has interested me with the other numbers.

I am extremely passionate about music and I've been playing the guitar for about 9 years. I used to finish writing a song and I'd look up and it would be 15:33pm or 13:33pm. I'd wake up in the night with a beautiful riff and the time would be 00:33am. There are so many accounts it's ridiculous and I have logged many of them. I've always been a little crazy sounding on the subject but I have many friends who have never told me to shut up, who I love for it. Initially I really started to be nuts on it and I was going pretty strange as I was only 18-19 and have always seen myself on the big stage in a band and this whole thing was a bit much.

I told one of my very close friends about my accounts and what to look for but at the same time expressed not to go stupid if it's 3pm as it's a bit more than seeing a number. The subconcious awareness to it is quite astounding. He did start to notice it aswell and we spent many times disscussing the whole thing. We used to wonder is it a confort thing? Is it a warning etc.?

I'm now 22 and 3, 33, 333 hold much in my heart as I feel quite well tuned into their presence and in control of the inner excitement they can produce. Having said that, I do feel a little shakey writing this email!!!

I always wanted to be in a position to shout it from the roof, but at the same time, I feel there are so many people that would not be willing to open up any spiritual doors into their lives. But I would love to know how much of difference it could make.

Finding you and this site really has made a MASSIVE part of me feel complete and although I know my journey is young, I hope you understand what this means to me. I also would like you to understand that I am well past the stage of wanting to run around and shake people getting them to see it, but I have an overwhelming sense of happiness inside me that I hope never dies.

As I mentioned before there are so many accounts, but I really feel I don't need to say them all as I guess you already understand.

If there was a word to express how it makes me feel, I'd say it, but there isn't. There are however numbers. 3, 33, 333.

Thankyou very much,

James N----

If you have any time to reply, could you do it to this address? Just incase I loose your website. Thankyou.


Hi James,

It was very encouraging to me receiving your email, I have worked extremely hard and invested everything I had to bring Thee Trinity Creation to the World through my Web Site. You really do inspire me, and I Am Truly so glad that my Site has been of real worth to you.

I myself was a professional Musician for a couple of decades, playing bars every weekend. My instrument was the Drums, I had even written a Drum Technique book. I did in my earlier years wanted so much to a part of a Fame and Fortune Band but as time went on I realized I was doomed to playing small bars forever so I packed it in, this was just previous to my Personal Crash of 1986.

If you do have a Vision of of Being a part of a Big Stage Band then stick with it, especially if you have the gift of song writing in addition to guitar playing, I do wish you the very best James.

And yes now you can ascertain with certainty that 33 is indeed the TRUTH(33), stay True to yourself and to your Devotion of Music and Grand things will come to be.

Thanks again for your inspiring words,



Hi EuGene,

Thankyou for your prompt reply, I will keep it always and not let go of any dreams as you suggested. I hope your work continues to spread and I will pass on your site and amazing work for as long as I can. Please email me with anything you feel necessary as I'd love to hear from you.

Very well done,



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